take me part 630.... edited, again  

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take me part 630.... edited, again

Hammish and I walked inside to amazing aromas and laughter. Malinka looked at me and smiled as Hammish hugged her, and kissed Ilsa. We were weeding our way through the vines and walked to the door and opened it as Sara was getting ready to knock. I smiled as she shook her head and handed me a canvas bag. Malinka yelled and ran to her as Aisha looked at me. I shrugged. "Is there enough for one more?" Ilsa told her to stop being stupid as Aisha and Hammish walked up and we looked inside the bag. They stared at me.

"Excuse me....Helllloooo? Why did you give me this?" Sara exhaled and walked up to me. She kissed me and said,

"Juuka and Eluta lost everything because of that prick. This wasn't his but I want, we all want, you to find everything he valued and take it, and if this Duke had anything to do with what happened in the valley, to our family and friends, then you end him." Aisha and I looked at her, and nodded. "Why are you both still here? This won't ease their pain, or bring their babies back, but it will help them be free while they try to move on. The elves need a house by the ocean, and they have one they will never go back to." I lifted the bag and looked at her. "It's not ours, love, and it could never be enough, now go." She pushed us outside as she said, "She will hit you Daniel. Take it," and she closed the door in our faces as Aisha and I looked at each other and walked into the yard. I pushed to Juuka and knew where he was as I shifted and Aisha climbed on. We flew but I circled around, and then over the town to check before heading north to Finland. We landed with the welcome you'd expect from an unannounced dragon. I shifted as Aisha took my hand because these were Vikings. One of them recognized me and told someone to fetch Juuka, and Eluta as he walked up with a jug and horn glasses.

"You have balls, dragon. We'll see how long they last." Aisha growled as he laughed and poured us ale. "I am not a threat, sister, but it's coming." I could feel them and pushed Aisha behind me. Eluta was rabid. She tried to knee me in the balls but I deflected it as she scratched my face and aimed a punch at my throat. I lowered my jaw which took the blow. She tried to break my ankles as I dodged her feet and she hit dirt, which just made her madder. She grabbed a knife and sliced at my throat but I was quicker with my arm and she slit that when Aisha screamed, took the knife, and threw her to her knees and yelled "ENOUGH!" Eluta got up and was coming back as I moved Aisha away. She beat her rage into me. I was able to dodge most of if, and I would heal. It hurt, but a part of me felt I deserved that, and more. She fell to the ground crying as everyone watched, and nodded. Juuka picked her up and took her home as the head of this village offered us a drink.

"You fight even when you don't fight." I nodded and told him she could hurt me. They all laughed aloud and nodded as they poured more ale. "She is Viking for more generations than we can count, dragon. Come and eat with us." I looked at him and said I still needed to speak with them, but I would welcome sharing a meal because I wanted to talk. He nodded and motioned us to their house. I knocked, even though Aisha told me she should. The door flung open and Eluta was glaring at me as she broke down and fell in front of me. I dropped to my knees and hugged her as we howled together. We stayed like that, holding each other with tears, and snot, covering our clothes until she pinched me and wiped her face.

"Why are you here, dragon?" I stood and wiped my face as the villagers watched us, wondering what would happen. Aisha walked up and handed her the bag of gold and silver coins.

"Sara sent us, but we would have come, regardless. This is not to try and replace your , because that can't be done. It's for your house and so you can move forward, and..." Eluta looked in the bag and handed it to Juuka as she looked at us. There was no way this was going to well as I stepped in front of Aisha.

"That is more than our home was worth." I nodded.

"It's not our money but we'd like to buy the house, your home, and keep it. None of us think you would want to go back, but in case you do we can keep the house for you. We have need of it because it's close to the ocean. We can keep all of your things as they are, even though it's not enough, it'll be a place of yours in case you want to go back. The Count is dead, as are his men, but they took a high price as you know. This isn't for your , because there is no amount that can compensate you for that loss, but it is for them in the sense that we are trying to give you the means to build a different life, one in which you can be here and still enjoy the memory of them." I turned, crying as they watched me, and walked back to the lodge.

Aisha helped Eluta up and helped her sit on a chair. Danael didn't cause this, Eluta, but he is willing to carry our grief, and take your anger, and pain. Think about that. This money is exactly what he said. It helps you and it helps us because we have sirens who need access to the ocean, and we can keep your house if you ever want it." She looked at Juuka. "He won't ask you but we need to know about this Duke. We all lost people we loved. Danael more than anyone. I hope you come eat with us but we'll understand if you don't." Aisha kissed both of them and and walked away as they looked at each other. She walked into the lodge as everyone yelled Dragonrider in Finnish. These were Vikings and they knew the loss Juuka and Eluta bore, but they also knew their where with their ancestors and were celebrating that. Aisha sat next to me.

"This is Kalevi. This is Aisha." They nodded, and smiled....holy crap. "I have been talking with him about building boats. She looked at me. They poured more ale and brought Aisha food.

"Boats?" Kalevi laughed "that is what said but after listening to him, he is not as dumb as he seems." I smiled as everyone laughed. "We still have boat builders but they build houses now. I'm sorry, eat and drink, and we will discuss these things afterward. Aisha drank and started to eat as Eluta and Juuka walked in and looked at me. Everyone was silent as they walked up and Eluta pushed Kalevi over as she sat across from me. There was nothing but silence as she stared at me.

"I have things to say to this man." This could be good, or really bad. "He spared my husband when they attacked his people the first time, and he brought us to his land when the Count's men were looking for us, and then he brought us here to be safe. We should have stayed, but we didn't because there was a house, and small barn, and land....that we could own. We decided to go back there because we thought it was away from any danger. We were wrong, and our are dead." Silence. "I blamed Danael, but it's not his fault like it's not our fault. Who knows the will of the gods. We deal with the pain we are given, and embrace the joy we receive." She looked at me and smiled. "You can have our house, Danael, and Juuka will tell you all he knows about the Duke, and even introduce you, but if it turns out that he had any hand in what happened to our , and your people, then I want you to bring him to me, alive. Agreed?"

Everyone was silent as I stood, straddling the bench. I had no weapons, but Aisha did. I grabbed her knife before anyone could react, and roared as I drove it through the table to the hilt. Everyone stared, and then screamed as Eluta smiled, and nodded. God help this Duke if he had ANY roll to play in what happened. We all ate too much, and drank way too much. Aisha left with Kalevi as I wandered about trying to avoid women. I made it into the forest, so deep I good barely hear the music, and could see no light, but I knew I was surrounded by wolves. I laughed, and said hi. Nothing, so I kept walking as I looked at the trees, and stars, and hummed "Our Town" because I couldn't get it out of my brain. The alpha wolf finally walked up because they didn't know what to make of me, or what to do because I wasn't scared of them. I knelt and scratched his ears. He was taken aback, but smiled because it felt good, and I passed out as Fenrir walked up.

I slept with no dreams, or angst, and woke in a cave filled with sleeping wolves. I moved as quietly as I could and climbed out as dawn was just starting to break. I stretched, yawned, and went to pee. I turned as the Alpha wolf was looking at me. I spoke.

"Can you understand me?" He nodded.

"We all understand, you dragon. You are brother to Fenrir." I nodded as we walked. Is there enough land to the north, and west, for a large pack to find a home?" He nodded.

"The land that you mention is untamed and probably has more bears than wolves. Why?" I told him as he stared at me. "Are you planning on bringing your people there?" I nodded and told him I was hoping to gain access to that land before other men. "Why?"

"We want to work with Gaia, not against her, but it's a losing struggle. Men will come." He was quiet and nudged me.

"If your wolves want to venture north, and west, they are welcomed to stay with us before they leave. Some of us might want to go with them." I nodded as the first light broke the horizon and I said thanks to him. I walked back to the village. He yipped as I turned.

"The village is that way." I smiled, and nodded as he shook his head and trotted off. I walked into the village and wondered why the wolves didn't just kill these people because there were sleeping bodies everywhere. I started waking people because it was cold. I went into the lodge and there were even more of them asleep on the floor as I loaded wood on the fire. I walked around the village and did the same with the rest of the fires. I sat on the dock and watched the sunrise as Eluta sat next to me, held my hand, and bent her head into my<b> chest.

</font></b>"Why do you want to build boats?" We watched the changing light and didn't move.

"Trade. The Norsemen built boats to conquer the world. I want to build boats that can go from ocean to river and transport goods, and people." We sat in silence because neither of us had anything to say until Eluta kissed me and stood.

"I'll speak with my family because they use to be the best boat builders." She walked away as I nodded.

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