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take me part 608...edited

Sara and Kana laughed and went to deliver wonderful, homemade pies, and a few other things, to Hammish, Ilsa, and Alfher. I was looking forward to seeing Annika and Klaara again but Annika needed to be with Ama after what happened so she could process it. None of us understood why her and Alfher had such power at such a young age but we would have to figure it out. Ilsa and Hammish were already doing that with Alfher because the one thing he wanted most was a family, and he had that now. It didn't hurt that his aunts and uncle were stronger than he was. Sara kicked Hammish's door as he opened it and smiled and they walked inside.

"Danael asked me to go to Norway to get some things but the cook insisted on sending back almost more than Kana and I could carry, included in it were some of her amazing pies. I'm not sure what else she put in it but you can check tomorrow, Ilsa." Sara handed her two bars of chocolate. "I doubted any would be left."They smiled and kissed them because this was rare as diamonds to these folks even though we could have as much as we wanted. Funny thing was that none of us really cared that much for chocolate, maybe on the rare occasion but for people here it was an rarity. This was the problem with using the mist. I could bring boxes of chocolate, and other candy, back here and take money away from hard working people, or start a shop in a town like the one Juuka and Eluta lived in and become wealthy. It was a slippery slope and I kept hearing Dreka saying, "just wait, because the power is immense. I'm sure Sara didn't figure a few chocolate bars for family that had only heard of them would matter too much, but we needed to be vigilant.

They said goodbye and shifted to Juuka's. They waited for their eyes to adjust as Kana said they needed lanterns, and candles. Wolf walked up and bumped Sara, who scratched him. "Thank you for watching over them, this is a new place for them." He said they were watching over, but also leery because he led what happened against all them. "We know my friend but Danael trusts him, as do I. People change and he cares more for his family than his job." He nodded and walked away as Kana nodded. "Juuka. It's Sara and my friend. We have something for your family." Juuka and Eluta opened the door.

"It's dark, Sara. What is so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow? You shouldn't be out." Ilsa had given them candles and they had the fires for light and warm. They would be comfortable tonight, and well fed, but the shop keepers would be the happy ones tomorrow because all of us needed to restock, and Hammish and I needed to find workers. We were all going to town and we'd have to find something special for the wolves.

Sara and Kana extended two half pies, one boysenberry, and one strawberry/rhubarb. Sara also smiled and handed them two chocolate bars saying it was a special treat. They lifted the cloth off the pies and the screamed. "We wanted you to feel welcome on your first night here. We have to get back but the wolves are watching over you and you don't need to be afraid if you have to go out later. They won't hurt you. You probably won't see them. Enjoy the pies." They hugged each other and the girls walked outside as they opened the mist and walked back into Irina's.

"How do you that?" They both laughed and walked away. Crap. "How long until the stew is done? Irina said half an hour. I walked outside and opened the mist the only way could and walked onto Gotland, and braced...nothing. "Hmmmm.?" I walked toward town and got tackled from every direction as they all laughed. "There is something seriously wrong with all you." They laughed and got off of me. I shook my head, but smiled. "Are you liking it here....fitting in?" They stared at me as I looked at Karin.

"I am use to human's because of you, and Lisbet, even though you are also dragons, but I had time to adjust because of you. They don't have that and there are a LOT of people here. They are nice, but there a LOT of them. They want to stay but are beginning to think it might be better for them to return home like the rest." I nodded. Crap. I tried tying up one lose end and more unraveled.

"Do they have personal items?" Karin nodded. "Tell them to bring them here. I might know a place they might like better as they adjust." She nodded. They ran off and Karin looked at me, waiting. "You told me about me a place that had artwork and books, and paper in caves that you could only get to deep in the sea. Do you remember?" She nodded. "After I take your friends to look at some place that might be easier for them to adjust to, I need you and Elisabeth to take me to those caves." They both nodded as the Elves ran up with the belongings they had. They couldn't talk with me yet, but they understood me and i told them my idea, and they nodded. I opened the mist and we all walked through, including Karin and Elisabeth, outside of Ama's house on Iceland. "Go ahead and knock, Lisbet." Karin stood next her and the other Elves gathered around. They were so excited as the door opened and Emily smiled.

"Ahhh, Ama, we have guests." Emily laughed as she saw me and everyone walked to the door.

"Well, don't just stand there like a bunch of sardines, come in and tell us why you're here." Ama looked at me, smiled, and shook head. She took me aside. I'm beginning to think I should just throw in the towel." I smiled and kissed her cheek, telling her not to do that as Chloe and my hugged me. They made room at the table and I filled them in about the Elves.

"I thought this would be the best place while they adapt to being out of the water. They have the ocean, but there aren't a lot of people, and we are friends. They can go into town and interact and them come back to decompress from interacting." All of the Elves nodded. "I'm sorry, Ama, I should have talked with you first but I'm trying to fit a lot of things into limited time. She nodded.

"Chloe, dear, you are going to have to change rooms to the smallest, with the twin bed, because the elves don't mind sleeping in bunches, and Annika and Klaara are coming home tomorrow." She nodded and said it was fine. "What else do you have up your sleeve?" I smiled as I petted Sassa.

"I'll tell you if it works, please make sure they feel comfortable here...." they all nodded. "Good, I'll be back as soon as I can so we can all figure out how to making stay with humans, work for you." They nodded. I said goodbye to everyone, especially Chloe, Jake and Em. "I will be back as soon as I can." They hugged me as Ama, Karin, Elisabeth and I walked outside. Ama opened the mist.

"If you can do this, it'll be amazing. Good luck." She pushed us to the caves that karin had mentioned and we ended up in water inside of a large cave with multiple offshoots as Karin clapped.

"Come on, Loves, wait until you see." We climbed out of the water and onto the rock ledge and Karin lead us back and up. "There are many smaller caves, Danael, and everything is different. It's as if many ships came here over time to keep these things safe but the seas changed. The water is deeper now than it was when I was last here, and told you about it." I had slowed time down as best I could because I wanted to be with my family. Karin lead us deeper into the caves. "There are many but I didn't go into all of them, just glanced. Most have shiny things but a few don't, they are this way. We walked back and up and I knew that someone had carved these chambers and that was when Karin led us into a large chamber toward the back of the caves. Everything else we had seen could get wet, these couldn't. I was amazed they were in the condition they were in because there was little rot on the wood. These had to be protected by magic, which gave me pause as I told Karin and Elisabeth to stay behind me.

I looked around and said, "Hellooooo," which made laugh until I heard the groan, and a creaking, as Karin and Elisabeth ran back to the pool and dove in. I shook my head and looked for a torch or something. I shifted into the dragon and set my hand aflame as I tried to walk around. I could fly, and swim, better than I could walk. I knew what I was looking at, they were pagan carvings in wood, and also in various types of stone. I turned, because I felt someone watching me, and I was staring at a tree, with eyes. I tried to say hi but I was being surrounded by roots. I frosted them and shifted to the other side of the room and saw torches. I lit them and shifted back to me as the frost melted and the tree turned toward me. I was beyond<b> weird </font></b>at this point but it made sense that pagans, and Druids would rely on trees to protect their prized things. I remember what Taiiko said about me being the Kami of their forest, and land. I called to them asking for help as I waited. This protector was unsure what to do because I posed no threat and that was when the spirit of the trees in Japan stood around me and spoke to him a language I couldn't understand, which saddened me because it was beautiful. One my tree spirits walked up to me, smiling and pushed.

"We have explained who you are and where you want to take these for safe keeping. We explained the ocean and that all this would be lost some time soon. He seemed to know of this island you have in your mind. We can help you send this to that place if that is what wish." I told them I did and that there was another room with books, scrolls, and paintings and asked if they could me with that. They said they would have to see it. "We can send everything here, including the protector, but not the metal." I nodded as I imagined Ama's backyard and asked if they could feel where I wanted these things. She nodded as i pulled from Gaia and the elves and my tree spirits said something and it was done. All of the wood and stone statues and carvings were gone and all that was left was the metal which I easily sent between the table and the sun room at Ama's. I called for Karin as they came running in.

"Where are the books and paintings you mention?" We followed Karin and walked into a room about half the size of the other one, but there were so many rolled canvases, and scrolls, manuscripts and drawings and icons that it was full. I looked at my new spirit friend. Do you know where Taiiko is?" She said they always knew where she was, just like me." I bowed and said thank you. "Please send all of this to her, but there are a lot of people there." She nodded as I pulled energy, again, to help and everything was gone as both Karina and Elisabeth clapped because they were no longer scared. "Karin, is there anything else made out of wood or stone?" She shook her head...

"Not that i know of, it's all shiny things." I nodded and turned to the forest spirit.

"Thank you, all of you. I'm not sure I could have saved these things without your help." She smiled as she spoke to the others, which was sent back to the forest, because I could feel the trees shudder.

"We serve our kami and now you are our kami...you. We serve Yoshi, and Taiiko, and their family, as well because they take of us when many don't." I bowed and they were gone as Karin, Elisabeth and I landed outside of Irina's. They looked at me and I said it was fine, that they were all family. We walked in as everyone, including Ama, looked at us in stunned silence.

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