take me part 575... edited and somewhat expanded  

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1/12/2022 9:07 pm
take me part 575... edited and somewhat expanded

I asked for some milk and was drinking it as I looked up, and Aisha looked at me. "Fuck!"


"I don't know. I'll be back as quickly as I can." I tried to open the mist. GODDAMMIT!!!! How do they do that inside. Shit. I ran outside, opened the mist....of course.... walked through and fell onto Gotland as Elisabeth pounced on me crying.

"I'm never going to be married because of what I am. I'm hideous!" I looked at Sara.

"Love, how about we get up and take a walk around the island and talk this through."

"Like you're my Da'?" Sara almost peed herself trying not to laugh.

"Elisabeth, I'm fine being your Da', but that means you're going to have to stop attacking because you want sex." She screamed and started crying again. Jesus Christ I was losing my mind. I could feel Karin, and her friends watching. Fuck, when was the last time I slept. "Can we walk?" She<b> bite </font></b>me and walked away as I shook my head and we headed town and everyone went inside as we walked by. "Why is everyone walking inside? You're their dragon. They shouldn't be scared of you ''lisbeth." She screamed at me, raging, as people came out and watched, as did Sara.

I stared at her, and Sara, but this was going to be hard. SHe was getting big for her britches, as my would say, often, my brothers and I were. I shifted and roared in her face before I hit her with my tail, not too hard, and sent her rolling. I walked up as she was still stunned, grabbed her, and flew over the straight in north over the Baltic Sea as Karin followed. I flew close to the end and dropped her in the water, flew over Karin, said thank you, and went back to Gotland. I shifted as everyone came outside and Sara walked up and kissed me. "We all chose wisely."

"I'll be back as soon as I can because she needs some reality checks" Sara nodded and kissed me. We were splintering already. Elisabeth was fine. She could use the time chill and think about this happened, and Karin and her liked each other. HAving a close friend was probably better me, but having a boyfriend would be better. She was a that happened to be a dragon, but I was a bigger dragon and wasn't getting to put with this behavior, not in anyone them. There is always a bigger dragon. I needed to deal with Aya and Gerel, but Karin would help with Elisabeth. I probably wasn't going to get out of making love with Karin, even though I was trying. I flew back to Tibet and shifted, as Ceba walked up. Shit.

"I can take you to bathe, dragon." I bowed my head and said thank you, but there was no need as I would have to shift soon, again. She nodded as Aisha walked up, smiling. Shit.

"Do you have that affect on all women?" I stared at her, and growled, as she laughed.

"How are they?"

"I'd say marginal, but it's a lot to deal with. She wants to kill him, but wants to make sure he can walk normally...go figure.

"Please get them, and have Aydar brought here. I went to the kitchen for some milk We were definitely getting Yak's in Norway. I walked outside as everyone was there. I walked up to Dahla as she bow...

"Never bow to me, Dahla." Gerel and Aya walked next to me. "Respect isn't shown with a bow. The men who were here before bowed to me after they tried to kill Aya. I'd rather you be honest with me, with us. This is now yours to oversee." Dahla nodded as Aya and Gerel were silent. "Thank you for helping him." They nodded. I'll bring the scrolls, and things I took, back as soon as I can." They nodded.

I opened the mist and put my hand on Aydar lying flat on a stretcher. Gerel and Aya were scared as they looked at me. "Just walk in..... it's point A to point B." They looked at me again. We were so fucked. I walked through with Aydar and Gaia had mercy on us as I walked out holding a man on a stretcher in the air.

"Can we get a gurney, please." I lowered him before anyone could see. We used this hospital far too often for them to look askance at anything. They whisked Aydar away as Gerel walked up to me." I exhaled because it came.

"Where are we?" I looked at Aya and walked away and hoped my cell still worked. Shifting was hard. on it I called Chloe.


"Yes, how are you? How is Annika?"

"It's your Da'. Stop, you all can speak with him after me. I miss you mister, but we are fine. How are you?" I told her what was going on and asked about Anna. Silence. "She's strong and has hurt Haag by accident."

"OK, I'll be there as soon as I can. Have her focus on moving things that don't get hurt, like logs, or stones. What do you think, love?" Silence.

"I could stop her, but she is getting as strong than me and neither of now to use it Daniel."

"What does that make our ?" Silence

"I' don't know, love." Get here as fast as you can." I told her I would as Gerel punched me in the jaw and took the phone as Aya her pulled off.

"I told you Bucharest...." GODDAMMIT!!!! I'd had enough. I stared at Gerel as Aya stood in front of me and I lifted her to the side and kept walking. I grabbed Gerel by her clothes and lifted her up in front of me.

"I brought that piece of shit, your brother, here because we can get him better care. I am doing this against my better judgment. He tried to kill Aya and kidnap you and quite frankly I don't trust you yet, Gerel, not people I have never met in Romania. My role is to keep Aya safe and that includes you. Don't ever punch me again." I set her down as Bethany walked up, hugged me, and we walked away.. I've missed you more than you know, love. Do you have a spare room." She nodded. "Take me to your place. I'm tired." I went in and talked with the head nurse who nodded because she remember me. "Please put guards on the door until tomorrow. I truly don't believe there is a threat as I motioned to Aya and Gerel and introduced them. "They are his family and said thank you as they took in the back to she the extent of the damage. I'm staying Bethany because I won't there long because I need to go Iceland. You can stay at the house. I'm sure they will be happy to see and you'll be safe. I'll call Kana on my way. They nodded as I kissed Aya and looked at Gerel. "I'm sorry for being abrupt, Gerel. I know you are upset, and it's been a long day for for all of us. Get something to eat, take a hot, have some wine and I'll see both tomorrow but I do need to leave. They both hugged me as I kissed their heads, smiled, and walked away.

What the was I thinking? I walked out as Bethany pulled up and I got in. She kissed me. "Long day?" I nodded as she headed to the apartment in the one of the buildings we were renovating. I wanted to spend some time talking Bethany, just to catch up but I going to go to my cave and sleep there because I always to wake well rested and tomorrow wasn't going to be any less hectic.

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1/13/2022 5:21 am

I wonder if Gerel got the message from Daniel.

Aydar is at a Hospital that Daniel will have easier access to him, and that Adar cannot have contact with his friends, etc. in Bucharest.

Daniel has the typical problems of dealing with teenagers. Anna and Elisabeth. They will eventually learn to control their powers and blend in with the community. Hopefully....

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1/13/2022 5:24 am

Women we can't live without them and we can't live with them or understand them and Daniel has his hands full.

So he will have to make love with Karen and what and who is Ceba?

Annika is stronger than Chloe mmm that's interesting..

More training and more being diplomatic. Many questions and many different balls in the air.

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