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take me part 453... they mangled this one. I edited it...but  

dadigan 60M  
317 posts
11/29/2021 5:41 pm
take me part 453... they mangled this one. I edited it...but

I rolled out of the mist and into the barn while the animals stared me, chewing hay. "What? I'm learning." I brushed myself off, put on my jacket, and opened the barn door into the past as Malinka and Sofi were bringing the wagon from Hammish's with meat. Sofi jumped off and ran to me. I braced for impact as she launched at me and kissed me.

"Danael, where you been? We looked everywhere. Do you love them more than us?" I told her of course not but.... I didn't a chance finish before she clapped and jumped on me again. I was beginning think that I should thought all of this through a bit more. I smiled and waved at Malinka. She stopped the wagon and walked up smiling. She hugged and kissed me. Malinka was older, but she grabbed harder.

"How long I been gone?

"A few hours, but 's good timing because you can help us with the meat. You did well, dragon. Did you feed the wolves? I nodded. Good, they were running low and couldn't survive on just game. I was going kill one of the goats if you hadn't found us deer." I stared at her. "You're rubbing off on me Danael. I've spoken with the leader often and it' was for the's hard for him, them. because they trusted him keep them safe, but the winter is brutal this year." Shit! "I want us hunt before you leave again. 's the most important thing. Hammish said the people need more meat too. Once we skin, and gut them, they will keep until spring because 's so cold, but 's the most important thing. Say hi toMa' while we take the wagon inside and unhitch Bob." I kissed her and walked the house. Maliinka was stepping into her power and it was amazing, and wonderful, to watch. I walked inside.

Irina ran over and hugged me. "You're back. Hammish said you had to leave. Can you stay longer?" I told her I wasn't sure because I didn't really know how it worked, and I needed to go hunting again. She nodded. It"'s been hard this year, Danael, for humans and wolves. It's better to focus on getting as many deer as is smart. We can't deplete the herd. The problem is when people get free meat they don't ration like we do, and Hammish and Ilsa. It's irresponsible, but are a lot of hungry family's. Go attend that but I'd like show you all of the work that has been done, Are Malinka and Sofi back?" I nodded. "Good because hungry men eat a lot. I'm glad your back love. I know we all a lot share, and I'm sure no one is happy, but we missed you." I hugged and kissed her and walked back the barn, which was the last thing i wanted do. I took my jacket off and started carrying venison. Malinka was cutting up one quarter while Sofi and I lifted the others in the rafters as the wolf walked in. Sofi pointed because she wasn't as comfortable as Malinka us. she cut off a piece and threw him. Malinka could also understand him and Sofi couldn't yet.

"Thank for the deer, dragonbear. came at a good time. The internal parts are nourishing and enabled our scouts venture out but 's still bleak." I nodded.

"We're going hunting after this and I'll take as many as I can so the herd stays viable. 's a big freezer right now so the meat will last." He nodded and lowered his head.

"Thank you, all of you, for helping my pack. I thought this area would be good since the packs left." Malkina knelt in front of him. This area is rich in game, and the deer will come back, soon. We are all having a hard winter wolf, and we'll keep helping you. Next winter will be different because we'll be better prepared because of the pastures we're fencing in. We'll cows and sheep and goats...and lots of rabbits.... so if if the deer go away again we'll more options. I can't remember being this bad, ever. Don't give up on this area. Humans need wolves." He walked up and nuzzled her, turned, howled, and ran toward the woods. Malinka stood up and smiled at me. "He's a good wolf." I nodded as we finished and went inside to wash up. I grabbed the empty buckets and walked to the spring. I would be glad when spring arrived and I almost fell over. Four men had already dug a root cellar and were starting to line with stone. I waved at them as I went to the spring, and smiled.

"They've dug the root cellar." I put the water down as Irina hugged me and nodded. "It's so cold."

"They work because they need to. Men are cutting trees and men are peeling the bark so once the cellar is finished they start on the house. We need a larger home with three of us, and babies." I nodded as she wiped her hands and found the drawing she made. She handed it to me and bite her bottom lip. I hadn't thought about this. Things were slipping by me but I started thinking.

"This is wonderful, Irina." She smiled. "I need to speak with Hammish because we'll need stone for the fireplace, and cooking hearth. She hugged me. "We could do either a log home, because we the trees, or stone...if we access them. Stone will last for generations."

"Malinka, you and Sofi tend to the stove. I'm going to show Danael the progress the men made before you go hunting." They nodded. She grabbed her cape as I put on my coat and we walked toward the fields. "You really like ?" I nodded. " needs be larger, Danael, so the girls their own spaces." I nodded as she took my arm and put her head against my arm. "I'm glad you're back. Let me show what they've done. Your silver is helping us, and a lot of family's. You already saw the cellar, but at all of the fence. They've done a similar amount from the end that way toward us, and they are going to go along the tree lines."

"This is great. won't keep goats in but will keep cows and sheep in." was SO much think about, and research, since I wasn't from here. I needed talk with Hammish. We walked the other side of the barn and Irina pointedly along the road and then toward the woods. I was silent.

"We need to openings made along the wood line for gates so we can get in and out with a wagon, or mules. If I don't a chance speak with Hammish then let him know that, and more gates are better than less. We also need access stone because I'd like the barn made out of stone, and our house, and the other houses for the workers. The masons will probably work fast, and we'll need the wood , and stone lasts longer. We need thatch for the roofs too, and...." She put her fingers against my lips and kissed me.

"We are in good hands with you, Danael, because you are always thinking about us. Do you that for the women in the future?" I nodded. "Then are many happy women across time because someone thinks so much about their well being, but Hammish would no better than me. The gates are a good idea."

"I also need willow." She smiled, and shook her head.

"I know where willow grows...lots of . Why?" I told her would keep the goats in, mostly, and would make a good fence for a kitchen garden." She stared at me. "I a lot of ideas," as we walked backed the house. She nodded, and squeezed my hand. I would consider myself lucky if live in either place, and be married any of them, and I was basically married all of them, but I need three more rings. "You need take the girls hunting so we deer before you leave." I nodded. We walked inside as I thought I SO much learn, and do. We needed get funding for the ancient skills of the Norse people, and the Scots, and the French Canadians. Crap. Sofi pounced on me.

"When do we go hunting?"

"Soon, because 'll be dusk, but I need speak with Hammish first. You both should eat because it'll be a long night." I kissed all of them and scratched Drako's ears. "Hold him, and I'll be back soon." I walked into the woods, shifted into the bear, I missed, and ran Hammish. He lived off the road so I shifted just before I came out the barn, but the animals were already spooked. He walked out.

"Sorry brother but the bear was faster." He smiled and hugged me even though I smelled. I would smell worse later, hopefully we all would. I told all of the things I was thinking as he wrote down with chalk, nodding. These are smart, and I know a good source of stone, and reed for thatch. We need it here as well. I can get saws, which we'll need," as he poured us a cup of mead, "We will need lumber. This water mill that you spoke of, could that be used to power a saw?" I smiled because Hammish was smarter than I was, which probably wasn't saying much, but he was.

"It could but I don't think you I could do what would be needed. I need to figure out if I can even work out the grist mill. I wanted the the river land first so our family could . take advantage of innovations as they happen." He looked at me and smiled as dawned on him.

"We are laying a foundation for the future." I smiled, and nodded. "I can access all of the knowledge and means learn, but if the materials aren't here then We can't do anything except prepare for later. I think they for a grist mill, but they aren't for sawmill, not that I know of.

"You are going keep coming back through our generations and help our families?"

'I'm going try Hammish, but I don't know how works. may be that my life, and your lives, are in sync and we live and die together, in a similar timeline. may be I continue on. I don't know. 's why I want us create as much as we can, now, for our futures. We need saws, and tools...lots of them, because we need to make wagons."

" is a building in town I want you to see. 's by the river and I think held hay, and grain. We could do that in the loft, but I thought would a good place build wagons, and whatnot." We climbed on mules and rode into the village. "Everyone is getting hungry again because they don't ration." He shook his head. "The building needs repair, but 's solid, as is the roof, but needs more thatch. I spoke with owner and he wants sell everything. I got him a good , but he owns two other building, and land, and wants sell all of them. would take everything you gave me, and we the workers on your land." I nodded.

"What do you think, Hammish?"

"We can't build multiple wagons in my barn, or even yours, when 's built. I think we should we since you access silver. Ilsa is going punch me many times but makes sense, and 's for everything he is selling, along with everything onsite, it's a good deal. People want this but they don't what he wants."

"How much?"

"Fifteen ounces for silver everything, and I've seen all. He even has land upstream that would be a wonderful site for a cabin. It's....."

"Do that much?" He nodded. "With what you gave me, and our savings, I do but I wanted talk with you since we're partners."

"Do it now Hammish. I'll cover it next time I come. I more than that set aside. 's smart, and an excellent deal... if not now, then going forward." He nodded. We walked warehouse and went inside.

"This is Danael, my friend and partner." I shook his hand. "We want your properties. I told him about them and given what we want to do, they are a good fit." He smiled.

"Do you silver?" I spoke.

"Yes, but we want to see the deeds for all of the properties and make sure the taxes been ." He looked at us and nodded as we walked the clerks office.

"The deeds were in good standing, but was an ounce of silver outstanding in taxes on all of the property." I looked at him as he lowered his eyes.

'I'll lower the by an ounce."

"This is for all of the property you showed Hammish? He nodded. "And includes everything?" He nodded. I looked at the clerk, "Can you do a Bill of Sale?" He nodded. "And register the new deeds now?" He nodded. I looked at Hammish. "We a sale, please give us the paperwork we need. We'll give you the silver once 's done." He smiled. We chatted and he told us about a place called the Baltic."'s a sea and has better weather." He was getting older and didn't want work until he died, and fourteen ounces of silver was a lot. The clerk handed us the deeds and we the him the silver for the back taxes, and the next year taxes since we were ther. He looked at the coins, which weren't of the royal mint, and stared at us. He weighed them, and nodded, because they had more silver content but he still looked us. Hammish took him aside and spoke with him. He nodded and Hammish handed him the rest of the coins he had after the sale. He handed a bag of silver to the owner, was thrilled.

"I will remove my personal belongings and by gone by the end of the week. I'll leave everything else." We nodded as he shook our hands. "You made me very happy, but also sad because I spent my life building this with my own hands. I am glad it going you because I see you care as much as I do." We nodded.

"What did you say the clerk?"

"I told him I had meat for his family, and we'd give him the rest of the ounce we saved but that he would need to help us in the future, if we needed . He agreed." I nodded. We rode back to Hammish's as Ilsa came out and hugged us.

"You smell." I laughed, and nodded.

"'ll get worse because I go hunting, and 'll be a long night." She nodded, kissed both of us, and went in side saying that she needed wood. We smiled.

"We'll be back and will help with the deer but I'll be dropping as many as I think I can." He nodded. They all needed eat, but I wanted the herd and maintain itself. I was looking for older, or sick, ones and I should be able smell. them We'd see. I hugged Hammish, shifted, and ran home. I didn't want be Hammish when he told Ilsa, but I had the silver and instead of using for my future, I was using for our past. I shifted as I walked out of the woods. The men waved as i gave them a wide berth. I needed to learn how to make beer, and brandy. I thought we could grow apples and pears, and with the freight business we could bring in hops and barley. was so much do and I had no time, but I was a dragon, Gaia said, and were things I could do. I pushed and slowed time down in the future because I needed here. I walked in and seemed like everyone's hair was on fire.

"Finally, we hungry men drinking and smoking. Oh my gosh, you smell. OK, Malinka you take the food out. Danael, you help me. Scoop a good portion of stew because they worked hard . Sofi. help me with bread and milk." We nodded. "I am glad they are here, but I'll be glad when they are gone." I kissed her and she fell into me as I held her.

"I'm sorry, love, but we are almost through both places... it might get easier."

"It's hard where you are too?" I nodded. "And you're dealing with it?" I nodded. She nodded and kissed me. We took food and milk to the men and they start eating as I sat down. They all looked me.

"I know I smell. My mule threw me and I fell in bear shit." They laughed and kept eating. I didn't leave so they looked at me again. "I just wanted to be clear since you've been out for several weeks. If any of you touch those women, or go into that house, or barn, I'll know and I will gut you and leave you for the wolves. Enjoy your meal." I walked back inside as they watched me.

"Are they OK?" I nodded. "Danael?"

"They've been working for weeks and are three beautiful women here, serving them food. I told them if they bothered you, or went into the house, or barn, that I would gut them and leave them for the wolves." Malinka and Sofi smiled.


"What? Men are capable of heinous acts, especially when bunched together. I was nipping in the bud, but when we leave, lock both doors and don't open them unless 's Ilsa or Hammish. We'll deal with the bowls later." I didn't feel good about leaving Irina. "Sofi, I need you stay with Irina. I know you won't like it but I'll take you flying later. You're a fighter,like Malinka, and I don't trust those men with Irina alone." She looked outside and nodded.

"They're pigs." Malinka nodded. "Why aren't you?"

"I was raised value and respect women, they weren't. I was also born in a different time. 's better, but not where should be. I need you do this, Love." She nodded and kissed me.

"Of course, Danael. We're a family." I nodded and smiled as I pushed the wolf and told him to meet me at the back of the house. I kissed both Irina and Sofi.

"You your knives?" They smiled and showed them. "Good, but don't open the door, for any reason. Tell them is no more food if they ask. We'll be back as quick as we can." They nodded as we walked out back. The wolves were walking up. "Come here Irina, Malinka calls him Wolf, because he doesn't a in his pack. They are our friends, especially after this winter. They are looking after you when I'm gone. Go ahead, sweets, he's a friend." She reached out her hand and Wolf put his head under , and pushed forward. "They like their ears scratched." She stared at me as I nodded. She scratched his ears as he lied down until she stopped, and another came up. were six but they all got the treatment. I told wolf what I was feeling and he nodded as the pack scattered.

"That was amazing, but where did they go?"

"They are protecting you and Sofi while Danael and I hunting for us. Don't worry Sofi, you'll go next. I'm just older. They are friend's Ma'. I talk with him at least once a day." Irina stared at her, and then me.

"You talk with them?"

"I talk with leader, Wolf, but I think they all understand. I respect them for what they are, but I also accept them as friends because it's a harsh winter. You can trust them but we need to go, keep the doors locked." I shifted as Malinka climbed on. "Fly, Dragon." We flew to the box ravine where the deer were, and the wolves were waiting at the entrance so they couldn't get out. I looked and smelled and started to cull the old, the injured, and the sick. were a lot of males, and a lot of pregnant females. I took one older male, and one younger male. We dropped them not far away, were eight total but was still a hear of about seventy. Some of the wolves were moving in as I landed, and screeched. Malinka jumped off and the alpha female walked up and they talked. She climbed back on.

"They'll guard these but they get the first two, and then we can give the rest us." I hovered and picked up one of the healthy males and one of of the older ones, and flew where the wolves where as we set them down. I pushed Mainlka that she had plenty of skins. She punched me and said Ouch. took us three trips to Hammish's, on the last trip the wolves howled as we left and ran home. was cold enough that the meat would last until the thaw, and they would gut them tonight for the ones in need, and their scouts. They did what we would do except we gave the unpleasant parts to pigs, chickens, and pets, and just kept the organs.

Malinka and I set the last two down and I shifted as Ilsa and Hammish smiled at us. I walked to the barn because I smelled, bad enough for me to smell . "I can work in here because might mask my smell."

"You bring us meat during the harshest winter even the old ones can remember, we'll deal with how you smell." I nodded. "We''ll keep four because of the men and wolves." I nodded and share the rest. It should be enough. How is the head?

" are a lot of pregnant females, and strong males. I culled the weak and a couple of males, but are at least seventy in this herd, but and likely are others. Winter should break in a month or so. Tell your people will be no more because all of us are rationing, even the wolves are." He nodded. "I'm serious Hammish. I'm done with selfish people." He nodded.

"I will, Danael, for all the good it will do."

"Then they die. Deer don't grow on trees, Hammish." I was pissed because I was dealing the selfish, myopic bullshit at home in a different way..

"I know, brother, after this they go hungry." I was in between a rock and a hard place. weren't as many people as many people as ther were in my time, so I needed help them live, but pissed me off that they couldn't understand this on their own. Malinka and I skinned, while Hammish gutted them. were going be happy pigs. He took the vital organs and put them in one bucket and then scooped the rest of the entrails into the manure wagon. We started on the sixth deer when the mist appeared. They looked at me. I was sad because I wanted to stay and help.

"I go. Tell your mom and sister, I love them." I kissed Malinka. "I love you too. We did well. Tell Wolf that they should be OK. You and Hammish fight out over the hides. I hate leave, but I too. I'll bring silver next time I come but take what they set aside if you need ." Malinka looked at me. 'If Hammish needs silver use what you . 's for all of us. I'll bring more." She nodded and pounced on me as she kissed me. "I need go love. I walked into the mist and opened eyes in a bathtub.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
11/29/2021 8:08 pm

Who is DEXTER???

Looks like he is learning how to walk thru the Mist.

Building the Empire is in full swing. Purchased the buildings in the village. Some of them are even on the river.

dadigan 60M  
55 posts
11/29/2021 8:58 pm

The TV show Dexter on Showtime.. He's back. It's been a long time. I did edit but it took a lot. )

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