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take me part 602...edited

I always missed being the bear so I trodged, sniffing the air and the land and walking in the surf. I felt her coming, and waited, smiling, as Sassa leapt onto my back and bit my neck, fake growling as Haag laughed. We walked like that for quite a ways because while she couldn't speak with me yet, she knew the depth of my loss. Haagerstadt and Gaia sat and watched us. 'Is he going to be OK, Gaia?" She stuck her head under his hands so he'd scratch her her ears.

"He's already OK, Haagerstadt. Grief, and loss, stay as long as they do. It's different for everyone, but he knows they are fine, will be fine, and he will share that with his family but he also knows the wheel doesn't stop, life keeps moving and there are things they need to deal with. It's why he's here. He has an important choice to make, a choice that he can make but that has never been made before, that's why he's lumbering around the island carrying you girlfriend." Hammish smiled.

"She almost died." Gaia nodded. 'Why didn't you help her in the falls?"

"Danael is learning too much, too quickly. I've realized that isn't going to stop so I wanted him to remember other aspects of being a Dragon, which was good for you and Sassa. There is so much he is remembering, that is just coming to the surface of his memory, that it's amazing. There is more to being a dragon than power. Haag nodded as Sassa and I chased each other in the surf. We walked back to Gaia and Haag as Sassa nuzzled him. I smiled because I knew Haag was happy to have a companion, and I also knew that Sassa felt the same. She was alive but she was partially crippled and wouldn't survive any pack, let alone by herself. They both would be happy and when Jake, Em, and Chloe came back they would have their pack. Annika and Klaara would take a little longer thanks to the old witch, Abieta, but things would balance out.

'We walked up and I asked Gaia how long I had been gone."

"You'll be gone three hours regardless of how long this takes, Dragon. It's an important decision that you are weighing." I nodded and walked inland as they walked back to Ama's. Sara was right, a bear is a bear and I always needed space to ponder. My parents understood that even though my bothers didn't. I snuffled the ground as I walked smelling things that hadn't been there in eon's. maybe millennia, and wondered if there were bears here when there were trees. The sun was shifting and spring was definitely on it's way and I knew what I wanted to do, but it was huge, and wasn't up to me. I exhaled and walked back to Ama's in peace. I needed to stop in Norway but also Japan before I went back so I needed to speak with Gaia, she was suddenly walking beside me. I lied down and she scrambled onto my back, and laughed as I got up and walked.

"You've made a decision then, Dragon."

"I know what I think is a good idea, but I'm not a dictator Gaia."

"Have you thought about all of the outcomes?" I shook my head.

"That's impossible, all I can do is the best I can and then fix the leaks as they happen." Gaia was silent as she stood on my back smiling, and breathing. "Are you having fun up there?" Gaia laughed.

"I probably could stand in your way, and prevent this, but you are far stronger than we imagined and that doesn't include the girls in the mix. I am curious because it's an interesting thought, what you are considering, and could be exactly what all of need, especially after Sofi. Your brain seems to think in three dimensions, and then moves ahead." We walked up to Ama's as Gaia nodded and nuzzled me before I shifted. Ama walked out smiling.

"What, someone has to feed the big lug. You smell. Go take a shower and change before you go where were you need to go. I looked at Ama since Gaia gave me the gift of languages it was hard for me to not understand something. Gaia nipped my leg and trotted off because I think she really liked being a fox. I scratched Sassa's ears as I went to help Haggerstadt with wood before I showered. He smiled when he saw me and threw the hatchet me.

"Will you please stop doing that?" He looked at me and said no as he loaded wood in one arm.

"You catch it, and it's good training. I'm sure your friend Yoshi is far more stringent than I am." I couldn't argue that. "Chop more kindling and I'll take in wood. It's going to be cold again tonight." I nodded. I finished all the kindling, stacked it, and took some inside as they were eating with Sassa alongside Haag. She looked at me.

"You have your own bowl, Sassa, that's wonderful." She yipped as Haag petted her. I hugged him and said I was glad as I walked to the hearth and set the kindling down as Ama asked if I wanted to eat.

"I'm not hungry, Ama, but thank you. I would like some milk before I leave though. I walked into an empty room and and took my clothes and got into the shower. I cleaned myself and just stood under the warm water thinking of Sofi as the shower door opened and Sara and Chloe walked in and held me as I cried, again. We walked out in silence, dried, and got dressed. I showed them the shells that Karin and Elisabeth found. They were old, and stunning and Sara and Chloe smiled and said they would love them. I sat on the bed and they sat next to .

"I still have to go to Norway, and then Japan." Sara and Chloe were quiet. "Gaia said that it would only be three hours for however much time I needed. I feel like things are starting to unravel and instead of trying to put the threads back, it's smarter to blended them into something else." Sara smiled and they both nodded. I looked at Chloe and smiled. "There is wolf on Iceland again. I'll be back soon but I think it's smart for you and Jake and Em to come back here. I'm sure Bethany and Christine would love to see them, and they will be over the moon happy to have Sassa here." She nodded. "Please wait until I get back because there is a lot we need to deal with there, and I could use the help." Chloe took my hand and kissed it gently before biting my bottom lip.

"Stop being dumb. We'll take these to Irina and Malinka, and to think that we thought you were bat shit crazy when you met Karin." They kissed me, opened the mist and walked in as I was yelling that they needed to show me how to do that... Jesus Christ. I finished getting dressed and walked into the kitchen. Ama handed me a glass of milk. I scratched Sassa's shoulders and ears as she smiled.

"We're glad you are part of our pack, Sassa," she yipped. "Other's are coming back soon." Haag stared me as I nodded. He hugged me. "Don't break anything, Haagerstadt." Ama laughed as I tried to open the mist in the house. She said at least I wasn't falling any longer, which totally jinxed me. I went outside, opened the mist, said goodbye, and rolled through the barn in Norway. Fuck! I looked up.

"Hey Jacob, help me up." He filled me in, and I let him even though I trusted him to handle whatever he needed to, so did Annie. "How are the wolves?"

"They're fine. they come and play with the dogs, which aren't pups any longer, and they take them around the woods with Drakon in the lead." I nodded. "Winter has broken and even though it's still cold, it's not brutal."

"Your people have the plans ready for spring because it's going to be a sloppy mess when things start to melt." He nodded. We are cutting down as many dead trees as we can, and trees to use for lumber and bringing them back while the ground is frozen. We have few more loads of things for the garden. We're ready." I hugged him and said thank you as I walked into the house.

"Been awhile, mister." I nodded as I poured milk.

"We need yaks." She smiled and nodded. "I want to bring my family back here and I wanted to give you a head's up." She smiled and nodded.

"Good, because it's been far too quiet." I cleaned my glass, hugged her and walked to Ama's house. I walked in and there was a screech. " At least you didn't drop anything," I said smiling. We hugged and I got more milk. "I am trying to bring everyone back here," She nodded. "Can you have a room with a king bed prepared? What languages do you know, oma?"

Some Swedish and Finnish, German, of course, and some Polish and some from the Baltic states. Why?" I told her as she looked at me, smiled, and nodded.

"Fingers crossed. I kissed her cheek and went outside as the wolves were coming up. Fenrir pushed his head into me and moaned.

"We all ache at your loss. Ishtah told me of your pain." I thanked them.

"Is there one of youryoung females that would teach a human female. She was going to do that with her sister but I still think it would be helpful. I have to talk with them about my idea's but I think they could be here within a week. Malinka is already familiar with the forest. I want her to have something to take her mind off her sister until she is too pregnant to run." He nodded.

"We'll find a suitable wolf. It will be good to have you here, again, brother." I nodded as they howled and ran off. I turn and got slapped on both sides of my face by Kana, and Airi, which was the most perfect thing they could have done. They looked me and then hugged and said how sorry they were.

"How many of your people are still here?"

"A dozen."

"Do they like it?" They both smiled and said they loved it because of the wolves. I nodded. "Tell them that you'll be gone for a bit and come back here." They nodded. They were walking up with someone else.

"He's hurt and we want to take him home." I asked if it was serious. Airi spoke.

"No, just painful. Being home, and among friends, will be helpful." I nodded and opened the mist as we walked up to the front of Yoshi/Taiiko's house as they came out. Taiiko ran and hugged me as Yoshi bowed his head and took the others inside. She kissed me as I held her. I wanted to be in so many places at once. Taiiko didn't mention Sofi but I knew her heart was broken like the rest of us. She took me into Yoshi's study and sat on my lap while she held me in silence. I was fine with that. Yoshi walked in and Taiiko got up and sat next to me, holding my hand.

I bowed as he looked at me. "How his he, Yoshi-san?"

"He'll be fine but Kana and Airi did the right thing because more activity would make the damage much worse. Everyone wants to go to Norway to train with the wolves so even when people get hurt, they don't want to give up their place." I smiled and nodded.

"Would you, Yoshi, at that age?" Taiiko squeezed my hand because I talked outside of protocol. He went to get sake for us.

"It's fine, granddaughter. Danael is not Japanese even though he is close. The answer to your question is a question. Would you?" I told him no. "Now you have my answer, and I'm sure Taiiko's as well. Let's bless your wife, and unborn , three times with sake." We each drank three cups of sake before he sat behind his desk. "You seem to have things on your mind, Danael. Tell us." I told them what I was thinking, and how they played into things, how all of the girls played into it until we dealt with the families. He listened.

"You are far wiser than I am Yoshi," Taiiko squeezed my hand, "but things have changed since we planned on coming here. The problem I have, personally, is that I wanted to come back here, but once Dreka said we had to, and then what happened in the past, I feel it's wiser to be in Norway. I don't want to bring any harm upon this place, but it means that Taiiko will need to stay there as well." She looked at me.

"Do you not think that I can protect my granddaughter?" She squeezed my hand, which meant tread lightly.

"I have no doubt that you can protect Taiiko, and all of your people, but they want us...the girls.... and we are stronger when we are united. I thought being here made the most sense until Dreka saw Annika and told us to stay here. He has lied to me the entire time. There is another dragon, recovering in Gaia." They both stared at me. "I don't want any of this, but I have it, we have it, and our strength is our unity because it becomes exponential. Yoshi, I can't be multiple places at once, but Taiiko, Kana, and Airi can help train your older students while you train the younger ones. I can't imagine Dreka would want to fight you for no reason." Taiiko squeezed my hand, and dug her nails into it in anticipation.

"Taiiko, pour us one more cup of sake before you, Kana, and Airi pack. I have three others I want you to train with the wolves. I will come there as soon as I can to meet the wolves. What you say makes sense, Danael." We drank as Taiiko bowed and walked slowly of the room before she ran to the bedrooms.

"Does she think she is being quiet?" He laughed.

"I have never been able to determine that because she could easily run and neither of us could hear her, but she chooses to run like a water buffalo being chased by hornets, and she's done that since she was a . We both smiled as he poured one more cup of Sake. I am sorry for the loss of Sofi, and your , for all of you." I nodded and we toasted them. "Life is loss with pleasant bits in between." I nodded, again, because he was right. "Let's walk.

"You know that you are going to have to deal with Dreka?" I told him yes. "I thought you were the only dragon left, aside from Marnine. Marnine chose a dragon as a totem, which was good enough. You can learn a lot in eons, but you and Dreka go back to the beginning of your race. It's why he is so fearful of you. The fact that there is another from your time is interesting. Where is he?" I told him. "Do you trust him?" I was silent.

"I am beginning to unlock my memories, and abilities and he seemed sincere in believing that I had destroyed our Monastery, which I didn't. Dreka is involved in something to do with man. I'm not sure why, unless it's greed and a lust for power, but Arad is with Gaia, and said he would stand with me...whether that is true remains to be seem. What is true is that I will have to end Dreka, but the<b> death </font></b>of Sofi, and our , crushed me for two days, Yoshi." We walked down the drive, in silence as a fox walked up, and sat in our path. Yoshi bowed, so I did. She walked up to me and sat, smiling...waiting. I knelt and scratched her ears as she laughed, looked at Yoshi, and ran off as we kept walking.

"You are strange in the beings that pledge an alliance with you. Do you know who that was?" I was listening to the trees singing.

"Gaia appears to me as a fox because we have a pet fox at my home in Denver, but I figure that was Inari since we are in Japan." He nodded. "Why they take an interest in me is strange since I'd rather be left alone and build a life for my family." We walked as I kept looking up and into the trees and Yoshi smiled. Taiiko walked up and hugged me.

"We're ready grandfather." She kissed me. "Your trees are welcoming you back. You have to hear them singing?" I nodded and looked around as they swayed. "Love, I told you before, you're the kami of this land, and they know that. It's why we suggested for everyone to come here, but that was before Dreka. We walked and I went into the forest, which shuddered as I touched the trees and said thank you. I was beginning to see what my life was going to entail, what our lives would be but for now I wanted the the girls in one place. It was dangerous, but it was also wise. It was a stalemate for a time. I walked out of the trees smiling.

"You seem peaceful, sweets." I nodded and told her that we needed to leave as Yoshi smiled.

"I like trees." We walked back to the house as Yoshi told her for all three of them to grab all of their gear. Taiiko ran back to the house. "You want them to hurt me Yoshi?" He smiled and spoke in Japanese.

"You understand us. I looked forward to a time when things aren't the way they are now. I want them to train you, and those who want to learn." I bowed and said I would rather make swords. He stared at me.

"That is not your destiny, dragon, perhaps when you older." I nodded and we walked in silence to the house as the girls were waiting, and smiling. He hugged all of them, and then hugged me ad whispered.... "take care of my granddaughters Danael-san." I looked at him, bowed, and said Hai, as i opened the mist and we walked home to Norway. I told Kana and Airi that we'd back, opened the mist and walked into the past to no one. We walked inside, nothing. We walked into the barn, nothing. Taiiko looked at me concerned. I opened the mist again, and we both stumbled at Hammish's, without falling, to what looked to be a party. We looked at each other and smiled.

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Here we are again Daniel, the women are really pregnant & there's so much going on. Now that Dreka is gone things will change but there's the duke to deal with. My reading is spotty but I'll keep rereading until I get everything I have missed. Thank you Daniel , JOE

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