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take me part 356  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
10/31/2021 1:59 pm
take me part 356

I answered the phone and said hold on as I kissed the girls and put my jacket, gloves and hat on, and headed out front a chorus of "don't fall." Cute. "OK, I'm alone. What's up?"

"Mostly good news, but we found some unfortunate news that was unexpected and pretty much a fluke of note taking. You will be getting a DHL packet in roughly 30 minutes, if tracker is accurate, and will lay the bad news out for you consider. 's better if you at yourself instead of me telling you about . Is your family with you?"

"Everyone but Javier and Sam, they are dealing with Denver. Sounds like the bad news is pretty bad."

"It'll be a gut punch, for sure, but at least you'll know about it. Moving onto the good news, what you sent us was enough to bring down the entire EU organization of these assholes. are references other places but nothing definitive, but it's enough cripple what they are doing in the EU, and send these shits jail if Interpol has the<b> balls </font></b>do . We will be shadowing everyone that we found by the end of the day. We can destroy them financially with a push of a button and all bouncing around like last time. Vries, and his friend in Zurich were the hardest but we're in, all you do is give us the word and they will be locked out of all of their accounts, their cards will be maxed, liens will be placed on their real estate, their vehicles will repossessed, and we'll send dossiers, on all of them, Interpol and the FBI, just in case. 'll be a VERY bad day."

"Good. Hold off because I don't want our hand. We some things we need take care of first. I think I found the estate in...."

"Bad Wildbad?"

"Yeah. You guys are good."

"We found two days ago and been verifying but we're 99% sure 's the place. They are mortgaged the hilt and the banks are getting nervous. These people are gambling on a big payday because right now 's "robbing Peter Paul."

"Can you cancel the insurance on all of the homes.... Vries, the guy in Zurich, the house in Finland, the estate in Germany.... all of them, especially fire insurance?"

"Yeah, that's easy and we control the so we'll just delete that . May I ask why?"

"I want these pricks be broke, and homeless. I want you take everything they of value that you possibly can and then I'll deal with the houses. Send me a list of the addresses via DHL. Are you good for expenses?"

'We're good brother. We trust you and if we can pull this off then are going a lot of happy hackers. We don't like this kind of shit, if you couldn't tell." I chuckled because I wouldn't want them coming after me. I was glad they were on our side.

" topic, different angle. Can you deal with a shitload of cash and 'wash' it?" Silence.

"How much are we talking about?"

"I'm not exactly sure, and it's a crap shoot if it works, but I'm guessing nine figures. Also, do you know people can move art, as in 'master pieces?" Silence.

"First of all, after this is done, I want take you, and yours, dinner because I want meet you. Javier has told me about all of you but you are the oddest bunch of folks I ever met." I said deal.

"Second, that much cash is a challenge simply because of the volume. 's why Bitcoin is preferable cash, and gold is preferable silver. Bulk. You get us and we can deal with it but it'll cost twenty five percent, plus bribes and expenses. You're probably looking at thirty percent off the top but we take five percent, the rest is for the network that does the work" I told him that seemed fair and we'd be fine with it. What did I care? It wasn't our and I liked having access that network so if we could help, then we would.

"Third, do you know the artist(s)?"

"No clue because I caught a glimpse but they were crated, and protected, and they are going be sold in Copenhagen in a couple of days unless we get them first, which I intend "

"We know someone. You want these....things... suffer, don't you?"

"You no idea. Stand by for now but me if anything changes. We need be fluid. I'll do the . If all goes well then our end will be done by early next week and if you everyone targeted on the lists I sent then we can end after that and I will take care of the houses. We''ll keep you in the loop from our end because 's going move fast. Do you people in the Baltic that you trust with the cash?"


"Good. It'll make it easier but I need discuss all this because we are a team but we'll be in touch. Thank you!"

"Understood, and no thanks are needed. We are on the side on this. Your packet is close, and I'm sorry my friend but we verified the information. 's accurate. We'll be in touch."

, that can't be good. I thanked the DHL driver and opened the packet. were a few pages. The first one was a copy of something I got from Sweden that mentioned Alison and Philip's.... wedding? were photo's of the girls, and Henry, and of me, but they were dated before I even knew them. What the was going on? How were photo's of me in a batch of Chloe, Janey, and Sara.... before I knew they existed? I didn't understand but the next three pages almost brought me to my knees.

cjg045 69M  
92 posts
10/31/2021 6:34 pm

WOW, Daniel I didn't see this coming, Allison was feeding the enemy info. Wild times in Finland but the family will prevail. !!!!!!

G000dbuddy 34M  
1676 posts
11/1/2021 5:10 am

three pages almost brought me to my knees.


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