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take me part 545....edited  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
12/27/2021 10:44 pm
take me part 545....edited

I figured I would walk into Hammish's barn, but I rolled. "FUCK. I hated this mist. I wanted to go back into time but I didn't know anything about the dragon except my own will, and no one was helping me. I pushed myself up and told the animals it was OK, and walked to the door. This was going to be fun because it wasn't light, but it wasn't dark, and I was unannounced. I knocked, and stepped aside as the door was flung open.

"Hammish, it's me."

"Danael?" I stepped out of the shadows and into his home.

"What are you doing knocking on our door after you just left?" I looked at them. confused.

"I am still trying to figure out moving through time, but what we were doing. We bought the building in town, with the land." I nodded because everything was happening to quickly. "The men are starting to build the fence, and our mules are coming."

"You have the wagon?" He nodded. "I need you to do me a favor, which you won't understand now, but I need a large bed made, along with the mattress, and blankets." They stared at me. "I know, but please trust me. I also need clothes made for women, but one young man, my build but shorter, and a twelve year girl" Ilsa stared at me because she was a witch. "Sorry, but are there empty homes around here with access to fresh water. If so, I would like to buy them." I put the bag of silver on the table as Ilsa was finishing their meal. She walked over and lifted it.

"Why so much, Dragon?"

"Hammish and I have a lot to do, and we all have costs, and then there is there coven, and the town, workers, and the unexpected opportunity. Right now, I need to bring people back here to keep the safe but I have no where for them to sleep, or be, which is why I need the bed. My and I can sleep in a stall, but I won't allow that for the girls." Hammish nodded.

"It will be finished and we'll look for homesteads with good water close to Irina and us." I nodded.

"I need to go to town and I'll take the girls with me. They will like the<b> trip </font></b>and the seamstress can make clothes for all of us. You won't mind?"

"I 'm leaving the silver because I consider all of us family, but I am not here as I would like, use it as you see fit, or need. Get something you wouldn't. I'm sorry for puting the burden on Hammish, but I will be back, hopefully soon but I'm still figuring things out, and we have all of our other projects." They both nodded as Ilsa put stew and bread down.

"Use what you both need, and what the girls need. I trust you. I want all of us to do well. I know I am strange but...."

"You are NOT strange to us. You are our Dragon. The people in town know that you have kept them alive. It's odd, but we have memories of dragons and they weren't bad. We'll find what you are looking for." The mist opened by the fire.

"Sorry, I think I need to leave." I rolled into Ama's kitchen as Haagerstadt waved while he was eating.

'Would you mind telling me exactly what you are doing?"

"Hi Ama. Hey are the animals?' He gave me a thumbs up.

'I asked you a question, Danael." I looked at Ama but didn't want to say that I didn't care, because I did. I was just beyond that.

"I need to keep my family safe and the only I know how is to move them back in time until I can work things out." She stared at me.

"You do understand that you are the thread that binds ALL of you together...from the beginning." I nodded. "If you die, Dragon, it all dies." I nodded.

"It has moved beyond that Ama. They don't want us, they want our girls. They will be safe there, not comfortable, but safe. I am talking with Yoshi, but we needed time to prepare, this gives us time, and it gives us more hands to build what we will build." She stared at me and shook her head, but smiled.

"Go home." She flung her hand and I rolled through the barn. "FUCK." I walked to the main house as I looked to the East. Shit, and the mist opened as Joseph walked through. I stared at them as he smiled.

'What?" I turned and we walked inside. Everyone looked at me, us.

"Eat, we wont have this food for a while in our experience of time." I poured a large glass of milk even though I could have that there. I didn't really care about anything else other than Chunky Monkey, or pizza. I was SOL.

"Have you seen what's coming here?" I nodded. "And we're leaving? This is our home."

"I know Annie, but get ready. You are what they want, and you are what they can't have. We leave in thirty minutes. If it worked, then you'll be as comfortable as possible." I looked up as the mist opened and Aisha walked out.

"Miss me." Kana walked up and hugged her. "He's still sort of your dragon but they need you here, love. Where we're going he's going to need me because we will be going to battle. May I use your dragon?" Kana nodded as Sara and I opened the mist. Chloe took Jake, Emily and Anna's hands, followed by Klara, and they walked through as she told them about the moving conveyor belt. They knew Chloe. The rest followed until it was just Sara and I. She smiled, and I pushed her into Hammish's hay loft as she screamed and I closed the mist, and locked it. I was getting stronger by the day.

"She's going to hurt you for that, dragon." I looked at Aisha and nodded. "Are you ready to fight?" I knelt down as she climbed on. "Good, but we have nothing to fight except the source of this.... that is where our battle will be and it will be mostly up to you, but a dragon needs a rider. They can't find what they want, which are the girls, so now they want you. That ominous darkness will shift as we move east. Quite the homecoming." I laughed as we both looked East.

"Fly dragon," and we flew East.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
12/28/2021 2:30 am

And so it goes on a battle for all of their lives.

He will need his magic now.

Thank you for all the fi8ne reading we have enjoyed these last few days.

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