take me part 550.... edited x 2  

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1/2/2022 8:52 pm
take me part 550.... edited x 2

I gave hay and water Hammishs' animals before walking Irina's. I was on the road when wolf showed up and walked next me as his pack mates shadowed us. "We are a pack, Danael, like yours we watch over our own." I nodded. "All of these new people are your family?" I stopped, looked at him, and nodded. He nodded as the other wolves ran off. "You a strong pack, my friend." I said I did, but were others. "Fenrir told us about our helping our offspring survive in your time, as you helped us. is not often that he speaks with such respect of anyone, let alone a human." I was silent.

"He is my friend and we helped each other, most humans don't like wolves; we are not most humans." He was silent as we walked.

"Your women are angry at you. We felt it in our dens."

"I had do things and I had do them alone. They don't like that, which I understand."

"You can't<b> bite </font></b>their necks?" I was silent as I thought about that, smiled, and said no, as we kept on walking.

"How are you with food, brother?"

"We are good and Spring is almost here. The smaller animals are coming out. We are keeping our at the dens because we meat that needs be eaten. We are allowing the ferrets, weasels, and other predators to take some as well. We all want things to get back to a balance." I nodded. "Are you staying long, Dragon?" I was silent because I wanted to, and my gut said we should, but would be like herding cats.

"I hope so my friend. Thank you, and your pack for watching after mine when I was gone. If you need anything let us know." He butted me as he ran off. I was at the barn. was still predawn but I could see fine, better than fine, like the animals were already awake feeling the approaching dawn. I cleaned their stalls, let drakon out as he mauled me and went prowling. He was the one that was part wolf even though the other drakon thought he was too. I started to give hay as Sara walked in.

"I'm sorry I hurt you. Ilsa was right, I realized last night as I went sleep watching you and Gaia. I'm sorry, Daniel." I took her face in my hands and kissed her.

"Go back to sleep, love. I understand. will be plenty do when you everyone wakes. I hated what I did, but was glad you were just mad at me. Go back inside and try and sleep a longer." She nodded as I finished with the barn. I looked at the wood pile and, while we needed some, it was OK and I didn't want wake anyone. I shifted into the bear and wandered looking at the fencing and the land.

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