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take me part 509....edited  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
12/14/2021 11:29 pm
take me part 509....edited

I hugged everyone, went outside, and shifted into the bear. I missed being the bear. I was the bear first when Annie and I fought Marnine, that seemed a lifetime ago. I Hhhrrmmmpppphhhhh'd and walked around making sure everything was OK and I walked into Haagerstadt and his broadaxe. I stood up and arrrfffed. He smiled, walked up and scratched my chest, and said he was going to sleep as he walked away. I finished looking even though I didn't need to and walked to my cave.

I missed this because bears lumber unless they are threatened. I wasn't threatened and I wanted to lumber, and think. I didn't even know how to deal with what was coming and that was when Sara hit me with something, and sent me rolling three times. I got up, shook my head, and looked around.

"Stop thinking about the future, you idiot. Think about our present, and our past. Don't make me come over there, mister." I shook my head again, and lumbered to my cave, smelling the ground, and the air...and not thinking. I liked it. I got to the cave and walked around, sniffing. People in the past would build a fire but I didn't need that, even this cold. I lied down in a corner and went to sleep, immediately. There was nothing, which was AMAZING!, and then I ended up at the bridge to Marnine's. I looked around, stunned.

"Are fucking kidding me? I need to sleep. Shit!!!!" I looked around and walked over the bridge, and exhaled. I could hear laughter, and conversation, as I walked up.

"Love, we didn't expect you. How are you, and how is the woman from Japan?

'Kana, my rider."

"Yes. How is she, and how are you."

"Mending. Hi Roan, and Ingrid. How are you Ingrid?"

"Mending." We smiled as I took her hand.

"Come with me." I walked to the waterfall, that wasn't a waterfall.

"Daniel, no. You can't...only Gaia can use it." iIstared at her because Gaia let her reign for almost a thousand years.

"Keep up Ingrid. Get in." She stared at me, and at Marnine. "Make a choice Ingrid." She looked at all of us and got into the energy fall as Marnine stared at me. "Your reign is over, Marnine. If you have truly changed, then you won't mind." She stared at me as I reached in and brought Ingrid out.

"Move your arm." She lifted it about thirty degrees and moved her fingers. She looked at Roan and screamed. I point to Marnine, "that was a from Gaia, just like this is, don't fuck it up." They stared at and nodded. Let's go back to Marnine's." Roan and Ingrid ran ahead as I extended my arm for Marnine. Silence.

"I SO underestimated you Daniel.' she smiled. "You play four dimensional chess." I shook my head.

"I know a Siren, and I love her. Do I trust her? No, because she's a Siren, but it doesn't mean we aren't friends. I know wolves, in the present, and in the past, and we have helped each other but I do trust them, somewhat. I have Ingrid and Roan to deal with, and Ingrid's brother. Do I trust them, or keep them locked up? I left it to Gaia, and took Ingrid to the falls. I got a partial answer, enough to figure out where to put Ingrid and Roan." Marnine looked at me and grabbed my hand as we walked.

"I wish I had known you back when things were bad. Thank you for bringing them to me. Look how happy they are, Daniel." She squeezed my hand hard. "Can you stay for lunch?"

"I can stay, love." She exhaled, and kissed me as we watched Ingrid and Roan play. She looked at me, with tears, and kissed me as gently as anyone could.

"I was worried you would die, as was Gaia. I baked because I am liking it and it took my mind off of your fate. I made almond cookies from Spain. Would like like some, with tea? " We looked at the girls. "Let them play, she's getting the use of her arm back."

"I LOVE almond cookies." We walked backed to her house in Gaia, and Marnine made me tea, and gave me cookies as we sat and watched Ingrid and Roan running, and playing.

"I don't deserve this Danael."

"No?" She looked at me.

"How can you be so kind to me, when I was so unkind to all of you." I stared at her and pointed. She looked at the girls, being girls, like they should have always been...and Marnine cracked. Things went black for me because Gaia stepped in and I was back in my cave, asleep.

The grey hadn't started, but was close, as I stretched and rolled over to look at a fox. She stared into my eyes. "We need to talk because Sara was right." I yawned, and stretched.

"Good morning." I had a great sleep, and felt wonderful regardless of what else happened.

"How did you do that?"


"Use the water fall to help Ingrid...and why take her out? AND.... opening Marnines' heart. I am still dealing with that, but she has Ingrid, and Roan. They will be staying with her, because here house just got three sizes too big." I smiled.

"You and Sara are growing stronger, faster then you should. How did you do that with Marnine?

"I don't know how, but I loved Marnine in the past. I touched that as we watched Ingrid and Roan play because of her arm. I expect you will give her full use when she is helping the people she wanted to hurt." Silence.

"You know that either you, or Sara could do that."

'That's not our role, Gaia, that's yours. You let Marnine reign, but I'm going back to sleep. I slept two more hours until the sun was coming up. It was the best sleep I had ever had. I shifted as I walked in and everyone smiled at me. I dropped to my knees as they all ran to me.

NEBRstrong 72M

12/15/2021 8:42 am

I do enjoy your story. It is about love family and our time on this life and need to make good use of the days we have. We where made sexual beings and sex will be a strong part of life if we are going to continue family. Reading your story is probably the most I have read in ten years. Keep up the good work. I would love to continue to read your writing in the future.

dadigan replies on 12/15/2021 9:16 am:
Thanks...I'll let you know when I set it up

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
12/15/2021 2:07 pm

Such an enjoyable read it relates to life in so many ways the loves and how to life a good life with morals that is the key treat others as you wish to be treated.

Like NEBRstrong says keep up the good work.

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