take me part 377  

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11/8/2021 5:45 pm
take me part 377

Malinka hugged my neck as I felt Sara laughing and clapping. I landed as the witches walked up and touched me. They were all to nervous to ride, but they knew I was real. I could feel the pull from Gaia as i shifted and told Malinka and Irina. I was sad because the stew smelled wonderful, and lamb was a gift. wasn't enough for me anyway. I was going change that.

"I'm sorry because dinner smells wonderful but i am being pulled back my time. I nasty, tedious, things deal with over the course of the next week so I'm not sure when I'll be back." I looked at Malinka, sternly, and she felt it. 'Hammish said this was a bad winter for wolves. You both heed that, especially you Malinka." She smiled and hugged me. "Come back as soon as can, love so we can fly again." I kissed both of them and was.... back in Iceland, on the couch...at least I wasn't being licked in the face by a dog.

I sat up and yawned. No one was around. I walked back the rooms and they were all packing. I smiled, shook my head, and went the kitchen get some milk. I sat down as Deat came out.

"You're awake." I nodded as I poured more milk. "Iceland is definitely your place, brother, because that milk is amazing." I smiled and nodded. "Mel and the girls are super excited about going Norway. They love here but new is new. Are you OK?" I wished I could told him.

"Just woke up from a dream and I'm groggy." He nodded and went back to his room. They were all leaving to go to the place that held the most danger for us, and they were happy about . I guessed also held the most liberation, if we were lucky, and survived. I missed Malinka and Irina, and now Hammish and Ilsa. Taiiko walked in, sat next me, hugged me and put my hand her belly.

"'s almost over, sweets, until starts all over again." I laid my head against her shoulder and exhaled. Sara says that you new friends, anything we should know about?" I told her everything, up to the wolves. She was nodding because she understood. "They are lucky to you in their lives, all of them. You are their protector. You are good Tengu. Our woods know you as that, and the woods in Norway will too." Silence.... "Do you want to sleep with them, Daniel?"

"No, but they want to sleep with me." I chuckled. "I get enough, Taiiko?" She kissed me and said because I deserved ..

"We will be fine, love, and take care of our family. Grandfather is flying in and doctor to help Miriam and Roan. Hopefully Roan's behavior is caused by a poison." I nodded. "YOU are the one that needs to be careful. You rely too much on the strength of the bear, and now the dragon. can make you sloppy. 's why Yoshi is teaching you chop wood. You are too much inside your head love."

She grabbed my balls, and squeezed...they always did, all of them. She touched my belly, and my heart, as she kissed me. "Eat, dragon. Dinner is catch as catch can. We are packing."

"Speak to me in Japanese." She looked at me and spoke as she would to anyone. I understood , but I responded her. I wasn't sure if her ears heard, or her mind heard, but she understood, as did I, and she was amazed as she walked back to the rooms.

Shit. I should stayed longer. I poured more milk as Ama and Kana walked out. " fun, dragon?" I nodded. Ama told me that Sven had just called and they were preparing the ship. He figured two-three hours because the captain hadn't returned." I looked at Kana.

"Did you sleep?" She nodded. I stared at her and she nodded. again.

"Sleep and eat when we can. We listen to our dragon." She kissed me. "We are ready." I kissed her again. was amazing how many women I adored. Amazing women.

"Let me say hello, and you can put the harness on me." I walked into our room to everyone. Sara clapped.

"Did she love ?" I nodded and told her she was going to use the sapphire with her spells. She launched at me, and bit my neck, because she was so happy. "I think, mister, that when you get better at it, I could ride into her time with you as the dragon...I'm just sayin'." Annie looked at me.

"You're leaving?" Silence.

"I am." She nodded, walked up, hugged me, and cried. "Don't die, Danael."

"Likewise, love." I hugged, and kissed, the people that meant everything to me and wished Malinka, and Irina, were here as well, and walked into the kitchen and out front. Kana looked at Taiiko.

"Watch over him."

"Hai!" They trussed me up and looked at me. "We are early, Daniel." I pushed and they both jumped on as I flew, as fast I could, since I had the time. "Daniel.... we aren't close to Helsinki." Lights were starting to become more visible as we approached the port on the Polish coast where the Maru had docked for repairs. I wanted to see if they were still before doing what we had .

"Such a smart dragon." She tried scratch my ears, but couldn't. I snorted anyway. They were , and getting ready leave. I blended and hovered.

"We are leaving once our crew returns. They can't use the women you below, so they do elsewhere. We will be tomorrow night." He slammed is fist on the counter. "I hate that prick. Make sure we what we need." At least we had one thing in common. I had the time and wanted burn ALL of the houses, I had memorized, the ground. Instead, I flew Finland.

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11/8/2021 6:24 pm

The Beginning, the Battle plan is commencing. Can't wait to see how it develops .Probably in the next 3 or 4 Parts, maybe more.

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11/8/2021 7:17 pm

Hello Daniel, I've been away a few days so i have to catch up on my reading. The story is progressing along nicely. All things are falling into place. Thank you , Sir

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The eople that meant everything to me and wished were here as well


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