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take me part 631....updated  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
2/14/2022 12:43 pm
take me part 631....updated

I stayed on the dock and watched mist dancing on the sunlight as Aisha sat next to me. I looked at her and smiled. She punched me and said shut . "We should go soon because everyone wanted to go to town." I nodded and said more minutes. Aisha hugged me as we looked at the water. "Your idea about boats is a good , and well received." I nodded and told her about my conversation with Eluta. She nodded, and smiled. "Good, it won't bring their back but it'll give them something to focus on. I assume you'll make them a part of it?" I nodded. "It's better to have Eluta as a friend." I laughed.

"No shit. She tried to hurt me." We both laughed and stood as we went to say goodbye. We said goodbye to Eluta and Juuka and Aisha went to say goodbye to Kalevi. "I'll come back and we can talk about this Duke and what interests him. They nodded and hugged me.

"I'm sorry I tried to kill you Danael." We all chuckled and I told her there were no hard feelings. "We like your plans about shallow bottom boats for trade. We'd like to be a part of that." I told them of course. "Good. We're going to talk with my family and find a house. Spring is coming and life doesn't stop for grief, remember that, Dragon. My family lives around Ekenas. We'll be there." I hugged them both and they walked away as Aisha and Kalevi walked .

"I've never met a dragon before but if they are like you then the world could use more. You and your people are always welcome." I smiled as we grasped arms.

"There might be a party of wolves passing through as they scout new lands. I've already spoken with the leader of the wolves around here. They won't harm your people. I'm trying to find new land for them and for my family, land to the north and the west." He nodded.

"Not many people, but not easy either, brother. Come back and we can talk. I know people who have hunted that way." I nodded as I opened the mist. Aisha kissed him and we walked into the mist.

"Shut ." We both smiled as we walked out at Hammish's barn. Sara walked outside, wrapped in wool.

"I'm glad you're still alive, husband." Aisha kissed her and said it was close as she went inside for breakfast. I opened my arms as she snuggled into me. "You're doing fine even if it doesn't feel like it. Go clean and come in for breakfast. We need to check on the elves and Irina and Malinka want to see what's left of their home, and everyone wants to go to town." I smiled, kissed her and headed to the barn. "Daniel." I turned, smiling, because I would never tire of her voice. "Boats?" I smiled and nodded as she shook her head. It wasn't a dumb idea because the roads were crap. We needed the wagons and mules, for sure, but we could move a lot more goods, and people, faster and farther with boats, and we had sirens, and a water dragon, to help fish. There were going to be more and more people and they would all need things. There was a lot to do, I just needed to figure where to do it and I figured speaking with this Duke was the place to start, that and finding out if the map I had was real.... and finally ending Dreka...and God knows what else was coming for us. I was already tired and I'd been awake for a few hours. I put my shirt on and walked to the house for breakfast.

I walked into a packed house because Aafje and the elves were all they there, eating, as I looked at Sara. She said she want to ruin the surprise.

"They're all excited to go to town and meet people." I smiled and sat down as they all came over and hugged me. Ilsa smiled and shook her head but she was loving it because it was keeping her mind off of Alfher but Aafje was still as sad I was about Elfas. It was more of loss for there but he had endeared himself to me in short order, they all had. Ilsa put porridge in front of me with honey and bacon, which lasted about seconds as she started slapping greedy hands.

"Don't put it back because you already took a<b> bite. </font></b>You eating habits are atrocious." They weren't sure what that word meant, exactly, but they knew it wasn't good and bowed their heads. I looked at Aisha, who was smiling at me.

"Did you tell them?" She shook her head as the elves looked back and forth between us, waiting. We have a house we can use that's close to the ocean, and we also have friends in Finland, it's far ways away to walk but they live by the ocean and said we were welcome. I was immediately gang tackled by eleven elves. "OK...OK....let me so I can finish my breakfast. It's going to take some time because Aisha and I have to get the house ready, and check out the town, but it was someone's home and they may want it back at some point which means that when you there all of you treat it with respect just like the house you are in now, and here at Ilsa and Hammish's...understood?" They smiled and nodded as they got and went outside. I got shaking my head. "What in the name of God was I thinking?" They all shook there heads as Irina and Malinka sat next to me.

"Is it bad, Danael?" I held them and said yes, but that I tried to save as much as I could and that we can rebuild buildings. They nodded and helped Ilsa as went to help Hammish. The were running around with the wolves having a great time as Wolf and Luka walked and watched.

"These elves are different than the stories we were told." I told them that I thought it was because they had been sirens for so long. They both nodded.

"I have a place for your scouts to check, if you want. The leader of the pack said that you'd be welcome stay and pass through their territory. I want to go and look at the land too, but there are too many things happening right now." They nodded as I drew them a map and Hammish and Aafje knelt to watch. "It's many days north of here, unless took you, which I assume would work. I've never tried." Wolf and Luka at each other them me. "It works for us and I seem to be the who rolls out of the mist. The best I can figure it that if you went strait to the north you would hit the ocean that separates country." I drew Estonia, Finland, Russia, and the Gulf of Finland. "There is land to the right, here, which will allow your scouts to go around the water, but there are many lakes in Finland....many, and the country is large. It connects at the northernmost edge with another large country called Sweden, which connects to the west with another country called Norway." They stared me. It's a lot of land but not a lot of people but the winters are harsh. I think most of the people live around the ocean.

The wolf I talked with said there was land for a large pack, easily, but it won't be easy, however, this winter wasn't easy." Wolf butted me. "It's not an easy choice. I'm going to look around here farther east and north but man will eventually encircle you like I said. It would be a couple of generations but it'll happen and violence will get worse here. We are all just buying time, my friends and the best we can. Luka looked at Wolf, and then me.

"Tell me more about the people you know in the Fin-land." I told them what I knew, and that I felt they were trustworthy and would be open to an alliance.

"Both the wolves, and the men, know who I am and the wolves know that Fenrir is my brother. They won't cross that. "Please look around here and let us know and when things balance out I'd like you to take us to meet with these people and the wolves." I was telling Hammish what they were saying.

"Can they understand me?" Luka nudged him as Hammish smiled. "Some of us are going somewhat south but mostly east in a few days and we can look there because I don't think there many people, if any, until you get over the pass."

"It's close to where Ishtah's pack is." They nodded. I'll fly and look for game and try and get a sense of migration patterns. I don't think people will be attacking us again, but I didn't think what happened would happen that quickly, or with so many men. We'll help you find someplace," and that was when Sara and Ilsa walked up.

"WHAT are you doing?" The wolves bolted, and laughed, as we looked up and I smudged the map.

"What did you just erase, mister?" I looked up, innocently. "Daniel?" I told her about Finland and the wolves. They both shook their heads and went back to the house. "Get the wagon hitched, and find the elves." Ilsa looked at her.

"They're all ," to which the both nodded and shut the door. We went get the wagon ready and Aafje went elf hunting.

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