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take me part 627...edited

The pain in my head was almost unbearable as I dug my hands into Gaia to try and stop it. Hammish fell to his knees next to me asking what was wrong but I could barely see him as I watched Sofi and our walk away. She turned and pointed to the sky as it kept turning darker, and they were gone, along with the pain.

"What is wrong Danael?" I looked at him and shook my head.

"Where's Alfher?"

"Hunting, why?" I pushed to the wolves and heard them howl. They'd find him and bring him back.

"I need you to get Juuka and Eluta and bring them here, to stay for a while. Please just do it. I'll explain when I can but there's too much to do." I ran to the house and burst in scaring everyone as Hammish got the wagon ready. I knelt as the elves ran up to me because they were scared, so was Ilsa. "I need you to do something for me." They nodded. "Ilsa and Hammish are your family, like I am your family. You understand?" They nodded. "Good, because I need you stay with them for a bit, and help them.... protect them if you have to. Something bad is coming." I looked at Ilsa. "I'm going to try and stop it but if I can't then you fight with them because they are your family. Do you understand?" They all looked me and nodded as I kissed them and walked outside as Hammish was leaving with the wagon.

"Do you want me to get your animals?" Get Juuka and Eluta and what you can and protect this place. I'll deal with the animals." He nodded and rode off as I looked up. I needed to be in too many places. Wolf and Luka ran to me.

"The sky is bad, brother, what is happening?"

"I'm not sure but bring your pack here, all of them, and call Ishtah to see if she can help. Don't worry about Irina's house. If they go past that then spread out as you think best, but try and save this place." They howled and ran as I looked at the sky. Fuck. I shifted to our barn and let the animals out and told Drakon, and his mates to try and take the animals to Hammish's. "Don't stay here, if they won't do what you want then let them be. Go to Hammish, understood?" They yipped and started herding the animals, except the chickens, down the drive.

I shifted to the house and looked around thinking that all it took was the end of my world to happen before I could do this. I put everything I thought the girls felt was special by the door and went into the root cellar and looked at it. Crap. I touched Gaia, prayed, and shifted myself and everything else. I was back at Hammish's as Ilsa, and the elves, walked out staring at me. "I can't believe that worked." Everything I wanted was there. I exhaled. "Hide the silver and deal with the rest. I'll be back as soon as I can." Thy nodded as I shifted into the dragon and flew toward town. I pushed and there were no dragons except Dreka and the men he controlled. He got through the wall, at least I hoped that was all it was. Men were amassing in town.....where did they get all of these people. I shifted and was in Ama's as they all stared at me.

"Something is very wrong and I'm not sure what it is, look outside." They all walked out and the sky was just like it was back home. "This is happening in the past too. I think it's Dreka, but I'm not sure. Jake, you, Em and Haag stay here with Ama and the elves." I looked at the the elves. "This is your home and these people are your family. You protect them if you have too, yeah?" They nodded, and growled. "Good. Chloe, go back to Denver but check on Tina and Stephanie first. I don't know the extent of this. Talk with Janey and Alison." She nodded. I looked at Sara, she nodded and was gone, back to Gotland. Hide whatever is of value, just in case. We can rebuild buildings." They nodded as I reached out my hand to Annie. She took it and we walked into the barn in Norway as she stared me.

"That's what it took?" I smiled as she ran to find Aya and Gerel and I went to find Jacob and pushed to Fenrir. I heard the howl as Jacob walked out. I looked up and the sky was the same as I shook my head. I should already be dealing with Dreka but I wasn't for some reason.

"I'm not sure what's coming but if it comes, it'll be here too." Fenrir walked up and said the sky was bad. Taiiko, Kana, and Airi walked over, wearing their weapons.

"Our people are around the compound and watching." I nodded as I looked at Taiiko. She shook her head as I opened the mist. She stared at me as I nodded.

"If they come, they will come for all of us, love. I can't be everywhere, but I'll try." She nodded and walked into the mist and back to Japan. Kana walked toward me but Airi stopped her. She called two people to her and walked up to me.

"We'll go back with you because they'll want to destroy you there but will make you fight everywhere else as well. I nodded as the mist opened and Aisha walked out carrying a different harness, one made by the elves, one made for battle. She was wearing dragon scales as her armor. Kana and Airi bowed as Annie walked up and looked at me.

"Be careful, goofball. You have a coming." I nodded and opened the mist as Aisha, Airi and here people, and I walked, into our past. Airi and her people ran to Hammish's as I shifted to the dragon, screeched, and Aisha and I flew toward town. There were too many men for these people, but I couldn't just stay here. I destroyed as many for them as I could to disrupt their movements. I wanted to find the Count and end him but I had to deal with Dreka. There were so many men that it didn't make sense. I flew back to Hammish's and tried to put out the fires as I flew, and freeze the men I found. They were trying to burn everything. I could see Sofi and our waving at me, smiling, and I knew. I focused on where I was and left the rest to my family. Homes, and barns, were burning throughout the valley, and these men were everywhere, until I ended them. I froze as many fires as I could, up and down the valley, and stopped most of the men as I landed in town. Aisha got off and handed me a sword. I grabbed it and looked at her as she smiled.

"It was yours a very long time, use it like you did then Druk." We went through them like they where butter until I found the Count. The few men that remained ran into the woods. They were lucky the wolves weren't here. He knelt, shaking and begging for me not kill him.

"Why?" I could feel Dreka and I was pushing against him, and his influence everywhere. I couldn't do it for long. "Why do you want this land?" He stared at me. I slit his cheek.

"Gold." I shook my head.

"There is no gold here. There are trees, and fish in the ocean." He looked at me and handed me a map.

"There is gold, hidden, and this map proves it." I asked him if he knew who made the map as I felt Dreka sneer. He shook his head no. "So, you did all of this to your people because someone gave you a map, and told you a story?" He stared at me and looked around as the townsfolk walked out with any weapon they could find. They found the other men and buried them in the woods and the rest walked up to us. I looked at them, turned and Aisha and I walked away as the Count met a just fate. I shifted, she got on and we flew to try and stop the rest of the damage as best we could. I prayed everyone else was OK. We put out the fires as we could but a lot of homes were destroyed. Shit! We flew back to Hammish and Ilsa's and passed over Irina's. Aisha grabbed my scales as I circled and looked at nothing but rubble where the house was, and half a barn. We landed, and I shifted, as Drakon walked up and looked at me with sad eyes as he lied down in grief.

The house was gone, except for the stones, and mostly the same for the barn. I petted Drakon and walked to the barn. "Did you get the animals out, Drakon?" He yipped and pranced. "Good, dog. This isn't your fault, Drakon. It's mine. Your mates are safe?" He yipped. "Good." I walked toward Hammish as Aisha and Drakon walked along side me. I should have killed Dreka again, or the Count, or the Duke. I pushed to everyone in the future and they were fine. I told them not to let their guard down.

There were bodies everywhere....men and wolves. I cried as I walked. Aisha let me be. I hated this because my battle was coming but my loved ones died trying to stop this from happening....for a map. I roared as I dropped to my knees and beat the dirt. The wolves all circled around me as I raged, screamed, and cried. They let me be until I was done. I raised myself on my knees as the wolves walked up and nuzzled me and then went back to their posts. They felt my grief and knew the loss I felt was greater than theirs. Wolf and Luka were the last as we walked to Hammish and Ilsa's in silence. We walked down the drive and the house, and barn were still standing. I bowed my head, thankful, but Wolf nudged me and I saw the bodies and howled as Aafje walked up and collapsed into me. She was covered in blood. Hammish stared at me in silence as Ilsa was screaming into the ground, and then I saw that she was screaming into Alfher. Juuka and Eluta just stared at me as I looked at their lying motionless in front of them. The silence was so loud I could barely stand it. I turned with tears in my eyes as Wolf and Luka limped up

"How many?"

". Fourteen, there were too many. We stopped them, but at a great price, Danael." I bowed my head and nodded. "Did you stop them?" I nodded and told them there were too many but we did. Aisha knelt beside Ilsa and hugged her. I couldn't understand why Alfher couldn't have stopped them. I couldn't think, but I could feel and I could feel everyone screaming at the loss. I walked up to Hammish and hugged him. I looked around and saw Elfas lying dead. FUCK!

The rage was building in me, and everyone felt it. It wasn't anger. It wasn't close to anger. I pushed to everyone and they said they were all attacked, but it wasn't as bad and no one was hurt. I looked at Aisha.

"There can't be two Dragons, Danael." I stared at her.

"I killed him." She shook her head.

"You killed an old dragon, and released his essence. He's bound by that, but he's still powerful." I shook my head because I really just wanted to be left alone, and I had all of this.

"How do I end him?" Aisha looked at me as said she didn't know. Great. Aafje walked up and hugged me as we looked at Elfas.

"He blocked for me one last time, and saved my life." She screamed in pain as Aisha and I held her as she fell next to him. This was going on throughout the valley, and the losses were extreme in town but especially in the valley, and I felt all of it. Wolf and Luka walked up.

"How can I attend to your fallen?" They stared at me.

"Bring them into the mountains, away from people, and let Gaia take them." I nodded. I pushed off of Wolf and knew where his wolves were. I pulled from Gaia and sent his wolves to the ravine where the deer had been. Energy surged through all of us and the wolves were lying on ground they knew. Wolf and Luka both howled, and then ALL the wolves howled and kept howling, as I walked away. It was going to get harder.

The grief was almost more than I could bear, but we needed to tend to our loved ones...all of them. Aisha and I went in opposite directions and comforted people as we could, but it came down to dealing with<b> death. </font></b>I got Juuka, and Eluta. I walked up and knelt away from them. They glared at me.

"YOU did this! Our are gone because of you." I bowed my head because she was right, even though I thought they would be safer there. If she could have killed me with her eyes, then I would be dead. I walked away heart stricken as I looked at Ilsa and Hammish kneeling over their . They both looked at me, lost and in pain, as Aafje knelt beside them.

We spent the next several days bringing bodies together and either burying them, or burning them on pyres, most people chose burning because I offered as the dragon and they thought that was an honor, even though I didn't. Hammish and I dug numerous graves along the woods. Everything was upended. No one told Malinka and Irina they had lost their home and barn, or about the<b> death </font></b>and destruction in the valley. We finished attending to the ones we lost, and had gatherings, ceremonies, and whatnot, and they all looked at each other as a community even though we were all lost. The town pulled together and helped people rebuild, as communities do. Hammish used the silver that was at Irina's, to help and I had no issue with it.

Irina and Malinka were another story, one which I needed to deal with, and I had Dreka to deal with too, and Hammish and Ilsa, and the wolves....and a lone elf. They didn't destroy Ilsa and Hammish's place, or Juuka's, even though they wouldn't go back. I couldn't blame them. Juuka and Eluta stayed with Hammish and Ilsa through the depth of their loss, and then I sent them back to Finland as my heart broke. I walked away carrying the weight of their loss.

Aafje and I stayed at the house Juuka's family was suppose to stay in. We worked to fix it, and make it better while we there. We didn't talk much. Aafje slept beside me every night because we were both lost. I went everyplace my family was to check on them and they were OK, as bet could be. It was hardest on Irina and Malinka, not just because of the house but because so many were gone. I let Dreka wait for me as my rage boiled. Aisha stayed with us, and helped Aafje, and Ilsa. I tried to help Hammish but there was nothing I could do. Life was brutal. I walked to Irina's everyday. I needed to do something, anything. I pulled out the map the Count gave me. I'd see if it was real because we all needed something to shift us out of our grief. Aisha walked up.

"When are we going to deal with Dreka?"

"After I heal the pain he caused us, if I can. He wants us to come after him, but he's not going anywhere. We won't forget what he did, Aisha, and I have access to the caves." I brought Elfas back to Iceland and placed him in the cave as we all gathered around so he could finally go home. I cried anew as he disappeared and I walked out. I looked at everyone gathered but the sadness was too great because we lost so many. I shifted to the bear, and walked away. Ama stopped everyone from coming after me. It was my burden.

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