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take me part 415..... edited  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
11/18/2021 7:26 pm
take me part 415..... edited

I flew to Hammish and ilsa's...a bit away... and we walked up as the women were rendering the tallow...bless them...and the men, and some women, were cutting meat up and putting it in cloth bags.. "You know how to use knife." I nodded. "Then get at it and section these off so you can get back to your family. There are happy people, and wolves, because of you." I looked at Ilsa and she nodded her head. Fuc I cut the deer as fast as I could, as well as I could.

"You have good knife skills."

"Thank you. So do you. I surprised to see you here, not because you couldn't do this...just because.. I'm Daniel."

'Sofi, and my father butcher. He wanted a , but I know how to butcher."

"I'd say he came out on the better of things."

"He never thought so, but he's dead. There is talk that you're drakon. Is this true?" Jesus Christ. " I won't say anyth..."

"Stop talking and work, bit...." He went to hit her as everyone waited. I could have killed him and no one would have cared. I should have. I grabbed his arm and spun him to the ground. They all laughed because i suspected no one liked this man. We went back to our wor Fuc

"What?" He hit me from behind with something, and I fell, as he grabbed Sof

"Get up , you need to stop him taking Sof. NOW!" I shook my head, spit blood, growled loud enough for everyone to hear, but this my fight. I didn't know why, but I knew it . I stood.

"Stop. You hit me from behind, sir, without warning, which very unbecoming of a gentleman, but you aren't that, are you. Let her go or fight me face to face." Sofi stared at me. Hammish, Ilsa, and the coven stared at me.. He grabbed by the hair. I could see Hammish moving for his bow.

"And if I don't? " He reached for his knife as I walked up to them. I could smell the fear oozing out him. I looked at Sofi and she wasn't scared at all, just waiting to see what I did. Shit

"Do you think a knife could stop me, or her? Sofi grabbed his knife, slit the wrist that was holding her throat, to the bone, and ended it. She looked me as I hugged her. Fuc

"Sof..SOFI!... we have meat to cut for people who are starving. We'll deal with later." She fell into me, nodded into my chest, and picked up her knife. "I'm sorry." I finished helping Hammish and Ilsa, and looked at them as they nodded.

"Sofi, you'll be safe here. I promise. I have to finish this. You're safe."

"I to come with you" Fuc I thought about Bob, and Teesha, and looked at Hammish and Ilsa, as I took a mule and put her on it.

"'ll bring the mule back, or Malinka will." He nodded.

"Wait!!!!!" Ilsa ran to the house, and back, with a red, white, and black blanket made of wool, and gave it to Sof "You have bad magic around you .... this will help. They can help, but you are welcome here." She nodded as she collapsed into the neck of Bob. I patted him.

"Sorry, my friend, but Bob is easier for me to remember." I woke up drooling into tile.

Shit, I pushed myself up ...again.... and stood, breathed deeply because I concerned, and shook my head. I looked around like I in an echo chamber but they all seemed happy and that when the words hit me.....ALL at once. They were all talking because they didn't understand time. Shit, I didn't understand any of it. I kept asking about Sofi but no one heard me until Sara walked up. She pushed them all aside so they could enjoy the evening.

"You're tired, love." I nodded.

"Sofi?" Sara looked at me and smiled.

"Come. They became sisters instantly. You keep adding people to our family'. She'll be safe there, because of all you, but also because of the wolves. You did good, dragon. Gaia will see that the deer will come bac"


"She's yours."


"You took her, which you should have, but she's yours. Congratulations. "


'I know, right? Time is<b> weird </font></b>and its not like you don't have enough women....what's the worst that could happen. Sleep

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
11/19/2021 5:56 am

Sofi, another woman added to his family, Question is, will she have a son or daughter. The community came together to butcher and share the meat.

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