take me part 615... edited  

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2/4/2022 12:18 am
take me part 615... edited

I walked inside and Green River by CCR playing, and the girls were dancing, but this a best of track and Credence had good a lot of good songs so I went and watched the food as the girls danced. It wasn't fancy food, but the food wasn't the purpose, as was evident watching them dance to music I loved, and remembered from Denver, and that was when "Have you ever seen the rain," came on and it just went downhill from there. It ripped my heart out, and it wouldn't stop with CCR, and I knew it couldn't because I deserved it, and would moving forward but I'd have to deal with it. Sofi was at the door, motioning for me to come outside. I made sure the food was warming and walked outside as Hammish called to me and I walked around the house to Sofi staring at me.

I walked up to her as she smiled, and then clocked me which sent me to a knee. "You need to stop because you are feeding Malinka's pain and she has new friends now, and the chance for a new life." She helped me up and hugged me. "You need to stop for me because when you do it pulls me back to you, and this place, and this isn't my place any longer, love. I don't like it either but it is what it is. Malinka takes her cues from you. You did well with Karin and Lisbet, don't ruin it, Danael. You need to check on the food because they are lost in the music, as they should be. I love you, we love you and we will meet again... be patient, love.... and she gone for good. I knew it. She gave me time in a place she didn't to be, and I didn't to know how hard it for her. I picked up snow and wiped the tears, and snot, from my face as I went around front and walked back inside. The girls were still dancing but that when Josh Ritter's song, 'Old Black Magic' came on and I thrown into a tizzy all over again. I moved to the pots and put the rye bread on and listened as I breathed and Irina walked up and hugged me even though she had no idea what racing though my mind. I didn't know what racing through it.

"Get the bowls ready on the counter and check on the fish." I stared at her as I listened to the song. She punched me in the<b> chest </font></b>to get my attention. "Go check on the fish. It should be close to being ready. We need to enjoy each other tonight because we'll....." She turned away as I touched her back and walked outside with the song echoing in my brain. I wanted to end this Count but I breathed, and walked to the fire trying to be normal. We brought the fish inside as I pushed, nothing, but.... We walked inside as they played #39;Old Black Magic.' again. It started as I walked inside and I looked at Sara. She staring at me, sadly. Everyone else loved the beat, and tempo of the song as I helped bring in the fish, and made a faux tarter sauce with the left over buttermilk and some capers Sara brought, and dill. I kept stopping to listen to the song but I also listened to Sofi, and did my best to be with my family, and that when Sean Rowe came on covering, Luckenback, Texas.

Jesus Christ! Sara smiled and walked to the kitchen. Fuck!!!! I didn't expect it to stop, but I had things to deal with, especially Josh Ritter's song after Dreka. Crap. I walked in and helped with the food because I knew that I screwed when Josh Ritter came on again. It took four chords before I walked outside and 'Henrietta,' came on and I stared outside but I knew this wouldn't end until I dealt with it, or it drove me insane. Dreka still a part of me, and more powerful than he in the last part of his life, and I didn't need that. No one followed me outside. I felt the song end, and they didn't know any of what I feeling. I walked back in as Jokerman by Bob Dylan played.

Jesus Fucking Christ! I turned around and walked back outside. I wanted to run as the bear but I sat at the fire as Aisha walked out and sat next to me. "You're the one?" She bumped me. "I've known you the longest even if you don't remember it yet." I looked at her lost. "You are trying to bring thousands' of years of memories into your brain, in a short period of time, and you have other things going on at the same time. You're doing fine, but Dreka doesn't seem to be finished with you. This is the time you need to be your strongest, dragon. He will try and corrupt you." I stared at her, and exhaled as we walked back inside. I chose to stop listening to the songs and helped with food.

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2/5/2022 2:57 am

This may be a story but you convey the emotional side well.

Great storyline and now Aisha has told him he is the one and she has known him for thousands of years! Now that has given Daniel food for thought what is to come out of that comment.

He has a lot to do and still has to get back to the ceremony with Aya..... A lot to do and many storylines to follow.

Keep up the good work.

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