take me part 417...edited  

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11/19/2021 2:37 pm
take me part 417...edited

I woke up, confused. Time, and dreams, were being<b> weird. </font></b>I was surprised I was still here, but not sad. The girls were in a bundle, even Aisha, as I went the outhouse. Indoor plumbing was more convenient but I didn't mind it. I washed my hands as the door opened and Drakon came charging at me. Irina was standing in the doorway, wrapped in wool, looking at me.

"You are a vicious wolf, now go back your mom." She barked, peed, and ran back inside as I followed and kissed Irina.

"What's wrong?" I told her that I have dreams that I'm not sure are true, and then there's time... and now Sofi" She hugged me and lit the stove tea, and breakfast, while I made a fire. "Sofi is a woman, Danael, like, Malinka. They've been that years because our time is different from yours. I don't know about your time but women are barely above horses here in the eyes of many men.. It shouldn't be surprising that women would want be with you. You're a good man, Danael."

'Will Sofi be safe?" She nodded and said the people hated the man she was with.

"She's better off with us, and people know that, and they fear your wrath." I stared at her.

"I've done nothing but try and help them. Why would they fear me?" Silence.

"Word has spread, love, they know who you are.... what you are...and while it kept them alive, it also scared them." Shit. I opened the floor and grabbed the milk." Get the eggs and ham." I did and put the wood back as I put it on the counter and poured a glass of milk while we waited the water boil. I drank half and Irina drank half as I hugged her. "Are you upset I am pregnant? I'm not like Malinka and Sofi" I kissed her neck as I held her belly.

"I'm not upset, love. Surprised, and happy, but not upset. The same thing happened where I'm from." She stared me and I told her about Chloe. "You remind me of her like Malinka reminds me of Sara. I'm going to take back the mule, and make sure they were just dreams. I'll back soon." I walked the mule back to Hammish and Ilsa's thinking about everything I needed to do. I was close when the mule spooked. I told him he was safe as Teesha walked up. 'What?"

"You're not going to like it, dragon." I ran with Bob following, unhappy, because he preferred walking. I got to the barn and Hammish was on his knees. Ilsa took the mule asTeesha watched. "I'm sorry, Danael. I told them that they were starving like our people, and to leave them alone. This is wrong." I nodded and put my hand on his shoulder. I'd have to deal with my rage on my own. He looked at Teesha and said he was sorry this happened. She looked at me and I nodded. She walked up and he hugged her, on the verge of tears. He scratched her ears and stood.

'I don't know who did this but if I find out I'll kill them myself." I nodded. "Most of the meat has been given to families, and I'm smoking, or, drying the rest. There are people coming from other villages as well. What I don't preserve will go bad so we are giving it to the churches." I nodded.

"Can people own land here, in this time?"

"It depends on whether you please the Duke, but lands, like ours, and Irina, It's, is claimed. Are you thinking about Irina's spring?" I nodded. "I'll talk with the people I know looking work. We'll get people digging but more importantly building a fence. We'll come over and you can show me." I nodded. "As far as the rest, what are thinking?" I told him about the land I saw to the North and East. He nodded. "It's good land but more trees to the North... a lot of trees. He nodded and thought.

"You have to get title from the crown, which means befriending him, or those around him, and those around him are vipers. We might be able to get the lands if we have a business that provided taxes and gave them something they wanted."

"Like wagons and....ships?" He stared at me, smiled, and nodded. "I need to take another mule the wolf." He nodded as we wrapped it and tied the mule. I hugged them both and Teesha and I walked home.

"I'm sorry happened him. He was a good wolf and didn't deserve this. What do you want me with him." She looked at me.

"Have the witch take the hide and give the meat your . You have pups coming and they will need fur during winter. "There is bad medicine here Dragon, even you." I nodded but I lived here. "It's sad what they did, but not surprising. Your people fear us, most of them." I nodded. "They fear you worse, dragon. attention." Teesha howled and ran into the trees as I walked home.

I walked up to the barn as Malinka and Sofi walked up and hugged me, smiling. "More game?"

"Not exactly, sweets, but you show Sofi how to skin, and gut a wolf. We'll cut the meat up and share with Hammish his too." She stared at me. "You might know him. I did. I'm sorry. We'll take their meat back with the mule later today. Teesha wanted this...wanted you to skin him 'our pups.' It's sad, but life is sad, girls. Feed the . I need figure out where make a fence." They didn't understand what I was saying, but they did what I asked. I went inside eat because it was going be a long day. I made it half way the house, and dropped.

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11/19/2021 3:20 pm

Now a second wolf killed, someone will pay dearly for this.. Politics coming into play, will have to deal with the Crown / Duke, to buy land, etc. The land to the North is ideal for building wagons and boats / ships- plenty of trees.

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11/20/2021 6:07 am

They need to move North where they can start away from people and have the resources they need.

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