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take me part 391  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
11/12/2021 12:55 pm
take me part 391

Luckily we were pulling into the airport and Tina was already on the phone. I was beginning to lose track of the<b> balls </font></b>I was juggling. It was like trying to catch a fly ball while looking into the lights.... you better have quick reflexes. "I'm fine, just a lot going on and we have to with Norway, again." They all nodded. Well, that at least bought a little time, even though Sara was staring at me. I was so screwed, but it was a wonderful day, and only a handful of people, other than the North Folk, knew that dragons really did exist. How bad could that possibly be. Jesus Christ, all of the top movies come from either Marvel, or DC..... comic book companies. I was sure we were fine, because who believes their own eyes anymore. Annika hugged me as we got of the car.

"That was the best day ever, dragon." I hugged because I was glad and then told her that Kana and Airi did well finding suitable clothing. "I know, right. They are going to find some for Lisbeth.... we're best friends because we both are riders." I said, really. "Yep, you need to start training us, soon."

"Well, it is almost winter and first time rider training typically starts in the summer, and then there are your moms. They have to sign a waiver and be OK driving you to wherever I happen to be. It's involved, but doable." She didn't hear anything except. 'doable.' It was terribly cute, almost as cute as Malinka's puppy, drakon. I was so screwed. The flight back to Oslo didn't take long and Annie and I would get to meet even more. It was nice to see Chloe, Sara, and Annie together, especially with Annika. It was beginning to dawn on that we didn't me a we didn't like, at least a young .

"You'll have a lot to tell your ma', Annika." She had her head resting against Chloe as she nodded and started to fade. Stephanie asked if anyone a pastry and coffee and we all raised our hands, smiling.. I wished that could push my consciousness to Irina and Malinka, but it seemed it didn't work with time. Crap, I wasn't even sure how I ended up there, but I was glad I did, and time seemed odd for some reason. How could it have been two weeks? I didn't them drawing attention to themselves, but they were witches, and had good friends, and the new animals would be helpful.... and I worried too much.

I closed my eyes and I was I was in Finland as Jaak was talking Ingrid's brother. I thought Vries killed him. I guess Mr. Spetsnaz didn't get around to it. "You don't understand, they are all dead, everything is destroyed, there is no left that I have access to, and the rest of the world wants answers, and I haven't been able to speak with Roan. We need to rethink this whole thing. Whoever these people are, they are better than us...better than your men, for sure. Fuck, they were better than the Russians. I have some left my Da' gave , and second passport. It won't give the life I deserve but at least I'll be alive. You should consider the same thing, and he hung up." I was to tired to care, as long as Jaak stayed away from the ceremony then best of luck. I figured he wouldn't last a month. I opened my eyes when I smelled the coffee, smiled, and thank you. Sara was still staring at me, but not saying anything. It was like she was reading my energy, or looking at something connected to me. I could become a dragon, and shift time and space, somewhat, but I shuddered to think of Sara could do when she stepped in her full power, whenever that was. I blew her a kiss as she caught it, and smiled. It was a good day.

We landed in Oslo, waited for Tina, and then headed home. Home was becoming a meaningless term because wherever we were sleeping was our home. I could hear Ama saying that Gaia was my home. I supposed she was right. We arrived back at the estate shortly after lunch. Thankfully the jet had a decent bathroom so I could clean most of the dragon scent away. I took a quick shower, dressed in better clothes, as Annie watched, smiling, and kissed her as I asked how I looked. "Like a man befitting a Dragon who is marrying a Lioness." I nodded, said good, and kissed her. How in the hell was I going to even broach the subject of Malinka and Irina. How in the fuck did I get myself into these things. Christ almighty. Annie grabbed my hand as we went into the kitchen, before heading to the Hall.

Annika was a mile minute telling Klara, and Ebba about everything. She was proudly wearing her Dragon leathers, as Kana and Airi, called them. They did like pretty good, but I was a fan of leather. Klara looking at us laughing because Annika was so happy. We got milk and took a couple of minutes to prepare. More people seemed to be arriving daily....every hotel room in Oslo had to be booked. It was insane. Annie read my thoughts.

"You don't understand the importance of what new leaders mean yet, love, especially after Marnine, and then there is the prophecy. Tina said people are already talking because of Klara and Annika, and then yesterday. Marnine wanted to be THE ruler of the people but that was not we were before, especially not Norsemen. There were leaders, because a society needs leaders, but there were rules, and laws, and we came together. The Vikings were, in many ways, similar to the Republic you come from... loosely." She smiled and kissed me. Annika ran over, followed by her mom.

"Thank you Anryd. Thank you Dragon...."

Annika! What did I tell you young lady?"

"Thank you Danael." She kissed both of us. "Mom say I can't go around calling you Dragon.

"Probably a good idea, little miss. Did you thank your aunts for for rider clothing?" She stared at me and ran off to find them as we all laughed.

"Were you serious about her becoming rider?" I told her that it wasn't my decision but she knew that I was a dragon and none of us knew how." She stared at both of us, kissed us on the lips, and walked back to help Ebba as I stared at Annie, confused.

She laughed.... "Dragon, you have to learn about us, and our past." I nodded. "The greatest for a family was to have a who was a warrior, and the greatest for family was to have a who was a dragon rider. Back when both were prevalent, neither lived long but the honor they bestowed upon families lived on for generations, and our view of death is different. The mere mention that young Annika could be a dragon rider...well, it's still an honor that is beyond words. We need to make sure things are ready to meet our guests. It's only two more days, love...I think." She laughed and hugged me as we walked to the Hall.

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