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take me part 304  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
9/21/2021 5:46 pm
take me part 304

Annie said she faxed a copy of the ID and everything else that was in the drawer to Deat. I asked if the girls found anything else except the drone and she shook her head. It was going to start getting dark soon, and cold, so I'd go out tomorrow and look around a broader area. Ama got off the phone. She looked at me and shook her head.

"At least he was using a drone and I didn't hurt anyone." She couldn't help but chuckle and hugged me. My friend is on his way to pick him. He's calling Interpol now because he wants them to come to get him." I nodded. "If it's any consolation, I pushed numerous times and didn't feel anyone. I figure since it was on your property, the van is ours. I'm hoping to entice LIeve and Heather with the drones so they'll come and stay for a while." Ama nodded. "I'm going to call Deat and then shift before I go to bed just to make sure." I went outside to call him.

"Hey, hold on a sec. I'm finishing up with Interpol. Actually, I'll call you back in a few." I pushed again and glassed the area, still nothing, which was good but I was wondering why I had a pit in my stomach, and the phone rang.

"Hey. Well I don't know if trouble seeks you out, or you go searching for it but you have an uncanny knack of finding it. Tell Annie thanks for the update," I told him I would, "and thanks for the photos. That's a shitload of drones. Speaking of that Lieve is doing great. She's top of her class. She's a natural. The electronics look like an abbreviated mobile command center. Is this similar to the van you destroyed?"

"Yeah, except this one is set up for surveillance. The other was for a tactical unit, that's why it's destroyed and the men will be spending varying amounts of time in the hospital and then in rehab. You get anything on the IDs?"

"I was talking with Interpol about that. They figure the IDs are fakes but the four you sent to the hospital, and the one you have now, will have their prints taken and we'll see how high up this goes, that, in itself, will tell us a lot. They had a plane on the way to Osaka very early this morning and they'll run their prints on-site to expedite it. They have a med. team with them because they want to bring them all back. They don't trust the local cops." I told him I couldn't blame them for that. "We are sifting through a lot of info thanks to you, but that's when things tend to fall out of the trees, so the guys are happy for it. We'll know more when we get the prints back, and who knows maybe the IDs are legit. If they all claim diplomatic immunity and get it, then things are royally fucked up and Interpol will be busy."

"As far as Annie's future brother-in-law, and his father, goes, they're 100% dirty and pretty disgusting, but nothing has stuck. Interpol has tried but the father has high-level connections in the Finnish government and with other high-profile individuals that have a tremendous amount of clout. They are close to being above the law, and even if he was charged with something outside of Finland he has immunity as well. It's like a fucking revolving door. The reason I bring this up brother is that the younger shit is just as vile as his father, maybe more so. Watch your back. I'll keep you updated. How are doing you with all of this?"

"I'm holding my own Deat. It's coming back to me, even though I never wanted to do any of this shit again, but they're targeting the people I love. Any chance I can get diplomatic immunity?" He laughed. "How are Melinda and the girls?"

"They are doing great and super excited. They're leaving this weekend and doing a road<b> trip. </font></b>I've been communicating with Henry and the construction on Sara's house is complete. They changed and upgraded all the looks. Whoever put in the security system knew what they were doing. Henry said that he had them redo the back door so it's no longer french doors. I hope Sara doesn't mind but it's a smart move from a security position."

"I don't think Sara will mind. She's just excited you're staying there..."

"What won't I mind, and who are you talking to, mister?"

"I'm talking with Deat and Henry had them change the back door."

"I don't care about a dumb old door. Let me talk with him."

"Here's Sara."

"Hi, Deat. How are your girls and when will they be there?"

"Hi, Sara. They're all fine and very excited and will be there at the end of next week. Everything should be done by then." She wanted to clap but couldn't.

"That's awesome. Tell Melinda, and this goes for you too, that I want you to act like it's your home. We have a ton going on and we're not sure how soon we'll be back but that doesn't matter because we have ample places to stay so the house is yours as long as you want. I mean that Deat. It's not just me being polite. You are not intruding, in fact, the house was built for more than just a couple so enjoy it, and the backyard is super cool. There is a yellow lab that lives behind that has its own doggie door so the girls will have their own part-time dog. I'm serious about the house. Give my love to your girls. Here's Daniel." She kissed me and went back because it was starting to get chilly.

"She's something else, isn't she."

"Yeah she is, but they are like that in different ways. Why do think I fell in love with all of them?"

"I'm beginning to kinda understand. I need to get off the phone or I'll be in huge trouble. Thank God Sara got on so I can tell Melinda." We both laughed because we both understood. "I'll call when I know something. Watch your back Daniel and if the spidey sense goes crazy pay attention to it." I told him I would as I noticed a car heading up the road.

"Ama, I think your friend is coming. Can you check? If it's him I want to put the guns away." She came out and said it was. Taiiko and put the guns in the closet and closed the door and sat at the table. Ama introduced us briefly and then started speaking Icelandic we all went in to look at the bonsai. She handed him the ID and his weapon. He put cuffs on him but left the ties. He cut the ones on his ankles and took him to the car. Ama went outside with him and we all came into the house and waited for her to come back in.

"Interpol will be here tomorrow morning but he's going to run the prints when he gets back and he's waiting twenty-four hours before he can make a call. It won't be his problem then." I thought good. Chloe and Janey were in the kitchen prepping for dinner. "It'd probably be wise for you and Annie to shift and check down to the entrance. We nodded. I went to change my shoes and we walked outside.

"I thought that I would start with the hill then search on this side and you can go that way...." I turned and she was gone. "OK, then, I'll just go this way." I shook my head, shifted, and ran up the hill just to be sure no one had been there. They hadn't. I searched like I always did. I didn't smell anyone, nor see anything. I slowed down around where the guy was and started looking on the ground. I was getting ready to move on when I noticed something. It was a thumb drive but had fallen next to a bush of some kind. I could see why the girls missed it, I almost missed it. It was on the path the first shooter took to his location. Why he had a thumb drive was odd but I was glad I found it. I shifted back, reached down and put it in my pocket, and hoped that would work. I shifted and ran doing my search. Annie had shifted and was standing at the entrance waiting for me. I walked up and said hi. She smiled.

"Ama needs a gate with all of the people coming and going lately." I nodded. "She hugged me and looked at me as she smiled." I've missed you. We all have, none of us like being apart. We're going to have to figure that out." I nodded as we started walking back holding hands. "We have a lot to figure out Daniel." I told her I knew. "Ama is giving you a pill so you will sleep and then tomorrow we get to climb all over you at night, but you're making love with me in the shower, from behind because I want you touching my breasts and my belly. Deal?" I told her I'd think out about on the run home. She punched me, then bit me, then shifted and ran. I followed.

She beat me home by a long shot. I knew I was going to get teased. Annie was leaning against the SUV smiling, waiting. "It's a good thing you have nice ears because you can't run worth shit." She laughed and ran inside. I smiled and followed her in as everyone stepped back. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the thumb drive.

"Alison, love, we need you and your laptop. She grabbed it and walked into the kitchen, with everyone else. "It was almost under a bush. Annie and I are taking a shower." They all nodded but could care less. They were focused on the drive. We got clean clothes and put them on the bed, stripped in the bathroom, walked into the shower, and bathed each other. Annie stroked me until I got hard then turned and leaned against the wall, pushing her butt toward me and wiggling it as she laughed. I rubbed the head of my penis against her lips. She was already wet and I slide completely in as she moaned and reached her right hand behind to grab me. We started making love as I leaned against her, wrapping my arms around her and rubbing her belly and breasts. Her belly was definitely showing and her breasts were fuller. I rubbed both her nipples as her breathing quickened and she started moaning. I kept squeezing and pulling and felt her muscles clamp my cock as she grunted and came on me. I moved one hand back to her belly and we pushed onto each other, harder and faster both of us breathing hard and fast. I came as she moaned and dug her nails into my hip. I kept moving until I had stopped cumming and pulled out. She turned, smiled, and kissed me as she washed my penis. I shuddered because it was still sensitive but she didn't stop. I came a little more as she finished cleaning me. We dried off and walked into the bedroom to get dressed as Taiiko walked in smiling.

"I came to get the clothes so you didn't since you're clean." Annie walked over and kissed her. Taiiko put her hand on her belly and smiled. "I'm glad we are getting married." Annie smiled.

"You get him tomorrow Love and Sara has a present for you, but it's a surprise." I shook my head as I put on my socks, kissed Taiiko, and went to find out what was on the drive. It'd been a long day and I was looking forward to the herbs but was curious about that drive. I walked into the kitchen and everyone looked at me.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
9/22/2021 2:26 pm

A fine episode yet again and left ready for another you know how to keep an audience.

Does the drive hold the key to who is behind all of this?

It would be so surprising if it did, but so lucky for Daniel and the girls.

There has to be a way to embarrass a government into revoking diplomatic immunity for the people involved in this dirty business perhaps leak it to the web via an anonymous Server once the worlds press get hold of it, it will run and run.

This is intriguing...

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