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take me part 531...edited  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
12/22/2021 10:51 pm
take me part 531...edited

We were both laughing as we got mauled by puppies. Drakon sat and watched them do his biding, as did Aya, Taiiko, and Jakob. "Will you stop biting me, you fiends. Why does everyone want to<b> bite </font></b>me. Ouch." Drakon barked and they got off us. It seemed Fenrir had been teaching him.

"Are you two finished?" Taiiko asked. We laughed and looked up.

"How is Roan?" We got up smiling. I had been told by each these women that I chose good women, and it started to sink in at that moment because Taiiko had only cursory interactions with Roan, and only knew they were trying to kill us, yet her thought were for Annie because her and Roan were sisters.

"She doing well, Love, thank you for asking. When Daniel gets better at the mist we'll take you both because I want you to meet them. Ingrid is beginning to use her arm, and Marnine has changed, and it's not a ruse." We walked out as the pups went to play in the snow.

"They're the ones who tried to kill all of you, and your treat them with mercy."

"I wouldn't call it mercy, Aya. Daniel almost killed them. He would have if it wasn't for Sara. He did about the same to Marnine."

"Yet you show them kindness." Annie walked up and kissed her.

"Yes. We can't lead like Marnine. We all make grievous errors of judgment at times, some require swift retribution like the men trying to kill, you and others don't. Life is complicated. We knew the threat of Roan and Ingrid was there. We didn't know anything about the men sent to kill, or kidnap, you. We'll do what is necessary to protect our family, and people, but we won't do it at the expense of our compassion. I may not have understood the importanc of that if Roan wasn't involved."

"How long have we been gone?"

"Less than an hour, thankfully. We are getting calls requesting hay and wood if we have it." Annie and I looked at Jakob. I wasn't sure about Annie, but I was pushing him to be in charge of the barns and grounds. He'd done well so far.

"We have more hay coming when the truck can get here, but we are giving hay to the deer to try and get them through, and we've sold hay to everyone around here. We have a lot of extra wood, and we can get more once the storm dies down." Annie looked at me.

"You know this better than us Jakob. What should we do?" He stared at us and didn't hesitate.

"We have to give what we can spare but wood is easier than hay. If we cut back for us, and the deer, I think we can spare a hundred bales and the delivery should be here within a week. We can get hay, it's just going to be expensive. We have to help our neighbors if we can." Annie wrapped her arms around me and exhaled. "Annie, you need to call everyone you sold hay to and tell them they need to ration it because after this it means our animals suffer, as well as the deer. The shelter is almost out of wood, and hay. A lot of the people around here could pay for hay, even though it is outrageous, but they call you won't gouge them. Raise the price." Annie looked at everyone.

"What would you suggest?"

"Double the price of it. It's less than what it's selling for now, but we'll need to replace it and if this continues then we'll be the same boat. It will let them know that while you are caring, you aren't stupid. Sell the wood for half the price it's going for and give a bonus to those men. They were dead standing trees but that's hard work, Daniel knows."

"Agreed, and there's no rest for the weary. We'll take hay to the people that called, and don't fret, love, we are more than capable of dealing with something but we'll take along of Yoshi's men. You and Jakob can take wood and some hay into town. They will be looking for us there anyway, if they still are. II'm sure the wolves will follow us. I'll call everyone we delivered to and let them know to ration. It's better to have hungry animals than dead animals, but we need to round up dogs." We had everyone helping to load the truck and trailer with hay, and some wood just in case. It was Norway, and people had wood but it was a bad storm, luckily the power hadn't gone out. People had heat, and lights but a lot of the elderly didn't want to use the heat. Jakob and I filled the truck with wood and and then loaded hay on top and strapped it all down.

"I'd like you to stay here, Jakob. You know what needs to be done and they have people to help unload." He nodded as I went to town. I took my knives just in case. I backed into shelter and Lacie, the manager, walked out. It was still snowing hard and the wind was starting to blow. I wasn't all that worried about Annie because she grew up in this.

"We'll keep bringing what we can, but there is little hay left to share until the shipment comes in. They need to ration it and people don't like to ration food for their animals but they can live on meager amount for time." She nodded. "Make sure they understand Lacie. There is no more hay unless we get the shipment and even then it's not up to me. It's up to Jakob. He's in charge of it now." She looked at me and smiled. "I'll have him check in with you. People treat their animals better than themselves, but this is bad." She nodded.

"I'll have some men unload the truck, and thank all of you. Go have some tea at Hanne's." I nodded and walked to the cafe as two men approached me. Goddammit. There was a car that was obviously out of place so I walked up to it as the men followed me. I knocked on the back window, nothing. I pounded and said that the next time I would break it. It wouldn't be hard because I pissed. The window rolled down and I extend my hand.

"I'm Daniel."


"It's cold. Would you and your men like to have some tea, or coffee?" I was curious and needed information and I didn't want any more 'feral dog' attacks. He nodded as he rolled up the window, got out, and shook my hand.

"Is it always like this," as we walked to the cafe.

"It's Norway, in the winter, but this is odd.." I opened the door for him, and his men, who stared at me. "If I wanted to kill you then you we wouldn't be doing this, take a table and get warm. I just want to talk" The lead guy looked at me and nodded. He was trained but the other one wasn't. I was so confused by these people. Hanne walked up and took Aydar and I to a table toward the back and made him sit with his back to the door, God love her.

"Can I get you something to drink?" I extended my hand to Aydar.

"Do you have Turkish coffee? I know it's a long shot." She smiled.

"I'll bring you your tea and shortbread but I'm going to steal him for a bit." I smiled. He held his hand to his men as the waitress was taking their order. Hanne LOVED all things coffee and tea. She had to have a cafe, with food, because she couldn't make it doing what she wanted...a coffee and tea house/bookstore. She took him behind the counter and start bringing out the pot used for Turkish coffee, and the ornate cup and saucer and they were both new best friends. The only problem was that I might have to kill him, and that was when Annie called.

"Hey love, hold on, OK, your on speake Whatcha doing?" I'm going to have tea...."

"You? Where is Jakob?"

"I told him to stay and deal with everything else because Lacie has people to unload." Silence

"AND, Daniel?"

"And there are some men that I invited for something to drink"

"What men? Are you OK?"

"I'm fine sweets. We're in Hanne's and she is finally getting to use her vast knowledge of coffee. Aydar is behind the counter with her and she is showing her about proper makingTurkish coffee. I think she might be smitt...."

"Did you say Aydar?"

"Yeah Aya, I saw the car, knocked, and invited him for tea so I can find out is going on."

"Don't hurt them Daniel. We're on the way."

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
12/23/2021 5:11 am

new twist, just who is Aydar?? Annie does not want them hurt and she is on her way.. Hopefully this bad winter vortex will diminish soon.

kinkyblackwife 49M/47F  
54 posts
12/23/2021 10:40 am

Merry Christmas!

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