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take me part 402...hopefully edited  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
11/15/2021 5:17 pm
take me part 402...hopefully edited

I stood watching Emily, Annika, and Jake, play with Drakon when she saw , barked, ran over, and peed in front of and then looked up. "Proud of yourself young dragon?" She sat and barked. I bent down and picked her up as I looked around, and pushed outward. It didn't stop until the oceans. Good Drakon, and it's good you
are going to Iceland with Sara and Melissa because when you are stronger you can learn the ways of the wolf from Melissa so you can help me keep our family safe. I might need all of the help I can get, across time, but for now, pup, go play." She went running back to the as I looked to the sky..."In for a penny, in for a pound." Annie walked up and hugged me

"You weren't unkind, love, and she needed to hear all of what you said. My father would have said the same, as would I. Thank you." I kissed her head and squeezed her. "Life is hard enough without making it worse, but I'm done sleeping in the barn." She smiled, stepped in front of me, squeezed my balls, hard, because that seemed to be all they knew, and kissed me.

"You aren't sleeping in the barn, love. There is a stone cottage made by our family a very long time ago. It was salvaged over a hundred years, ago and rebuilt. It's spectacular. We stay there tonight, alone, and then each of them do the same. The last night before we leave for Iceland, Jake and Emily will stay." I looked at her. "Stop! They would be married with many by now back in olden days. How much has changed, love?" They have family that love them, both of them have ambition....Emily wants to be a surgeon, and Jake is special like you. He just hasn't shifted yet, but he is interested in the old ways, and keeping them us....and we have the means to help our . We need to go see my sister and ngrid." I nodded.

We drove to the hospital close to the estate to speak with them before they left for Oslo. "I called Tina because she knows the workings of my family. She found a small apartment for Roan while Ingrid is in hospital. It's in an older working class area, but clean like you said. It's the top floor." I looked her, quizzically. "I want her climbing those stairs everyday so that she thinks about what she did as she looks over the bit of ocean she can see. Ma' will help her, of that I have no doubt, but I'll make sure it's within reason. Tina will set up others to observe and report back. Please know Danael, that I don't trust my family....but they are my blood." I nodded as she smiled. "Roan will be working in a kitchen, which she will hate, but it could be good her, if she chooses. I doubt she will."

She stared at me. "I want to speak with them alone because I don't want you to hear what I say. I know you have the right as my husband, but I am asking you to do this for me. I am more than capable of taking care of myself, in case you have forgotten, lumbering
bear." She laughed and kissed me. I nodded as she reached into her pouch and handed addresses, information. "End them Danael, like the others. I want a message sent to any who would mean us harm in the future, but be the bear, it'll be less conspicuous, since they live in the woods. Take what you can salvage for the caves; they don't deserve it anyway. Taiiko said she'd help load your back, and take the rest. Our family hates that the most beautiful things end up in the hands of the ugliest people. There is a leather maker in Iceland that Ama trusts that will make a harness for the bear. Kana, and Airi, will be displeased, but they will fly to the island with you if you find anything. You'll be busy."

"Go see your women in the past, and your friends. We all know, even Chloe. Sara told us" I said shit and lowered my head.

"She wasn't suppose to tell you without me."

"We all understand, love, even Chloe, she's just the one of us that likes it the least, but we all understand the importance." I was confused as she she handed me a heavy bag of silver ounce bars. Hide these well, and do try NOT to get into trouble with Hammish. Crap, we all shudder to think what the two of you will get involved in. WHAT could possibly go wrong." I smiled because I knew it could be a lot. I didn't mention the ship I wanted to build.

"It's not a bad idea for our kind because dragons are almost gone now, but they weren't in the sixteenth century. Riders were, though. Sara said that your, and Malinka's will be a witch, and a dragon rider, as will of all of your daughters, and I guess ours as well. Sara wouldn't say. The first of her kind in centuries."
I stared her. "Close your mouth, love, before people start to stare. I won't be long, and I'm hungry so we'll have lunch, just the two us. I know a place. We are working out times where we have you to ourselves and we'll include Malinka, and Irina. Go to them if you want, but come to me when I call to you, or take as walk." I took a walk. Holy frickin' Christ. I sat in the lobby reading through the folder Annie gave me about Ingrid's family as she walked up and sat on my lap/ People stared, because they knew us now, but she didn't care. "It's done. I said what I needed to convey."

"Are you sure you want to do this, Anryd? She stared at me with cold eyes.

"I can deal with them trying to hurt me but they tried to hurt you, and Ama, my family. I love my sister, but I want the instruments of what they tried to do dead and gone."

I nodded as we stood up and went to lunch.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
11/16/2021 1:02 pm

Some more small Battles for Daniel, but as the Bear. It seems it may be as in the olden days, the entire family Ended, Dead, Called Home. We shall see.
Annie is beginning to show her strength as a Leader of the Clans.

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