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take me part 416...edited  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
11/18/2021 10:41 pm
take me part 416...edited

I woke up with three naked women draped over and it still cold... under blankets. Apparently, I still in the past, at least I didn't fuck Aisha too. I getting ready to get up when she walked in. "I don't shit where I sleep, and who says we didn't fuck?" She got into bed and said I should go back to sleep, that I think too much. I fell asleep until the screeching started..

I opened my eyes and it still dar I wanted to scream but they were all sleeping. I counted. Four....GODDAMMIT!. I walked into the kitchen for coffee. SHIT! I grabbed a knife and headed outside to kill guinea hens, when Irina came in. "Leave them alone. They are good watch dogs. Make love with me. I put her on the table and fucked her. I wanted to turn her over but I could hear everyone stirring.

"We all slept together?" Irina smiled.

"What? Malinka has a sister."

Please tell me I didn't have sex with her?" She looked at me and smiled.

"Oh, you had sex with her, she bent over....." GODDAMMIT! Fuc

"How's Sofi?"

"Happy, because she has a kind, home now, thanks to you." I losing my mind.

"I had a dream last night, which probably wasn't a dream at all, but Sara told me that Sofi was mine. Is that true?" Irina looked at me, stunned. She made us tea as the others slept. She lit the stove as I started a fire. I looked outside, dawn was coming but I was still here.

Sofi isn't yours, she's ours, but yes, she's yours."

"So?" Irina nodded. GODDAMMIT!!!!! FUC

"Tend to the animals. I'll make us breakfast."

"We're lovers, and parents at the same time.... and that doesn't<b> weird </font></b>you out a ? Irina quiet.

"You wake up in my barn, Danael, often in shit. I don't know what<b> weird </font></b>means in your time...." I looked at her.

"I'll deal with the animals, as I walked outside." Shit. Shit and Shit!!!! Teesha walked up as I walking to the barn.

"Humans are complicated. If you were a wolf the land you mentioned would be ours. You have competing interests." I nodded as I growled. The bear is angry, which is good, and bad." I stopped.


"You won't like it, dragon."

'WHY?" She told me and I ran to Hammish and Ilsa. I plowed through the crowd around them, not killing any, but hurting many. Ilsa stood and looked at me, as did Hammish. I shifted an screamed about them giving help to their families.

"We saved you and you do this to their kind. WHY?" Silence. I spat at them. "We should have spared the deer, or given them to the wolves, because you don't deserve their kindness, or ours. If I find out who did this, I'll kill you with my bare hands." I bent and picked up the body of a wolf I knew and walked to the barn followed by Hammish as Ilsa screamed at them to leave. Teesha and the black wolf walked up when they all left. I borrowed a mule, wrapped the wolf and tied it on bac I hugged Hammish and Ilsa, in silence, and walked home.

"Are your packs ok?" She nodded

"Your people fear you even though you saved them, and us, dragon. Fear in humans is a dangerous thing." I stopped and looked at her, nodded, and walked on. "You should take your family away from this place, and your friends. It's bad medicine here. Hatred can't be reasoned with, dragon." I nodded as we walked.

"Moving is easy for wolves. It's not so easy for humans but I agree with you my friend....there is bad magic here. What do you me to do with him?" I looked into the waning night and growled. I didn't need this.

"Give him to the witch to skin and feed him to your animals. He's dead, but many more are alive. You have pups coming and the fur will be helpful." I nodded as they nuzzled me and ran off.

Sofi walked up and took my hand. "Vati? I feel a threat."

"Good, because we have on, but I'm not your father. You are my family, though, and we might need to leave here." I woke again and dawn few hours away. The girls were intertwined. I left the bed and tried to be quiet. I looked at these women, as I looked at the women in my time....everyday I woke with them just like this....embracing each other. Intertwined. They made me happy here, just like home, and I would keep them safe. These were challenging times. I gently got out of bed, and bowed my head. FUC I tended to the fires, and then the animals. I walked out of the barn as the sun rising. I smiled as Teesha walked up.

"We should have more than enough, dragonbear. This land is bad medicine for all of us...... the new one you brought. Wise, yet stupid. attention dragon. We are leaving after the spring too.... we have scouts checking out what you suggested. You should follow us." I looked at her as the door open and drakon ran out and stood in front us, barking at Teesha. She bowed her head as Drakon growled. "You have a good dog, and a good family. Don't stay here dragon, come with us... to the north. It's for the best...."

I woke, again, and it still dar Fuc

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
11/19/2021 6:10 am

May be a falling out with Hammish. Wonder exactly what he and Lisa did, or did not do. . Will they move from the area, or stay?? . The wolves say it is better to the North.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
11/19/2021 12:28 pm

Just read the EDITED version, . It's not Hammish / wife. Some one killed a wolf. Daniel is pissed.

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