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take me part 500... edited

Elisabeth swam into the strait and out of the water, and then shifted as she looked at Sara, Aisha, and Airi. "The sirens said we need to take the boats to the east and sink them." They nodded. "What happened?" Sara and Aisha stepped forward.

"You protected your island, dragon, without hesitation." Aisha took her to the kitchen for tea as Airi walked Sara. "I'm staying until she learns more." Sara nodded.

"Good., not all dragons need a rider, but they all need friends and she especially does because what she did was brutal, but necessary, and she's isolated. This is confusing and people aren't going know how be around her. You staying is a good thing, and Kana staying would be a good thing, at least for a time. This is very different from Japan. Airi looked at her and smiled.

"Very." They walked the kitchen as Kana and I were flying past Helsinki. I felt it but we needed focus.

"You OK dragon."

"I'm fine, sweets, just focusing." St. Petersburg wasn't that from Helsinki, especially for a dragon. It was dark so I stayed blended and above the water as we approached. I knew where he was because I was getting better at navigating. I went invisible as we approached the city. It was no surprise that he lived in a wealthy area along the river, that never seemed change. It's why Hammish and I bought the land along the river for the mill, and other things. I needed get back but there were too many balls again.

"Focus, dragon." I shook my head as I flew us to the house. There were a lot of men and it was well lit. They weren't stupid. I counted at least fifteen and that wasn't counting those roving or in the house I figured twenty and five of them were on the roof with uzi's. "Piece of cake."

"What did I say about not being cocky?"

"I was kidding. Twenty is a lot, especially with light. It's not like Finland, and, just so you know, it won't take long for reinforcements, or police, to so up. It's not going to be easy. I flew up and started looking. It was Russia. I found the transmission lines and started freezing the lines up and down. Direct cold is different from ambient cold. It didn't take forlong for them to fail. I didn't wait. The was a substation close to Yevgeny's house I froze that solid, flew to the far side of the bay and started a fires on the tops of warehouses along the docks as the power went out throughout the city. I wanted diversions. We flew back to the house. They weren't panicked, but on alert. It was citywide. They nad night vision googles, which would help but it gave me the ability to do what I needed, but I was waiting to see if.... and that was when four police cars showed up. I could see everything fine, and hear it...and understand it, which was a first as the dragon. The lead cop said it was citywide and asked if they needed help and they said no they had a generator. Shit. I froze the men on the roof first and searched for the most flashlights. Bingo I dropped down and froze the men and the generator. The police were leaving and I froze all the guards after they closed the gate and searched for other people, there were four. I hovered above the ground. Kana jumped off, took her sword out of the the bag and grabbed a pair of NVG's. She took the two closet to her and ended the two on the far side. It's's human instinct to bunch together when it's dark...better odds, but not that night.

I didn't need the googles as I walked to Kana. Thankfully we didn't need to speak to communicate. She was going through her bag. I took two of the automatic rifles, which had suppressors on them and extra mags along with my knives. Kana took throwing stars, and her two short swords, along with the gun and mags. There were only two of us but we were formidable, and that was without the dragon. I went inside first because I wouldn't be as blinded if someone shined a light in my eyes, but there was no one around. There was a light further down the hall... it was the kitchen. Kana dropped the guard as I spoke in Russian to the staff get the ground and put their arms behind their backs. They all did, thankfully. Kana zip tied them, and taped their mouths. I asked the last how many guards, and where.

Two in the control doors down...he motioned with his head. Two upstairs, and another roving down here, probably smoking in the bathroom. Where? Two door down in the opposite direction. "Don't do anything stupid and live, OK?" They nodded. Kana took the guy in the bathroom and I took the two in the control center. We met back at the kitchen.

"This is going pretty well..."

"Don't get cocky. We are still here." I went upstairs first. There was someone at the top of stairs but his back was turned, which was a mistake. I took my knife as I climbed the stairs and Kana watched our back. I was almost up to him when he lit a cigarette. Why people in the military, or in security smoke is totally beyond me. I get it for stress, but you can see a match, or even a cigarette, from quite a distance, and smell the smoke...which is distinctive. He took a drag and put the knife into his brain stem and helped him to ground and motioned for Kana. She ran silently up the stairs.

"How do you that?"


"We stick together because my vision is still enhanced, and I can see infrared." She nodded as she watched our backs. The house wasn't as large as I thought it would be. It was big, but not huge. The other guard was sitting outside of a door that I figured was Yevgeny's suite, which was half of the top floor. I moved quickly up to him and as he looked up I shot him right below his ear. Instant, and no pain, and all he did was lower his head...which is what I wanted. I pushed and there were two people in the room, no one else. I looked at Kana and she shrugged, so I knocked.


"We both walked in quickly. Kana shot the woman on the bed before she could scream, which was unfortunate. Yevgeny shot at me and missed, at least I thought he did, but in Kana in the chest above her heart. She fell as I emptied the mag into him. She was still alive, and conscious.

"I didn't zag." I laughed and pushed.

"No shit Sherlock." I opened the bag and looked through things. I took bandages. "Is this Cayenne?" She smiled, but was going into shock.

"My dragon is smart too, and she passed out. He didn't hit an artery. I poured cayenne into the wound to stop the bleeding, which it did. I put gauze in it just in case, and bandaged it. Her pulse was strong, she was just unconscious. I ran to the desk and pushed that shit away and ripped out the bottom two drawers, opened them and removed the floor boards, and started throwing things in the bag without looking at it. There were false bottoms and I opened those and removed everything on both sides. It took a little over a minute and I was done. Sara wanted me to burn the house but plans change. I didn't have time to deal with the people in the kitchen. I put the bag over my back, reloaded the rifle, and put smelling salts under Kana's nose. She coughed and came too.

"I need you to help me. I pulled her up while she used her legs.

"Why is my breast showing? Are you getting fresh, mister?"

"With breasts like those, who wouldn't, sweets, but I need you to stay with me because we have to get to the roof, and you need to climb onto your dragon." She smiled.

"My dragon."

"Come on love, we're almost ." I opened the door but they were all dead. I leaned her against the corner. "I need you stand for a second, sweets. She nodded but she was fading again. Fuck. I shifted, and lied down.

"Rider. Your dragon needs help, now." She opened her eyes and stared at me. "I'm hurt and need you to get on so we can leave." She nodded and climbed onto to me.

"How bad, dragon?"

"Bad, but I know where to go. You need to hold on, tight, and don't let go for any reason. Understand?'" She nodded and squeezed her legs against me and grabbed two scales in a<b> death </font></b>grip, ever though she grunted. "Good, Love, don't let go for any reason. I flew, and went invisible as the lights came back on. We flew west as I called out to Gaia for help. I wasn't sure if this was going to work but I pulled on the power where Sara had showed me, focused on the waterfall, that wasn't a waterfall where they took me after I got shot saving Ama, called to Gaia, and shifted. I don't remember anything after that.

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Oh! Oh!, Daniel did not burn the house, this could come back to bite him in the ass.

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Perhaps Sara can save the day and wind time back so he can return as he left but set everything to burn.

She ma even be able to cause it to burn herself with her magic to save the day she is link to Daniel so she knows what has happened.

She could make it look like an electrical fault when the power came back

Who know we are guessing,

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