take me part 357  

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10/31/2021 4:27 pm
take me part 357

I couldn't believe what I was reading. I didn't want believe what I was reading but 'Bob' said they had verified and his guys were some of the best. , this was going devastate... everyone, but especially Janey. were college records that showed that Alison went University with Roan and Ingrid, that could be a coincidence but were phone records showing they talked back when the photo's were dated, which was two years before I met Sara, or Alison. were notes about me and arranging a meet at the restaurant Sara was working. was a from Alison Ingrid the night we met, and multiple calls after that when..... "Philip was trying hurt her," the Philip that she was married even though was no mention of that. was a around the time she moved into the studio with Janey. Goddammit.... were multiple calls before July fourth, and while we were here, just before the first attempt on our lives. was nothing after that.

I was losing my mind. Leaving me out if , if this was accurate then Alison had been playing us the entire time and was in communication with Ingrid and laid the groundwork for us almost being killed. Jesus Christ, this was going crush Janey because she adored Alison. We all liked Alison, until now. ! Annie, Chloe, and Sara walked out on me and came running because I looked lost.

Chloe got me first, "Daniel, what's wrong?" Annie and Sara stood next to her as I handed them the papers and they started to read through them like I did. I wanted to puke because we let her into our lives, our homes...our hearts... and she betrayed us, but even worse she betrayed Janey's love. Jesus Christ. Chloe and Annie looked at me with tears in their eyes but Sara was still reading. She had her<b> tongue </font></b>sticking out as she read through the pages, so it was bad. She looked at me almost crying because her and Jane's were the closest in age.

"'s some mistake, right, Daniel?" I was silent. RIGHT, DANIEL?"

"They said they verified the information, love, so 's probably accurate, I don't think they would sent if was a chance wasn't accurate because of the damage would do. They sent so we knew. "

"She's our Alison and she helped in almost killing us....twice? What about Jane's?" She walked into my chest and started to cry as I looked, despondently, at Annie and Chloe were crying too. We were all pissed that she helped coordinate the snipers that were suppose to kill some, or all, of us, but our hearts were breaking for Janey, and that is when Janey and Alison came outside, smiling, and said hi. Sara lost and ran at them, at Alison, before we could stop her. She punched Alison in the eye, knocking her to the ground as Janey looked on in horror. Chloe got to her first and pulled Sara off. was the first time I had ever seen Sara anyone other than me. She was screaming.

"GET UP!!!! WHY???? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS???? ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! and she broke free of Chloe and pounced on Alison again. We pulled her off and I held onto her even though I the . She had become something intent on exacting revenge on the person was about crush her sister's heart. was all I could do hold onto her. Chloe and Annie lifted Alison up.

"What is going on?" Janey didn't know what to do because Sara had never acted like this. She was still scratching and biting me to get free.Chloe handed Alison the pages.

"Explain these Alison." She started reading and turned pale, and dropped to the ground, as she looked at Janey, then Chloe and Annie, the me and Sara...Sara last. Sara went berserk and stomped on my foot which loosened my grip and she pounced on Alison again, this time trying to strangle her. Janey touched her head and said something to Sara that made her stop and look at Janey. She launched into her and started to cry as Janey rocked her back and forth. Sara was strong, and obviously powerful, but she was the youngest sister and both Chloe and Janey always protected her, even now, even when Janey had no idea what was coming.

Alison read through the papers and looked at me. I didn't know what to do. I had to keep the family safe, and that had happened, so far, but Janes was the one was going be brutalized by all of this. ! I walked over and picked Sara up. She curled into me like a kitten and sobbed as I walked away. Neither of us needed to hear this.

"Chloe, Annie, what is going on? I'm scared. I've never seen Sara like that. Tell me what is happening." Alison stared blankly at them. "Chloe started to cry and went to hug her sister as Annie bent down and picked up the pages of Alison's betrayal. She was used to that with Roan. Sadly, Janey and Annie would something in common.

Annie walked up and handed Janey the papers I got from Javier's crew. She read through them, looked at Chloe and looked Annie. "'s a mistake, right?" Silence. "No, has be a mistake. 's something we don't know about, isn't that right Dani...." I wasn't because I was trying keep Sara from going crazy because she'd never dealt with anything like this before. "It can't be right.... Alison, tell them. Tell them it's a mistake. Alison?" Things were starting unravel and I thought the 'mara' giggling. I heard my mom clear as day.

"Danny...... you fix this, now." I walked back my family. I kissed Sara and gave her Chloe and Annie. She was beyond agony and I was wretched looking in her eyes. I walked up Janey, was completely lost, and hugged her. I took the papers from her and handed them to Annie. I reached down for Alison's hand as Sara howled. She took as I helped her up. She looked at me, lost, as well. Something was odd, and I was thinking about the 'mara' and Marnine, but Javier's crew was good, and they verified the info.

"You aren't going like this, especially not Sara and Janey, but please go inside and let me talk with Alison. This is fraught with emotion, and tension. We need figure out and deal with it. Please trust me. They all looked me and the weight was almost more than I could bear, but they turned and went inside. I so didn't need this, but I had it. Alison and I turned and walked down the drive.

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10/31/2021 7:15 pm

Well I'll be damned , did not see this coming. How will Daniel handle Allison???????????? And, what is it about Daniel, that they targeted him, prior to the first meeting with Philip and Allison?????????

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