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take me part 405  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
11/16/2021 1:12 pm
take me part 405

I woke, confused, but Annie was lying half over me... any port in a storm I guessed and smiled. I didn't mind because the girls were usually the ones lying together in a mix of arms and legs. She rolled over and I slid out of bed to let her sleep so he could continue healing. was still dark and I no clue where I was, or what had happened. I remember hitting the table at Bitte's, and then Joseph...and haggis... and absinthe, I think... and my dad... Holy Shit! I think I may bitten the head off of Joseph, or Loki. , I needed coffee. I tried not make any noise. Thankfully was a well stocked kitchen. I made a pot and walked around. This place looked familiar, but different. I chalked it up to my admiration of old buildings. If I was a multi-billionaire I wouldn't be going to space. was too much to be done here. I poured a cup, grabbed my jacket, and walked onto the deck to watch dawn break. I loved this time of day. was my favorite. I kept thinking about my.... dream?.... I sure hoped it was a dream. Annie walked out in a wool blanket, sat on my lap, and stole my coffee.

"Good, but why are you out here love?" She kissed me and I told her about what happened. She listened, intently. "Well it sounds like something, Loki, or Agais would do...they are tricksters, but I doubt Joseph is involved. You bit off his head?" I told her I had no idea because he gave me absinthe, and I had no idea what it was, but holy crap that fairie is annoying. The last thing I really remember is smiling because of how good lunch was and then everything started getting<b> weird. </font></b>She kissed me and said we'd find out soon enough but she was going back to bed. She handed me an empty cup, stood and dropped her towel as the cold turned her nipples hard. She smiled, said burrrr., and walked back to the bedroom. I was going to get some more coffee, and wait, but while I can be dumb, I'm not stupid. We spent the next couple of hours making love, touching, kissing, cuddling, sleeping, and then making love again in the shower.

"I like having you all to myself, mister. I like all of us making love too but it's important that we each alone time with you, especially Chloe. She let me go first because of what happened, and it was just as well because of this.... dream. Don't do that with her, love. Taiiko and I understand that certain things need be done, Chloe is just learning that. Spend as much time as you can." She smiled, "I suppose that will teach you get involved with multiple women." I kissed her and nodded.

"Come on and I'll see what I can make us or breakfast. Annie pan fried rye bread in butter as I made potato's, onions, and garlic...crispy like we all liked them, reindeer sausage, and scrambled eggs. I dumped the coffee and made more as we ate holding hands, and smiling. "We need to start figuring out where we are going to stay because you're all getting more pregnant by the day." She smiled and kissed me. "We find midwives because I already now that, if you can, you'll the babies at once." She laughed and almost spit her food out.

"Stop making me laugh while I eat, goofball, but you're right, we do. Ama and Yoshi seem to think it's important for us to stay in Japan." I nodded. "Sara seems set on staying in Iceland with Melissa, Ama, and Drakon. If Bethany and Christine stay in Norway then Emily and Jake might stay in Oslo, or in Iceland. Em is working with Sara and Ama, and Jake was working with Haagerstadt...and they both adore the pup. We might be spread out, Love. Are you prepared for that?" I stared at her because I had thought the thing, and I wasn't. She touched my head and kissed me. "We'll figure out in Denver. We'll all go get checked out, and figure out." I nodded. "You make a good breakfast."

We finished eating and doing the dishes, poured a last cup, and sat on the deck. "Were you serious about what you were saying about the alleys?" I nodded.

"I love alley's and Bitte is right, they were the life blood of a community because it gave family's a place live and work...for themselves....because they didn't need a landlord, or if they did, was reasonable given where was. Annie, most of the shops were empty. shouldn't be like that. Your family owns a bank, right?" She nodded. I want use some of the we got from those.... things... and revitalize areas, starting with Bitte's. I'm not sure what the best way is because I want people with limited means be able live and work , but sooner or later someone is going realize what I did, but we'll need a bank the buildings. won't be cheap." She stared at me and kissed me.

"My idealistic dragon. Come back bed, love. Sara gave me her purple dildo and I want you before we go back." Sadly, that hadn't happened in awhile. We stripped the bed and put everything into the wash, changed the sheets and towels, and started packing when Sara called.

"Hey love...thanks for the purpl... We're on our way." I looked at her. "I'm not sure but she was upset. I prayed the washer did 's job.

cjg045 69M  
92 posts
11/16/2021 7:38 pm

Reading away , Daniel. I can't tear myself away from these chapters.

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