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take me part 307  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
9/25/2021 10:35 am
take me part 307

Annie and I climbed the hill, which would be considered nothing in Colorado but here it was ground, least on Ama's property. It didn't take long and I could feel that Annie was stressed. She turned, hugged , buried her head in my chest, and started to cry. I just held
her until she stopped and then wiped away the tears and sat down. She did as well and leaned against my chest as I wrapped my arms around her and started rubbing her belly.

" scared, Daniel. We don't know exactly who we are fighting and there's nothing to tie any of what's happened back to Roan, Jaak, or Ingrid. There's not enough for us to do anything, even with our laws, let alone yours. Jesus, Interpol, and the FBI can't even do anything, and neither can we unless they provoke us. We have to keep the most important people in our lives safe, and we have to do that while doing meet and greet's with people I barely know. I'd walk away from this in an instant and live on Osaka, or in Denver, or at Ama's, but I can't, and neither can you now. What are we going to do Daniel?"

" going to chop wood, and going to run, and explore, and work with Ama, and whatever else is needed until we leave, and I suggest that you do something similar, Love. We can't figure the future Annie, even I can figure how to glimpse it, it won't play like that. It never does so there's no sense stressing over it. The thing we can do is plan as best we can and then adapt because change will be a certainty. Are there people your mom's that you trust implicitly?" She nodded. " them and have them watch Roan and Jaak and see if they can figure who is standing by them because they have people on their side. There are always power-hungry people. Then we try and plan for contingencies." I didn't want to bring up that if all they wanted was to us all they'd need to do is poison or food. I figured that was best left in my head.

"Can we help with the wood?"

"Do you know how to use an ax?" She turned around and looked at in disgust then pinched .

"I grew up in Norway, Daniel. What do you think?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot." She laughed as she pushed herself into .

"You're an asshole but, Gaia help , I love you. Thank you. I feel better."

"Good." We sat in silence listening to the wind and feeling the cold air. I could feel the girls walk outside as I closed my eyes. I was going to enjoy the time we'd be with Ama.

"Where are they?"

"They're on that hill, Chloe, waiting for us even though they don't know it yet."

"How do you know they're up there, Sara? Ama has lots of land. They could be anywhere."

"I know a lot of things, sis, but I can feel them. They're up there. Annie is better but needs us." Sara started walking as everyone just looked at each other before following her. She got to the top walked around the rocks, smiled, and sat next to us as she hugged Annie who collapsed into her. The rest of the girls did the same and shook their heads before gang hugging Annie, who was laughing as if she was being tickled. Melissa stood there. I reached out my hand and she smiled as she scrunched next to me, holding my hand and watching the mound of sisters laughing. I leaned to her and said they had lost their minds. She laughed and nodded. not sure how long we stayed like that but the sun was starting to go down, and it was getting cold so we walked back down to the house.

Jake was starting a fire and Chloe, Janey and Sara went to watched and tell him how impressed they were since Emily was in the kitchen with Ama. Annie, Taiiko, Melissa, and Alison huddled on the couch and talked. I smiled before I went into the kitchen. It was nice to see them all acting as they use to in Denver, with the exception of Taiiko, but she would have fit right in. Em ran up and jumped on me, smiling.

"You're becoming quite the cook lady. beyond impressed now you care to tell what this Top Secret stuff is that the three of you are doing?" She jumped down and shook her head as Sara yelled, "She can't you tell you nosy Nellie." Emily smiled and went back to help Ama. I asked Ama what I could do. She looked at and said nothing. I walked into the sunroom and called Bet and Javier. I needed to call Sam and Maggie, and Henry, but that would need to wait.

"Hey, stranger. How are things? putting you on speaker."

"Hey guys, about what you'd expect, things are trying to slide sideways. How are things with you and the munchkins?

"We're good and they're great. They, and Sam and Maggie's girls, have decided to adopt Bob. They visit him almost every . We're considering putting up a tent." We all laughed because everyone loved Bob. "We have to tell them every that even though Bob is cute and pretty tame, and he is use to us, he's still a fox and he has very sharp teeth but neither of us thinks they listen."

"Probably not. How are Sam and Henry with the shop?" "They're fine. They're like an old married couple, it's pretty funny to watch but they've got it covered, and Mags is doing great with the customer side. She loves it and is great at it. Sabrina has come up with some great ideas and drawings for Henry's and the<b> shopping </font></b>center. Things are coming together. You should go away more often. How are the girls?"

"We're all hanging in there. It's been kinda bumpy but we've got a break for about a week, or so, until the fun really starts. It's part of why I called. I need to have some people checked out, as much as possible. Can you see if your hacker friends can do a full background search on them, and how much they need?"


"Yeah, they are coming at us and it's going to get worse. I've been able to deal so far but it's going to get crunchy in Norway and I'd like to have as much insight as possible. I think one of them might be the EU counterpart to Gustav, He's a nasty piece of work for sure. If he is I want to take him down and would be fine gutting his finances too. This doesn't involve the US as far as I know so you'd be clear. He's going to for trying to hurt the girls but if we could bankrupt him, and whoever else is involved, that would be icing." I gave them the names and info i had, which wasn't much.

"We'll now, Jefe, but watch your back. We'll you tomorrow, fill you in, and talk with the girls. We miss all of you." I told them likewise and hung up. I called Lieve and got the voicemail again and told her to call when she could. I missed her. I walked back into the house and just watch as the girls were laughing and having fun like they didn't have a care in the world. I was glad and wanted that to continue until we left because Norway was going to be stressful, to say the least. Hopefully, Bet and Javier's guys could get some info that would be helpful. I set the table as Emily and Ama finished dinner. I was fine doing dishes if they cooked. Ama looked at me.

"You seem like you have something to ask, Daniel." I nodded.

"I know what I said earlier, but can I have another pill tonight? I need to see if I can get more information because time is running ." She stared and said she think about it. I nodded. The girls brought their merriment to the table and dinner became a laugh-fest and a total joy. Ama brought out some mead which made things even more fun because none of us had ever had it. It was a wonderful meal. Taiiko, Chloe, and I cleaned up and did the dishes while the rest sat in front of the fire hugging each other and laughing. They were all a more than tipsy. Ama handed a pill and said it was a sound idea but to focus. I nodded as Chloe and Taiiko looked . I kissed both of them and said goodnight. I didn't want to shift the energy in the living room so I went into the bedroom. I finally wised up and took the pill when I was already in bed. It like before. I focused on Ingrid as Ama suggested, but I was in no way expecting what would happen.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
9/25/2021 12:24 pm

And the saga continues. What will the future hold??

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
9/25/2021 3:28 pm

Well Daniel is learning and exploring I think another piece is about to be fitted into the puzzle and he is right going after the money and bankrupting them is a good plan the hired help will disappear then and leave Daniel to sort those at the top of the pile.

Power and wealth is a big problem when some will do anything for it.

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