take me part 599...edited  

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1/27/2022 12:08 am
take me part 599...edited

I was tired, but I turned anyway to face a fox staring at me, unpleased. If she could have put her hands on her hips, like a scolding mother, she would have, instead she said for me to walk with her.

"The wolf seems well?" I smiled.

"She is, Gaia, thank you. Her name is Sassa and her and Haagerstadt seem to fancy each other, not in that way, obviously, but as companions. Sassa survived but she wouldn't survive the pack, but she can be happy here, and Jake and Emily will love it." Silence.

"You are changing a great many things Danael, and we all wonder if you know what you are doing." We walked along the shore as Haag and Sassa went back to the houses. I was silent as we walked along the ocean and Gaia chased the waves, as I smiled.

"You can't help yourself, even as Gaia, can you?" She laughed and shook her head. "I can't either when I am the bear, which is why I miss being the bear. There is a purity with him that I don't have with me, or with the dragon. I wouldn't chose it because of my family, but I would be content to spend my life as the bear, in my cave.

"What am I changing, Gaia? Really? The past?" She stared at me as I scratched her ears and ran to the ocean and kicked the waves like I used to do as . I felt Sassa before I saw her and she ran behind my knees, yipping, as she took me down and I fell into the water as Haag sat next to Gaia and put his hand on her.

"He's a good man, Gaia." She looked at him with sadness in her eyes.

I shifted into the bear and chased after Sassa who howled and ran, circled, and came back at me. I splashed bear paws of water at her, and then tackled her. She yipped as we rolled and got wet.

"They are oblivious to what they have to deal with, Haagerstadt, but they are fun to watch because of the unbridled joy." Haag was quiet as he scratched Gaia's ears.

"May I speak freely." Gaia nipped him. "OK. Sassa almost died, Gaia, the reason she didn't was because of Aerin, and Elven magic. I don't understand it, and I don't care, Sassa doesn't care, we are happy because she could never be part of the pack now ." Gaia looked back and was silent. "Danael is my friend. I'd go to battle with him, but, more than likely, we would fix something that needs to be fixed. He is odd, to be sure Gaia, but I'm odd. I haven't had to deal with all of the things he, and his family have had to." The fox was silent.

"You know that I am old enough to the know Elves. It's true that I knew them at the end, and I helped you banish them, but I also knew them before that when they were amazing. I think Danael did the right thing because you can't keep people bad forever. There has to be some kind of redemption, or we are all wretches." Haag was silent as Gaia curled in his lap and fell asleep. Haagerstadt petted her. Sassa and I stopped playing and walked out of the ocean, shook, and walked to Haag and Gaia. Gaia was asleep as we walked . Sassa lied down as I walked around my island as they were quiet. I snuffled the shore as I lumbered but I wondered how my family was, even as the bear. I had SO many things I needed to deal with, in SO many places, and I didn't think I had even scratched the surface. I was swinging the weight seeking the center that I couldn't find, or, understand. I ran into the water and bit the waves with sheer joy.

I walked out as Aerin was looking at me. "What?"

"There is a death, Danael, and it will hurt deeply." I stared at her. "All I can I do is take you there. It's beyond us." I screamed to take me there as I slid into Irina's in the chaos. I looked around but I didn't care. The girls walked with pain in their eyes.

"She had a miscarriage and we are trying to keep Sofi alive, but she lost so much blood." I hugged all of them because I should have been there. I knelt beside Sofi, who was barely conscious. She smiled as I kissed her.

"I guess we aren't going hunting this time 'round?" She smiled and shook her head.

'I'm sorry lo......" I stopped her.

"Don't you even dare. Life is fickle, at best." I kissed her, and held her hand as she looked at me. It was the hardest thing I had ever done, but I did it. "You were an amazing to me, love, and part of a very unusual family." She smiled, nodded, and grasped my hand as everyone watched. Malinka and Irina were distraught.

Sofi grunted and looked at me.... "give our a proper burial. she smiled and the light left her eyes as I tried to breathe, and everyone else screamed in agony. I closed her eyes and put my head on her belly as I sobbed, and howled. No one touched me until dawn when Hammish walked .

"Brother, we need to tend to them. Come with me." I looked around like I was lost, and unsure where i was, or what was happening. I don't remember any of it except I was looking at my loves, dressed in white, but in willow boxes, and I woke in Iceland as a fox scavenged the shore. I called to her... "Gaia!..." It ran off. "Bob?" I was back at my home watching everyone but me enjoying it as Bob walked into the yard."

"Bob!" He walked to his den and had no idea I was there. I opened my eyes.

Thank God it was a dream... and I smelled the sage and looked around as everyone looked to me, like I could make this right. There were bodies, wrapped in linen. I picked my and looked at Chloe and Sara. They pointed east and I walked as they followed with Sofi. I was crushing in on my self as I walked and that was when Sofi stood in front of me, and punched me in the jaw.

"STOP!!!!" I looked around, smiled, and kept walking. Why did these things have to be so long....

It looked like the entire town was there as i looked around, and clenched my unborn against me. They said prayers that I didn't hear, and put Sofi on the pyre as they waited for me. I walked way, knelt, and sobbed...alone, until the girls came and brought me be back because it wasn't just about me.

I walked back to the pyre, kissed my , and wife, took the torch and set the wood
aflame as I walked away. I wasn't sure how far I walked, or ran. I think Ishtah's pack found me heading east. They said it took wolves to stop me. I don't remember any of it until the cold wind hit my face and Sofi was looking at me with our . I looked at her perplexed. She knelt, spoke, and pointed at me, the smiled and waved. Sofi smiled, and they were gone, I would never see them again except in dreams. I opened my eyes. Ishtah looked at me. I scratched her ears.

"How long have I been here?"

" days." I bowed my head.

"Thank you," They all howled as I called the mist and walked into Irina's.

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1/27/2022 5:39 am

That is so emotional and deeply meaningful so well written.

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1/27/2022 8:18 pm

It is so sad to see Sofi & the baby pass away. Daniel will be beside himself for a bit. The whole clan will mourn her death & the babies as well.
Great writing Daniel, all of us will die when it is our time but for Sofi to pass so young & lose her baby as well is saddening. Our loss is with this family.

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