take me part 610... edited. Jesus, this site is a pain, every time.  

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take me part 610... edited. Jesus, this site is a pain, every time.

I snorted as Drakon yipped, unsure what do as Malinka and Elisabeth me with fir branches and laughed. "Be quiet Drakon, we aren't hurting him and he needs get up, lazy bear." I stood, turned, growled and started to walk toward them as they screamed and laughed and ran back to the house with me lumbering after them. All the girls heard the screams and walked onto the porch and laughed as Malinka and Lisbet ran behind them while I walked up, snorting. Irina and Sara laughed and told me to go away because I smelled. I shifted back to myself and roared, which took them all by surprise so they screamed and ran inside trying not<b> trip </font></b>over each other. They threw clean clothes on the porch and slammed the door as they all laughed. I smiled as I walked back into the barn. Drakon was looking at me, sheepishly. "Thanks for the help." He yipped, nudged me and the three of them trotted off looking for rabbits. I was never sure if they ever actually caught any because they were always hungry at night, but I was sure they had a good time trying. I had quite the menagerie. I cleaned the stalls and was almost finished feeding when Irina and Karin walked in wrapped in wool because it was a cold morning.

"Did the girls hurt the big bear?" They hugged each other and laughed as I told them not to start or I'd throw poop on them, which made them laugh even more. "Are you coming into town with us, Danael?" I said yes because all three of us want to keep you lot in line. They rolled their eyes.

"Hammish wants to show me the building we bought to help us make wagons, and other things, and so we can at the empty land by . People almost ran out of food this past winter so we need be better prepared. We also need put the word out for workers because is a LOT do before next winter." They were quiet and looked at each other. "What, loves? Speak plainly, Irina."

"Malinka and I want spend time on this Gotland with Karin and Elisabeth and meet these people. Except for Ilsa and Hammish we rarely meet with people, sometimes with the coven but they don't like us, and they never liked Sofi." That angered me a great deal because they didn't like gypsies. "Can we go and spend time? We all like each other and none us real friends our own ages."

"I walked up and hugged them and said no as they stared at me, shocked...unsure how respond but I could feel the anger building when I laughed. " I'm kidding. You don't need my permission but 's smart discuss, talk with Sara and....." and they both pounced on me, knocking me the ground and biting me repeatedly. They got up, huffed, and walked back the house as I chuckled. "What are you looking at Bob?" I took the mule and hitched her to the wagon and put rocks in the front wheels. I walked to the stream as Wolf walked up. "We're all going into town to get supplies, do you need anything?" He looked at me and laughed. "I'm going to try and find something special for your pack because of your help. No one should be going to any of the houses so if someone does, they probably shouldn't be ." He nodded, howled, and trotted into the woods. I washed myself with moist sand, rinse, and got dressed. I walked inside the house to everyone laughing.

Irina, Karin, Malinka, and Elisabeth were in the kitchen, laughing, and they all waved at me , as I walked to the fire to warm up. The rest of girls smiled and hugged me because we were all happy by these friendships. It didn't take away the pain of losing Sofi, and the , but gave Irina and Malinka something focus on that was unrelated. "Did they tell you about wanting spend time with them on Gotland?" They all nodded and said they thought it was a good idea because it's isolated and the people on the north island had dealt with oddities.

"It seems like the Elves are going stay at Ama's because they like everyone, and the ocean is close, and they can go into town so Karin and Elisabeth would be lonely on Gotland. Taiiko and I are going to stay with them because it works well for everyone, except you." I looked at them.

"Why except me?"

"Because you'll be here alone. They all stared at me as I smiled.

"I'll be fine, but thanks. 's a LOT that we need do and while I can slow time down, I can't slow down those babies." They all nodded. "I can visit and I'll feel better that they access the best health care, and will be nice for both of them take a break and not struggle just live. If they want come back here after the girls are born I'd rather that happens after we get the bulk of the things done. I also things I need deal with here, so it's a good thing they made friends with Karin and Lisbet." They nodded as we were called for eggs, fried potato's and warmed up biscuits and honey.

"Enjoy. We almost made the last of the bacon but we decided to save it since we celebrated last night." We ate a wonderful breakfast and I did the dishes since I was already dressed. The girls went to change, and pack. I walked to get water and was joined by Hammish, and Juuka.

"How was your first night, Juuka?" He smiled and said comforting and they felt safe.

"The LOVE it here because is so much room for them explore and just be . Were we lived had advantages, especially with education because we were able hire a tutor for them, but also had disadvantages. They love the wolves." Hammish and I looked at him and Hammish spoke before I could.

"These wolves are friends, be sure, and we watch over each other, but you and Eluta need make sure they don't think ALL wolves are like this, because they aren't. The wolves in Finland are different, most wolves are different, because most packs aren't large, and many, and all of them are different. Wolves will defend their territory from anyone, even other wolves." Juuka nodded.

"How is Eluta with being here?"

"Still unsure but I see her looking around and thinking about the possibilities. She grew up farming so it's in her blood. I'm giving her space because we all agree. Being with family isn't going be easy because we haven't been for a long time, and are always strings with family, even if they love you." We nodded. Juuka was quiet as I moved the capstone and started to fill the buckets.

"Would we be able to that homestead from you? We a nice a house and will fetch a good so we will be able you when 's sold. I'm not sure what Eluta wants do but I think 's wise be here because is greater opportunity since the village is growing." We both nodded.

"The answer is yes, Juuka, if your family wants stay here you can that land. We need people we can trust, good, hard working, people because this land has a lot of potential, and Hammish and I a lot of ideas so we'll need smart people that want create a good future. We can leave and hope Eluta sees that potential for herself." He nodded as we took buckets of water and walked back to the house. Alfher was running, mostly toward us but also chasing Drakon and the wolves. looked like a game of tag. He walked up, out of breath, but smiling.

"Did you win?" He laughed and said no.

"I am starting understand the wolves though, uncle." I smiled and said good. "Will they still teach me about the forest, and hunting, and being like them?" I told him yes, but I wasn't sure how that would work with Malinka but I figured it was best to let sleeping dogs lie. We walked to the house and all of the girls were staring us....ALL of them.


"We're late, mister, put the water in the house and make sure the fire is safe and then let's go." We nodded. It wasn't even nine but they were all like they were so excited. The girls took the reigns and the rest climbed onto the wagons as Hammish, Jukka, and I walked behind. Drakon followed us for a ways until I told him to guard the barn. He barked and ran home as we all walked to town. I hoped it wasn't a mistake bringing Jukka.

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Daniel site may be a pain but reading your writings is still a pleasure.

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