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take me part 394  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
11/12/2021 5:24 pm
take me part 394

I stared at Gaia as everything was going dark and all i could was Sara saying...

"Trust yourself, love."

I woke under Yggdrasil an annoying beeping, and dragon gnawing on roots. He stopped and looked at me as he wiped his mouth. This is a tough tree. I been gnawing before any of you been alive, and will long after you're dead. 's my curse. I am.Níðhöggr and you are the dragon I been hearing about. What is you , dragon?"

"Danael." He stared at me, in shock.

"Truly? Surely you jest one? An Archangel, and a dragon...interesting."

"You asked my ." Silence.

"I did indeed, dragon. You and I could do many amazing things together."

'Where am I?"

"YOU, my new friend, are at the base of a tree that has become the bane of my existence. How could be, Níðhöggr? 's just a tree...a silly tree. You no idea, but with you dragon, we could rule the worlds, perhaps the verses. Imagine that...."

"What is that incessant beeping?"

'Nothing of importance, dragon, you are dying."

"Clamp...clamp....clamp. Jesus Christ...CLAMP. We need more AB neg in here...STAT. !. I'm doing manual heart compressions. Get the surgeon in...."

"This isn't such a bad place, Danael. tends grow you, especially if you are partial earth, and roots. I am very intrigued that you came here when you died. Your God must be angry with you send you me." I growled, even though hurt. "Indeed, dragon. You are no threat me." I growled again, and showed teeth as I spit as fire as I could. "Do that again, dragon, and I will end you, here."

I was weak, and ice was easier than fire, so I froze him as best I could.... It wasn't close enough as Níðhöggr shook, and roared. Shame, but I played<b> games </font></b>long enough." He roared and slapped a blow that would killed me, even as a dragon, but stopped so abruptly that took both us of by surprise. I was too tired to care, and having trouble breathing.

"Dreka." Níðhöggr was scared. I could feel , and he took several steps backward. "This is my realm, you no..." Dreka stared at him, and then at me. He smelled me."

"This dragon is Danael. He is mine." Dreka grabbed me by the neck and disappeared. I was back with Gaia, and Marnine. "You met Dreka? I never met him." I was back in blackness.

"Family, ...." They all growled. "OK, sorry. He's stable. He's...lost a lot of blood, and we are still watching him, but he's out of the woods."

Chloe stared at the doctor in a way that would scared me, and both Taiiko and Kana were doing the .... "meaning he almost died."

"Well, he had the best treatment availab....." They growled, and stared. "Yes, ma'am. He was technically dead for five minutes.

"How is Anryd, and the other one?" Anyrd is fine. is some damage her shoulder but the bullet slowed, substantial...."

"And the other one?" He looked at his file, gulped, and said...

"She is still unconscious, and will be for awhile. Her left hip, and pelvis, were crushed. The surgeons were able mostly rebuild the hip, but she not be able bear except through a C-section, if even then. Her right arm is mostly useless. They didn't remove , but 's mostly useless. She was right handed and will need extensive rehabilitation so that she can even function on her own."


"His injuries are extensive, but he is more quickly than he should. He is stable, and should be fine."

"Give all of them whatever they require, doctor, and thank you and your team." Chloe Was my wife.... they were all my wives. The doctor walked out, thankfully, as I beeped. The girls looked at each other, angry....

"Hi, again, love. Quite the day for you....Dreka. Impressive." I knew she was seething, which was a problem. "Oh, stop, love, I'm not going to hurt you, sweets. I've told you that...and you spare Ingrid's life, for which I am thankful for, even though you were a naughty dragon....bear. I can't say that I would done any less, and the control you had over the bear was Impressive, but bears are easier control than dragons."

"Why am I here, Marnine?'

"You never tried my lemon cookies, silly."

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