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take me part 361  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
11/3/2021 11:42 am
take me part 361

I brought an armful of wood in and smiled. I wasn't how long this would last but I never thought I'd see my parents again, except in dreams. I wasn't sure they are moved through time and space, exactly, but I was happy. I put the wood down and said I'd be back because I needed to take another shower, hopefully without falling. The girls were over the moon happy, as were Jake and Em, and my parents seemed pretty happy too. I walked into the kitchen as everyone was getting ready for lunch. My mom and dad took me the couch so we hug each other and catch up. It didn't long before most everyone was back in front of the fire. I wasn't sure why they were there but I didn't care.

My dad looked at me and smiled as my mom curled into chest ans Sara curled into her, and so on down the line. "A bear and a dragon, that's impressive but given where things are I guess you'll be needing them." I nodded. "Your mom and I are sorry that's it's taken this long to but these sorts of things are becoming commonplace to you now. Can you imagine if we walked up on you and Sam?" We all started laughing, especially Maggie and Bet, because it would have been something else. We always knew that your lineage would come out but we never expected this. It sort of took us by surprise, to say the least. You have a tremendous amount of support in the other realms, Daniel, remember that so you can on it if you need to." Uncle Billy and Ellen sat on the fireplace opposite from us and I couldn't tell which of us was happier, not that it mattered.

"Your uncle told us selling most of what was in the warehouses to the boys. I'm glad because it's baggage you no longer need, and mom is elated because she thought you should it years ago." I kissed her head and told I wasn't ready as she nodded. "I am glad that you kept the blacksmithing gear, even if you never use it like we did just knowing you have it makes smile. I grabbed his hand as tears started to form again. We spent the rest of the day talking, laughing, shifting places since the girls and Jake and Emily were center focus, as they should be. I had a good life with mom and dad, even though they died too you but this was first, and hopefully not the last, time my family met my family. I was especially happy about Unc. We finally went into the kitchen to eat and enjoy each other for as long as we had. They had their own work that they were doing and nothing in my life was slowing down. Deat motioned for me and went into the sun room.

"I talked with Claus about the timeline and they got a packet of information, like my guys in Denver. A little birdie?" I smiled and said something like that and I have interesting friends.
"Well, I'm on vacation, and we still trying to wrap our minds around your mom and dad, but We're all pretty happy about it." I smiled and nodded. "Claus and his guys have been going through the Intel they got. There seem to be some things missing, mainly the angle but it opened up new avenues and and stuck a fork into some the folks they already new about." He stared at me because he was curious about the . I laughed as he smiled.

"Hackers don't come cheap Deat, and they can skirt lines that you can't. I don't want you in trouble this close to retirement, and besides, Mel has a mean right hook." She walked up behind and kissed my cheek.

"Don't you forget that, mister, and thanks for watching out for his back. I can feel champing at the bit to start going through whatever you sent. I nodded.

"I'll fill you in, as best I can, once things are wrapped up. It's complicated because things are merging together with Annie's sister and fiance. If we get out of this unscathed I will be amazed, but I'm trying Deat."

"Let me know if we can help." I nodded as we walked back into the kitchen. Jake sat next to my dad and Em was next to mom. They always grandkids and they would have them in spades. Moving things up in the timeline was a real bother but Ama had been on the phones and said it was done, that everyone would be ready.

"You have any idea how you are going to stop the boat with the ?" I smiled and told her ice because I didn't trust myself to just singe them. She laughed and said she was happy my parents were there and would be for the ceremony. "It's a pretty big deal Daniel, and the closer it gets the bigger deal it becomes because it's starting to sink in that Marnine's reign is mostly over, well except with you but that's just her bored and teasing. There are still a lot of<b> balls </font></b>in the air, and threats to us. Jaak is out of the picture but Ingrid's brother isn't. There is still a lot to attend to," I nodded, "but not today. Today is set aside for enjoying family," which is exactly what we did.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
11/3/2021 1:29 pm

The coming together of family and friends, food and drink, shared experiences, etc., Just as the old timers came together. All prior to the Warriors going into Battle. In this case, it will be Daniel, the War Dragon and Kana, his rider. How the battle will be fought remains to be seen.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
11/3/2021 2:59 pm

Family time is important for all concerned and then the battle can commence.

The clans will start to emerge and help in ways not foreseen as is the way with harsh empires that fall when the people have had enough. Ama has hinted at people seeing a change coming.

Well done with your writing Daniel this is gripping reading.

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