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take me part 482...edited  

dadigan 60M  
317 posts
12/6/2021 4:56 pm
take me part 482...edited

Annie blew me a kiss and went to get a Siren something she would love, and we could stick another chest in the cave North of here. I pulled up to the trees and started unloading. I knew where they were even without the chainsaws. I moved the coals to one side and threw wood on the opposite side and yelled as I put the cast iron pot on the coals and shifted the lid for steam. I set the basket down and grabbed a log with the tongs, and walked back to the truck to get the rest. They were expecting dessert and Emma didn't disappoint them, and I had coffee too. They were all eating, and pointed at the pot, but I wasn't hungry....and I hadn't been working as hard as them. I started moving trees back to the truck. They were good workers. I took the last one by the fire as they started on the pie. I walked back when I was done and they handed me the pie plate with a piece on it, and a cup of coffee. I smiled as I ate it. Emma made good pies, and good coffee.

"How's it going?"

"We're running out of trees that are close, at least for us to haul them out. We're going to go to the East tomorrow and see. There's more in deeper but it'll be harder to get them out. We could use a mule but that's involved."

"How far are you into the forest?"

"Almost a mile."

"Keep moving down the fence at that amount, and we'll decide what to do deeper in, later." I grew up in the western US and knew about the danger of dead trees. I'd like to get all them but it wasn't practical. They nodded.

"Tell Emma thanks, especially for the pie." I grabbed the pot and basket, and the last log, and trudged out of the woods. The mule might be a better idea. I grabbed the chainsaw, cut up the logs, and threw them on the back of truck. I parked by the hay barn and started to unload the lunch stuff when Annie walked up and slapped me.

"OW!!!!!! What was that for?" She handed me the open envelope with the Citrine in it.

"Are you in love with this Siren?" She slapped me again.. OK, probably hormones.

"What? NO? What are you talking about?" I took a step back.. "Don't slap me again."

" Look in the bag, mister. It's beautiful." She saw it, and wanted to slap me again, but I put up my hand.

"Of course it's beautiful, goofball. Steph chose it. It's Citrine, and not very expensive, but Karin will adore it because she covets these things, mainly because I only give them to her....and that seems to be important. I am not in love with her. In case you hadn't been paying attention, I have enough women in my life." She smiled, walked up, and kissed me.

"I'm sorry I smacked you, but it was a surprise."

"I'm use to getting hit , love, but it is pretty." She stared at me.

It"'s fucking gorgeous, Daniel. She'll love it." She hugged me as she took the stuff into the kitchen and I unloaded wood as a horn sounded. I walked around the barn as the SUV's pulled up. The crew was staying here since we had the rooms. Kana and Airi got out, and ran at me, launched as we all fell, and then bit me.

"What is wrong with you?" They both kissed me and said we need to go flying. I nodded. I had too many women that liked me. I was about to get up when Melinda, and the girls, pounced, and sent me back to the ground, and they all bit me, so it was obviously a thing with them. I looked at Deat as he started pulling people off of me. Melinda kissed me and got up.

"We've discussed it and we want to form our own clan from people around the world that feel left out. I nodded and looked at Annie who had had walked back, and she nodded. We had the money so I said fine. I had a few other things to deal with, but I didn't mind. The other clans might but they'd have to deal and these folks had been the one separated for a long time.

"Can I get up?" She kissed me again, and nodded, as Deat helped me up.

"You have quite the way with women."

"It's called boyish charm, my friend. How did you like Scotland."

"Daniel, it was amazing and where Tina's apartment is was ideal. We drank too much, but not both of us at the same time.. We like Guinness and Scotch. It was special. How are things here?"

"Quiet, I don't expect that to last but we have help."

"I'll say. I saw their weapons. Holy crap! Jesus, we've seen a lot, and they scare me." I smiled. "People are still getting arrested because they have no defense. These idiots have photo's, and video's, and paper trails. It's utterly disgusting, but they don't seem too bright. We walked to the house as Drakon barked. I let him out, with his pack. They barked, and walked outside as I shook my head and the girls followed. The two wolves showed up and Drakon bounded at them, barking, as they dodged him. Melinda and Deat looked me.

"The girls will be fine. I promise. Let's go have tea and pie." Melinda looked at the girls and they were already hugging them.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
12/6/2021 5:59 pm

about 45 minutes to show up in post.

good read ,I wonder if Francis was arrested.

dadigan 60M  
55 posts
12/6/2021 6:54 pm

Francis was being targeted because he was blamed for all of the Mishegas. Sadly, Francis hasn't been heard from, but who knows?

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