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take me part 326  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
10/7/2021 3:25 pm
take me part 326

I couldn't sleep so I brushed and dressed, got some coffee, my jacket and kissed Lieve as I went watch the sunrise. "Is he OK, Ama?"

"He's fine love. 's just dealing with a lot while he is trying understand, and most of unusual him, all of you. You're all doing quiet well, and he was with my sister, Marnine, last night and that can be unsettling for me. He'll be OK, he just needs make sense of somethings. We are an odd bunch. You wouldn't thinking that we all gravitate one another, but we seem do that exceedingly well. was making things much easier for you all, but of course none of this can just be. are too many people mean see you, and this world, harmed. Together you can deal with this, but that relies upon Daniel trying to keep figuring these thing out from in front of you. Daniel has to focus on all the crap that no one can see, those herbs I have been giving him, are a challenge, but now he knows that Ingrid means to try and kill him."

"You mean along with all the others?" "Ama smiled, and kissed her head as I walked in.

"Marnine is royal a pain in my butt." Ama nodded and that was one constant we all shared. "You got any idea how I can not have Ingrid try kill me, while also not trying to killing her? Marnine was pretty insistent on that."

"Someone could do it, Da." Ama and I both looked at Lieve, and smiled. I didn't want any of them to have to go down that road. I'd do that if I needed to. I supposed that I could wind up doing that, but I hated discussing this crap before breakfast.

"Deat was very impressed with you, lady, which I'm glad because when we get Norway I'm going need you act as spotter again. 's going piss Jake off but you can let him fly one while we're still here." She, kissed me, and went back sleep with Heather.

"You have a pretty amazing family, Daniel." I nodded and help make breakfast while she made more coffee. Hers was way better than mine. " answer your ...question, Manine is my sister... sort of like Cane and Abel." I nodded. We have been using magic for a very long time, way before the Druids started perfecting . Marnine did shift the clans away from war, but she's never been gentle. The problem was that she had grand designs on the family's power, she started helped create that, until you came into the picture. You are like her kryptonite, and you sent her to the one place she couldn't get into much trouble because Gaia always wins. She is trying to create mischievous with you, and Ingrid but Ingrid is very much like Marnine as her as her . You really can't blame Ingrid with Marnine as her . She views you as ingrid's because she adores you Daniel, and has since she first met you. Joseph and I did our best keep you safe because you had a purity that was uncommon. So you can't blame Marnine that she adored you, and transferred your love on Ingrid. She really does know that you are her better half.

Sara walked out smiling, kissed Ama and then kissed as I poured her coffee. "Thank you love. Is true Ingrid is your ?" I told her that apparently was. "Well then we're going have figure something out because you can't kill her."

"I was thinking I could just wound her. I am a pretty good shot." Ama laughed and shook her head.

"Daniel! How could you even think that. You should be ashamed of yourself." I suggested a none lethal poison after I put the table in between us. Sara growled, and shook her head at me, but smiled. "You're something else mister. "Am I taking him the cave today, Ama?" She nodded.

"What cave?"

"'s super amazing and you'll get meet Gaia and go on adventures, at least I did. I know where is because Ama showed. I'm guessing we'll be learning different things, but Gaia' s impressive. Isn't she Ama?" Ama nodded.

"Don't worry Daniel everyone will be fine. Joseph is visiting. He's going get the paperwork for the van in order, and lock the things you might need. I hope you didn't need them because 'd be easier explaining an animal mauling, as opposed gunshot." Sara glared at me. "Not Ingrid, love the sniper's her brother is sending over." Sara got up and sat on my life. Well, then you do what needs done. Dumb sniper's. Annie and Taiiko walked up and curled on either of side of Sara as I finished cutting fruit and put it on the table get more coffee. I heated up the leftover dark rye. The rest of them came stumbling in, wiping their eyes, and yawning.

"I suppose you'll like your peace and quiet back, Ama." She looked at all of us and shook her no. She finished the french toast. I smiled, but dropped my cup on the table as Taiiko I walked over to the closet. I grabbed two 9mm and three clips each as we walked outside to a chorus of WTF. Taiiko and I were in syncing doing this. I always took the forward position, and Taiiko watched my weak side. We never had to speak what we needed. I could see the dust cloud and pushed. I knew was. I put the safety on and pushed in the waist of my pants as everyone came walking up.

"'s Tina and my cousin Steph.... and Stephanie should have something that she wouldn't tell me about." Sara, Em, Lieve, and Heather clapped. "Sorry Jake, but Lieve is going show you how use a drone.... probably too Emily. Holy crap.." They came flying out the back doors and both plowed into me. I yelled "OW!!!!!" as we the ground.

"Guess what, mister?" I said they were getting married. They stared at me, as Sara clapped, and they both punched me.

"I told you that you'd both off. If I didn't have my day job being a wizard, then I could do well as a matchmaker." Sara nodded, in awe. "Would you mind getting off of me now. But I am very happy, assuming we can all get through this without getting shot." Tina and Steph both squeezed be. We want you give us away, but we'd like the ceremony at your place Taiiko, if you don't mind." She cried as she hugged both of them.

"Love, we need figure about your family. They ALL wanted come out but they decided that Sam, and Javier will stay with the girls and Mags and Bet will represent the family's. is too much going on, and might be much of a danger. I looked as her, Jane's and Sara walked., with Ama. I handed Annie my phone.

"Tell your dad, don't ask, or convince, him that will be here. Period. They all nodded. I have do this with Gaia but I am going back with you, Tina. Please bring Yoshi back, and whomever else. I am thinking Kama, and a few others." Taiiko chuckled. "Stop, I have more even on my plate that I needed. It want for us to have the backup." Taiiko nodded and said, "Hai!"

"I don't trust our family in Norway, alone. I need to go with Tina to CO so I can talk with Deat, and Sam, and Javier. Sam is dealing with the shop, and the girls, and also. I can get Charles, and Beth involved with the<b> shopping </font></b>center, and Javier and Sam. We can set that in motion but Henry and Sabrina half to be in Norway. Ella will . You are their girls, and carrying their granddaughters. is no other answer but yes. Sam and Javier understand. The takes the , even if they don't want .... but not when ALL three of your daughters are getting married, and mom will be .

Ama, walked up and said she agreed. We will be fine having everyone here, which we should anyway because you've been apart long enough. We have tents, the smaller house, and two barns. Daniel, Jake, Haagstrad can stay in tent's and barns. We'll work out. 's two dangerous be in Norway with Ingrid having her back pushed against the wall. ."

"Annie, can you send a plane Osaka?" She said she take care of . She had planes en route for the other clans because they weren't involved, and this was a party, for them. They didn't mingle all that much."

"When are finished with Gaia, Love?"

"What day is it?" They all started laughing as Ama said Sunday by noon, unless he gets lost, which they laughed again. "I want you in of our planes, Love....assuming I can trust you?" Tina stuck her tongue out at me as everyone except Jake and Ama shook their and smiled. "Can you take Steph and show here your new home, and her new Da'?" They both teared, and smiled. "We can leave Sunday night so we'll still have time with each other. If anything happens while in a cave, then deal, but we can work it out. I don't want to have to drag Henry on the plane. They smiled, and nodded. "It's nice to see you two goofballs.

"Did you do what I asked, Stephanie?"

"I did but I had to to use some of my stones because you keep adopting females." I smiled and nodded. "I agreed with you not keeping them locked in a vault. It doesn't mean they get to wear them... just admire them. I enjoy rare, odd, stones, and spectacular as well. You have the bitcoins, as far as I remember." I nodded because I didn't care about it.

"Tina and I looked through all of my friends stones. I'm not sure where he finds them, but you know. You saw them. I chose an amazing selection but I found this one for Sara because she is the heart of this Family. It's a pink diamond. It's decent size, but it's flawless. This is the most exquisite stone. The color hue would be more in line with gold, I know you like platinum, and it's exquisite." She showed it to me and I walked off, and then ran. Steph thought she had down something wrong.

"It's OK Stephanie. These are not easy times for him, but that is exquisite. You did well, Love. It''l be back. He's powerful, but I'm faster." I could feel her bearing down upon me. I slowed, skidded, and turned as I took her completely by surprise. She leaped over me, as I licked her, shifted, and laughed.

"You are an asshole, mister, but you got me good. You are a power to be reckoned with. I forget that. She jumped onto my back as we walked back to Ama's. "Steph picked an amazing stone." I let her down, and took her hand.

"That's not my stone, Annie. I just for with bad peoples' . That's Sara's, and then Melissa's, and finally Hanna's. 's got nothing do with me, Love. She made her choice." Annie was silent. "Doesn't that bother you, Love?"

"How could it bother me, sweets, with you and Taiiko in my life. Sara know things that we can't fathom. I can touch the smallest glimpse of what she sees, but she's still our Sara, and that will never change." Alison, and Jane's, walked up, both nodded.

"You may not know more than her, but do you more than us. Do you have a sense what will be be with Sara? No one here would know anything about Sara." I looked in the sky.

"I'm not sure but I have a sense, which gives me hope, because it'll be longer have than Sara conveyed. I doubt Sara would give up spending time with our , and your nieces. I think she is learning take over from Ama, and that takes time."

"And you?" I shrugged, because I didn't care

"' makes sense that she would take over from Ama, as she's been around for a long time. Will you do something me, Loves?" They nodded. "Can you focus on the gems that Tina, and Steph, picked and talk with them. Stephanie works with gems, and knows the energy, for the person. They younger you than you are that matter more younger women." They nodded. " I don't care, and neither should you...unless you do. If you do, then take the stone you want. You're older." I needed to go pack because I had no absolutely fricking clue what I would be involved in.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
10/7/2021 5:40 pm

Great, great read. But WOW, never thought of Sara taking over for AMA, Maybe. Now, Daniel and Sara will be in Gaia's Cave, for learning about their powers, abilities, and what ever else.

On Ingrid, I have no idea how he will win her over, so that he will not have to kill her.

Will be good to have the entire family there.

Keep it going D.

G000dbuddy 34M  
1676 posts
10/7/2021 11:09 pm


OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
10/8/2021 2:49 pm

Now that is indeed a turn up for the books as we say here, Like Claw I think Sara will be taking over from Ama , I was wondering how old Ama was and who would replace her as head on the sacred ground also is she going to pass or has she already and is living in the both worlds.

Get the family together to look after each other.

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