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take me part 570..... unedited.  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
1/11/2022 5:21 pm
take me part 570..... unedited.

They all stared at them as I moved toward Aydar. Ama and Sara tried to stop me. It didn't work as I grabbed him by the<b> throat </font></b>and started to lift, and squeeze. Everyone was yelling but all I heard was silence as my eyes changed to the dragons and I lifted. Both Ama and Sara did everything they could to stop me but he tried to kill Aya and kidnap his own sister. Aydar was hitting me but it was like a fly hitting a wall and that was when Chloe touched the side of my face and led me to the ground, unconscious, as Aydar gasped facing everyone else. I wasn't sure how long I was unconscious but I woke in the same place I fell, to laughter. I was losing my mind but I had a thought while unconscious regarding the new house....hay bales. I pushed myself up but no one noticed except Emily who came up and hugged me as we walked outside.

"Are you OK, Da'?" I nodded as I hugged her and kissed her head. "Ma' is taking us back to Iceland. We want to stay here."You need to listen to your mom, love, because she has a reason and I'm not sure I could stop it any way." She laughed.

"You did drop pretty quickly when she touched your face." I nodded as Wolf walked up and Emily scratched his ears. I asked him if his pack was good and he nodded and asked about mine, and I shrugged. He was silent and butted my leg, howled, and ran off. "Why do we have wolves as family, Da'?" I stared at her because I had never really thought about it because it just seemed normal.

"I'm not really sure, sweets, except that we all needed each other at the same time and some of us could communicate. They needed help and we needed help and we helped each other. A pack, a clan, a close family, aren't much different when you think about it. Have the animals been fed?" Em shook her head as we went to the barn. "Find Drakon and start feeding the animals after I clean the stalls." She nodded. We were halfway finished as Chloe and Irina walked inside hugging each other and smiling. I held up my hands and they both laughed as they ran at me and hugged me.

" I'm sorry, but no one else could get you to stop, not even Ama and Sara combined." I nodded.

"I was angry."

"No shit, Sherlock. You are still going to be angry because Ama was right. It's complicated but it's up to Aya and Gerel to decide what to do and not us, not even you even though you will be bound to Aya."

"Where is Aydar?" She stared at , reading me like Sara.

"He's at Ilsa and Hammish's, tied up in the barn. He's fine, for now or least until we can figure things out. Joseph is still looking for Hannah and trying to piece things together. Aya and Gerel's lands were merged because of what you did in the past. It's why Ama said that it was complicated. They are both from the beginning of that line, from the beginning of most lines, but it split at the Black Sea. It split at Constantinople a long time ago and Gerel's family had the land to the East...Turkey and beyond, and Aya's line had Constantinople to the west. The truce they agreed to allowed free water access for trade through the Bosporus." I kept cleaning stalls as Chloe kept talking and Irina helped Emily.

"I think we are going to find out pretty quickly, like now, that these clans are not that different from countries, and we all will have to make arrangements we don't like, and you won't like this one, Love. Sorry, but you were out for most of the afternoon. I'm still trying to gauge my power and you are the test subject because you're a Dragon." I smiled, and nodded. "Gerel and Aya talked and sought our council. We all wanted to wait for you but you snuck off to pick up animal poop."

"I understand shit, Chloe." She chuckled, nodded, and kissed me.

"The jist of it is that Gerel is going to cede part of her lines' territory to Aydar, with stipulations, which are stringent but all of us thought were fair. It's complicated now because it's modern time but the clans still have the olde maps that had no countries and there are many countries now. Aydar, and his family, and those they represent, are more aligned with old maps. The reason Gerel's lineage is so contested is because those lands are hyper patriarchal. Gerel and Aya have offered a compromise because Gerel can't kill her brother, doesn't want to kill her brother." I stared at her. "I know. We all know, but would you kill Sam, or Javier, or Deat, if any of them betrayed you, or would try and find way to keep them alive?" I was silent.

"Last I heard, Gerel and Aya were willing to split the clan in two, at Ankara. Aya's side would have everything to the west from Ankara, and north and east on a line between Georgia and Azerbaijan. Aydar, and his family, would have everything South of that line except the Himalaya's. It's not an easy place, but it hold's vast riches, and power, which is what they want, if they could get them.... none of us think they can. Gerel and Aya didn't want a war between sides." I stopped and nodded, trying to envision the map. "Neither of them particularly care about what Aydar, and the people backing him, and Hannah, want, and the treaties on commerce will stand, as they always do, but Aya and Gerel don't want to walk into conflict, and their thinking is to cut away the people who are against them rather than do what Marnine did." I was silent as I finished the last stall and Irina and Emily gave then hay, some grain, and water.

"They will demand the Himalaya's and Mongolia as a part of this?"

"From what I understand, but I'm sure they are waiting for your input because you are marrying Aya, which means you are marrying both of them because they are crazy about each other." I nodded as I pulled the wagon of poop and hay out of the barn. I dumped it and pushed it back into the barn as Irina and Emily finished and fed Drakon.

"I'll be in after I wash up." Chloe nodded and kissed me as I walked to the stream. I was washing my hands and face as I felt Wolf and his mate walking up. I said hello as I stood and turned. I knew she was pregnant as I stroked her and scratched her ears. It's hard to define how wonderful it feels to have your ears and neck scratched when you're an animal.

"You have issues, brother?" I nodded.

"Our packs are different from yours. We have issues but they are being worked out. When will you give birth?"

"Weeks, like the rest of the females. Can you cull the sick one last time Dragon so when the births happen we have food. It's been a very strange time." I nodded and told him I would. Aisha would be happy to fly.

"Are you at the same they place?"

"No, I'm splitting the pack until we see what happens with these other men so some of the younger males will stay closer to here and watch over this place, and the big man's, and the rest of us will move farther into the forest. We are finding birth dens now. You have time. We don't." I nodded and smiled.

"We'll help you in anyway we can. Is it true that you can speak with Sofi now?" They both nodded. "That's wonderful, and surprising, and Malinka is part of your pack and can wander freely?" They both nodded. I hugged them both and told them I would bring deer tonight. They nudged me, howled, and they ran off, with the other wolves that I didn't see, as I walked back to the house.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
1/11/2022 7:06 pm

Chloe has some amazing powers, she can bring down the dragon, when Sara and Ama could not. Interesting on the possible settlement with the land distribution between Ava, Gerell and her brother., but, it seems, that Daniel has to sign off on it. I don't think he will. If history say's anything to say. Aydar, having tried to kill sister, etc, once, will eventually try again. Daniel may give Adar his life, but it will be below with Gaia. The rest of Adar's henchmen may all be killed.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
1/11/2022 7:10 pm

And HAY bales. make a house, barn, etc, from hay bales saturated and covered in clay. ( a Brick ) Just as good as stone and will last several lifetimes.

cjg045 69M  
92 posts
1/11/2022 8:54 pm

Many many things going on at once, Daniel. The women have to decide where their allegiances lie, The clans have to maintain order & peace, & yes some will die trying to defend it. Aydar will live for a while as long as his treachery stays in check. Daniel was right not to trust him.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
1/11/2022 9:45 pm

I think Claw is right about Daniel and Aydar he will want him isolated and his clan to tow the line

As for hay or straw and clay it was used to make blocks for building in the UK for centuries and it does last if you keep water out cover the outside in tar my fathers farm had buildings made from what we called clay lump walls. It's a good insulator too.

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