take me part 528.... edited  

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take me part 528.... edited

Annie took Aya back to our room because she felt bad , even though she was just scared for her friends, and us. Taiiko to call call Yoshi and Kana, which didn't happen, and Emma went her room. I got a large glass of milk and shook my head. "Holy Crap, this never shit never ends," I and called Bob and left a message. I needed to buy stock in burner phones. I took photo's of the ID's and sent them, and destroyed the phone. I was about to dispute him but there was no point hiding that I knew Deat so I destroyed it. Deat's family was living in Sara's house for Christ sake.

"Good new, or bad news?' I laughed and told him the latter. He told me to tell him. I was almost through, after I told him about Aya, when I asked,"

"Are we on speaker?"

"You bet your ass we are, mister."

"Hi Melinda."

"Are trying to marry, and impregnate every woman on the planet, Daniel?" I didn't really know what to say because it seemed like from the outside but there was something else that was going one and I think it had to do with dragons, but I had no idea, so I said "Yes." Deats laughed as she huffed off.

" Maybe she'll forget before she has a chance to bite, or punch, you....but i wouldn't count on that." I finished telling him what happened, and sent photo's of what I had. "You married into multiple vipers' nests my friend. I'll find what I can do about tac vests. Don't count on them just using knives. Where are going? Outside of Bucharest, and that was when all of my pasts started to collide and I was silent.


"I'm here. I just saw something I wasn't quite sure of. I'm fine."

"I'll run these tomorrow, and see what I can find, and see if I can find vests, or you what you could buy. See if she can get you couple of a guns, just in case brother, because you are using up your lives." I was silent because he was right and Chloe told me I couldn't die because Aya was having.... !!! FUCK!

"Thanks brother, some of us will be coming out and the rest will later. Fill in for me at frank's fish party if I'm not there. You, Unc, and Henry." He said OK. "I hated this because I wanted to be everywhere, all at once, but I doubted a dragon could even do that, and that was when I noticed the lights on in the barn and walked in. It was Jakob. It wasn't very late, but it felt like because it was so dark, and snow didn't help.

"What's up?" He looked at me and I knew he was working off the stress of the day.

"Wanted to check on the animals and make sure they had enough to eat because it's going to get VERY cold in about an hour." I nodded because I could feel it. I was going go see Sara but I decided to stay so the wolves could go to their dens and hunker down because it was going to be that bad.

"You OK about earlier?" He looked at me and smiled.

"It's not everyday that someone tries to kill, but my family, like most here, has worked for hers, yours, for a long time. You get used to odd things. We're all family and the town feel the same. They've helped all of for as long as I can remember. If anyone checks, which I doubt, it'll be that we have been fighting a pack of feral dogs because it's plausible, here, and believable, and that is all they're looking for." I smiled and nodded.

"It's a shame that you couldn't meet Anyrd's Da.. The two of you would have gotten along great. After he died, we all kinda hide because Marnine was no longer kept in check. Miriam wasn't strong enough. It's when things got bad and Annie and I were too way young do anything, even though we wanted to.....but that has obviously changed because you and Annie are strong enough to deal with whatever, and our town knows that, which all of the towns around us will, as well, in about two days...even with the snow. The fact that we have other strong women in our family just makes people think the prophecy is true." We walked out and locked up. "We are all glad that you are here, Dragon." He walked to the house as I walked to Ama's.

I could hear giggling, and laughing and walked into the bathroom and the girls were in the Jacuzzi tub with bottles of Ama's Champagne open. This was SO not going to not end well. They all played Sirens and tried to entice into the tub. Annie said,

"What, are breasts aren't good enough for you," as they all lifted out of the water and pouted, and then burst out laughing. I kissed all of them and told them I loved them. They waved and said, "Yep, and laughed." I shook my head and went downstairs to grab my coat and called Chloe, Sara, and Yoshi. I didn't have Gerel's number. Klara walked in as I was getting milk. I smiled.

"We really need get a couple of reindeer, or yaks." She laughed, and nodded. "Can you keep an eye them, please. They are in the Jacuzzi and drinking Champagne after having brandy. If have plastic trash cans here them grab some and put them around the bed, and make sure they don't drown." She nodded.

"It was that bad." I nodded, kissed her cheek, and told her to tell Annika I loved her as I went outside. I called everyone and told them what was going on, and that the girls would call tomorrow morning. I didn't tell them about the Chamagne and Jacuzzi as I walked to the front and Fenrir walked up. Hard day for them, brother. It's good they let this go. Women are better at that." I nodded.

"Tell your pack to go back to their den's because it's going to get colder... and it's already cold. No one will come out in this and if they do they will deal with a very angry bear....and you know what that's like." We laughed. Fenrir howled and I could feel the wolves running back to the pack. "You still have enough meat?" He nodded

"I'll take the back yard, and you take front but we stay close to your people, and buildings." I nodded, shifted, and bumped him. He<b> bite </font></b>my neck in jest and walked to the back as I walked the front.

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Daniel will be shifting into a Wolf soon. When Finrir bit Daniels neck, that sealed the deal, Now he will also shift with Annie, and they will run together.

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