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take me part 375  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
11/7/2021 10:32 pm
take me part 375


My head was spinning six days to Sunday...

"Daniel? Are you ready to fly?" I asked what time it was. Why do we need to leave so early?"

"It's three pm, and we have to deal with them."

"What are they doing?"


"OK, tell me when they leave port, let me know." DANIEL>>>>>>>>

"Have you ever skinned a wolf...wolves?" She smiled because she was flirting. She wanted me but I was taken, times four. We had two left and they were large. I was impressed Malinka held her ground against them.

"No, i haven't."

"Never?" I tend to what is trying to hurt my family." Silence

"Well, I'll show you how to skin them. These are prized pelts. These will be ours. They will be yours." We skinned wolves as Irina made dinner. Malinka looked up...

"You must leave soon. We don't want you too, but you must. Come back, Danael." I nodded. We always make good use of what you bring us, dragon. They smiled. I fell asleep thinking of wolves...and Tina....and Annie..... and my family. I woke, growled, and leapt toward my present.

I roared as I was asleep, Sara came up, hugged me, and told me to go back to dreaming.

"Ma' has made stew, and bread.... but the coven is coming for dinner." Silence.


"'They would like to meet you."




"They want to test..."


"Do you know that I am real?"

"Yes, danael."

"They want you to doubt that, you will because they will tell you that you imagined it. Did you kiss me in the stall?" FUCKKKKKK......

"Daniel. We need to leave because they are getting ready to leave." I shook my head, thinking about Malinka. I pushed to Sara......

"Are they still in port. Hello?"

"Yes, they are still in port."

"Are you linked with me?"


"Yes." I asked why the delay." Silence.


"Oh..... there are a lot of balls, love. You're fine, really." And I was thrust back to Malinka and Irina.

"Let me do that love, because I know how. A wolf pelt is prized, and we have four. I know how to do this, love. Go be warm." I was in the kitchen with Irina. I looked around....

"Don't just stand there..... chop." Shit. Irina smiled as she gave me roots to chop. "You are odd, Danael." Silence.

"And?" She laughed.\

"Well....odd is not normal."

"You need to bathe bear, before dinner. I nodded. There is an inlet in the stream. I nodded. I walked to it. It would be cold, but I bathed in cold water before. I shook as Malinka watched. She didn't hid it as she brought me a towel. I dressed in clothes I wouldn't choose, for anyone, especially not witches but I was bouncing amongst things I couldn't<b> control </font></b>yet. We walked back and Malinka took my hand.

"You love them very much?"

'Yes, very much."

'Why so many?" We walked back to her house in the twilight as a coven of witches was coming. "They know who you are, Danael. They are friends and if they aren't then I will fight with you, dragon." I lowered my head because I didn't like fighting. I didn't like death.

"It just happened. One wasn't suppose to get pregnant since she had a boy as her first ...and it kind of spiraled after that. I have been pretty much holding on to what has been going until now. I see maybe two steps ahead of me, and people are trying to us, so that's a problem. I am bumbling through this the best I can Sara."

"Who is Sara?" Shit. I was too tired and things were merging....

"No, love, tell me about Sara because she is in your heart. The others can wait. They think themselves too important as it is. Tell me of your Sara." I did. I told her everything. I told her about what we faced...what I had to do. What we had to do. I told her everything.

Malinka kissed me, and smiled. "My time is harsh, but I wish you could be here with us because you are a good man. Stop worrying, Love, time works in our favor when we need. You have to meet the least you no longer smell like a bear." We walked back to the house but I went to the barn, first. "Checking?"

"Yes." Malinka hugged me.

"They eat before we do now, love. Come meet my sisters." We turned to go into the house and I dropped. Sara was looking at me, smiling."

"What time is it, here?" She laughed as she gave me milk.

"Silly dragon, time is yours to<b> control. </font></b>You're a wizard. It's three in the afternoon and you are asleep in front of the fire, except for this. Go back and tell Malinka I said hi. I opened my eyes as Malinka looked at me.

"Does this happen often?" I nodded and told her Sara said hi. She was quiet as she helped me up. "We must go inside, love. They are coming and Irina needs help. We can deal with this later. We put the meat, and pelts high in the barn and went inside. Malinka went to bathe, and change. I helped Irina.

"Why do you come to us, as you do?" I stepped into cooking mode even though I didn't need to. "Why, Danael?" I did the dishes that were used as she stared at me. I did what I did at Henry's, and chopped. Sara told me I was doing OK with time so I trusted that. "I'm not sure Irina, but I do."

"Do you have mint?" Irina stared me and nodded. "Get some, please...not a lot because the lamb as been cooking... a few leaves to add flavor. Irina walked outside shaking her head, so I felt at home. I stirred, and whisked, and checked. It was my nature. She handed me the mint and I placed it around the lamb as it finished cooking. She stared at me.

"I like to cook, and bake....some men are different in my time. You did well, Irina." She looked at me and smiled.


"Malinka is my heart even though she is not my blood. I told her mother, the only woman I ever loved, that I would look after her. Women have few choices, now." She stared at me. "You changed that for us, dragon.. Don't just stand there, help me since you know a kitchen." We laughed and I helped as I could when Malinka walked in, smiling.

"They are on their way. Is that mint?" She smiled. "You are wily, Dragon. Ma', Danael can be a bear too. He saved our meat, and me, and we have wolf pelts to deal with." Irina stared at me as i looked up, and dropped. Shit. Kana and Sara were looking at me.

"What time is it?"

"You smell like mint. It doesn't mask the bear, but it's nice. It's half past three. You should ask Ama about time, because you are a natural. Is Malinka there?" I nodded. Sara stepped aside.

"Are we good?" Kana nodded. "Airi, and I , are waiting. We know you'll be ready. Yoshi told us who you are. You are still my dragon." I smiled and nodded. She kissed me.....

"Give this to Malinka, sweets." She gave me the sapphire I bought for her. "She'll know what to do with it......" Shit!!!!!!!!!

"Danael?" I shook my head, stood, and handed Malinka a sapphire wrapped in paper. It didn't look like much but It was a spectacular gem. I gave it to Sara, like gave gems to each of them. I was confused.

"I am learning how to deal with time. I have things I have to deal with, soon, but Gaia is helping me. I bounce between you and Sara. She gave me this, for you to have. This is very valuable in our time, but.... she sent it to you out of love."

They didn't knock, gently. Malinka ran to her room after I gave her Sara's . I was actually surprised by that because Sara loved sapphires, but... I opened the door. "Greetings, I'm Daniel. I welcomed the coven and prayed I wasn't making a mistake.

"Is that mint?"

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
11/8/2021 9:30 am

Great read, Daniel and the family are coming along nicely. But, I wonder, will Daniel also impregnate Malinka, and have his heritage beginning , at the beginnings of the clans. That is why, he is,who he is today. ( I think I said that correctly )

I am patiently awaiting the Battle, forever the Warrior.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
11/8/2021 2:52 pm

Another good read you have been very busy.

I agree with Claude I think Daniel is bouncing around time he needs to be careful the past affects the future! Are the girls of the future the daughters of the past and are their roots all beginning with him?

And the battles that are looming with the ships will the Sirens be friendly or will they be against him I suspect they might not be as bad as thought he has power some might be from them?

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