take me part 300  

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take me part 300

We were on our final approach into Reykjavik and all I could think about was Ama lying on the ground, I needed to shift this, to clear my thoughts and focus. Taiiko and Tina were worried about because to them I looked worried, which I was because I had to keep my family safe, but what they were feeling was hyper-focus. I had a two purposes. First, get them to Ama's safely. Second, if there was a threat then eliminate the threat by any means necessary. It's good to know people with connections. We landed and immediately went to the maintenance area of the airport, unless you worked here you wouldn't know it where it was, and then we were driven into the hanger. I asked Tina for a pen and paper. She came back and handed it to me as she hugged me. I kissed her head.

"I need to my friend the FBI and push to see if there is a threat here, but I have to see the . Tina, can you go say to Chloe, Annie and the girls and let them know I'll get there as soon as I can?" She nodded. "Taiiko, you about to meet hurricane Sara. You'll adore each other but can you be with Jake and Emily until off the phone? I'll introduce you." She nodded. I could here the stairs being wheeled up and locked as Tina opened the door. Two guys came in to grab the luggage and the bonsai. I took my pack as Tina, Taiiko, and I walked down the stairs. Sara was jumping up and down and clapping and once we got off the stairs she bolted directly for Taiiko, who looked and me and laughed. Sara hugged her and bombarded her with words. Tina walked toward Annie, Chloe and the girls as Jake and Emily came running up to and threw their arms around me. I hugged them, and kissed both their heads as I squeezed. I had missed them so much. I had missed all of them so much. They both started laughing and saying they couldn't breathe, so I squeezed harder. I kissed them again and let go. They were both laughing.

Emily said, "Miss us Dad?" I nodded with tears in my eyes.

"You have no idea, sweets, which is why I hate having to say this but there are things going on that I need to take care of and I need to make a but I'll be back as soon as I can and we can ride to Ama's together," and that is when Sara and Taiiko walked up. Sara hugged and smiled. I introduced the to Taiiko and said I'd be back. I walked toward the hanger door and pushed. They were here. There were least three but they were bored and annoyed and thought waiting was a waste of time because the flight wasn't on the arrival board. least there was that, so if the security guys hadn't been followed, which they shouldn't have been, then we bought some time and had the element of surprise on our side, at least for a while. I called Deat.

"It's late, is everything OK?" I didn't know where to start. There was too much to say and no time. "Daniel. You OK?"

"Hey Deat, sorry. There's a lot to discuss but I have no time, but things are trying to go sideways, so far they haven't. I'll call tomorrow because I need your advice, but right now, Are you still on the task force?"

"Yeah, for two more weeks. I wanted to hand it off right. Why?"

"It's complicated, which is why I want your input since this is your expertise. Do you have a private fax?"

"Yeah, my home. Here's the ." I wrote it down.

" going to send you a fax when we get to the house, it should be within the next two hours. I need you to run those people through your system and see what pops. I think they are connected to the snipers on the fourth, and if right then it might connected to what you are working on." Silence.

"You're killing Daniel. Speaking of the fourth, we had to cut them loose without questioning them via State Dept. orders....diplomatic immunity. It's bullshit but our hands are tied. I'll take a what you fax but tomorrow and plan on talking."

"I will Deat, promise, and thanks brother. Give your girls my love. I want to catch up.

"Roger that, but watch your brother. I'll talk with you tomorrow."

I walked back to everyone. Tina hugged . I thanked her and told her to in a couple of days. She smiled. I hugged everyone. Chloe and Annie had seen in this space and knew what it meant. Sara, Melissa, Jake, Emily, and Taiiko came with me in the rear van. Annie and the others were in the lead van.


"Yes sir."

"Please watch to see if anyone starts to follow us."

"We will sir."

"Thank you." I had to leave a message for my cousin but it was done. I wrapped my arm around the and said to Melissa. She smiled. Tina had filled them in as much as she knew. We headed . I admit that I was on alert because once we left airport property we were in the open, and there were two vans. I didn't even want to think about fucking drones. I breathed, smiled at Sara and Taiiko and started hearing about what my had been doing I was pushing every couple of minutes. It was getting easier, almost a reflex. We left the city and headed north and there were no lights behind us. I exhaled.

"We're about miles ." I told him thanks when we passed a Telcom van on the side of the road.

"Was that van there when you left?"

"No sir, it wasn't, but they are all of the place." We went around a bend and I asked him to radio the front SUV and have them stopped. He did. "Taiiko, please Yoshi and find what's going on and tell him not to hand them over the the local police. contacting Interpol tomorrow." She nodded. I grabbed the file and went to with Annie and asked to fax this to the Deat. She noddedThe vans headed to Ama's and I shifted as I headed toward the van and circled it. There was one person inside. I knocked the cameras off the front and both sides. There two on the back that I knocked off. He was focused and was about to have the shit scared out of him but we was talking to someone. I couldn't make it out, so I waited for him to stop. I ran up the front of the van onto the roof and jumped a few times. I jumped down on the far side and started pounding on the side and shaking the van and ran to the side by the road and did the same put I pounded harder. He was terrified because he had no clue what could do that. I waited by the back door. It opened part way and his left leg stepped onto the ground and he waited. He stuck the barrel of the out as he shifted his weight and started to get out as I used all my force against the door. It hit him in the thigh, breaking his femur. He screamed in pain, dropped the rifle and slipped down. I hit it again, just as hard, this time breaking his shoulder. The force of the blow pushed his head against the other door, knocking him unconscious. I hooked his tac vest, lifted, and threw him into the van then shifted. I grabbed the rifle, climbed in and closed the door.

Surveillance van with four camera feeds, so I had four to take out. I figured there'd be two watching the front and two watching the back. They weren't moving, so that was good. I took off his vest and put it on, disarmed him, and took everything out of his pockets. I slid him against the table, faced him into it and tied his wrists and ankles to the table legs and the tied those together. When they found him I wanted them to wonder. I climbed up front and got the registration, grabbed his pack and started throwing things in it. I took the night vision googles and threw them on the driver seat. There was a locked drawer. I popped it open with the knife. It had all their ID's, cards, wallets, everything. I grabbed it all and put it in the pack. I opened the cabinets. There were blank passports and . They were well funded. I grabbed all of it and threw it in the pack. I opened the other one and it had ammo and mags. I shoved those in as well. It was full, and would be heavy, but I didn't have far to go with it because I was going to stash it and cover it with scrub. I stuck his knife in my belt grabbed his rifle and destroyed his equipment. I climbed into the cab, grabbed the key from the console and drove toward the house until I was about hundred yards . I used the googles. I climbed in the back, he was still unconscious. I got , shot the tires. and emptied the mag into the engine and started trotting for about two hundred yards. I found a good place to stash the pack, vest, and rifle. I cut some brush, threw the knife in and covered it. I pushed. No one but the girls were agitated. I shifted, and began to stalk.

The camera feeds bothered me because that said to me that they were prepared to enter the house, which meant they were either going to everyone, or take them hostage, but I let that go and focused on my prey. I figured they would be about two hundred yards from the house. I stopped at three and smelled. There was no one around but I smelled them. I kept walking and lied down when it was noticeable and waited for movement. Everyone moves eventually, even if it's subtle, and I was focused. I knew about where the first one was, and the second, and that's when he stretched and gave me his orientation. I crept up to him and waited until he stretched again, because I knew he would. It felt good. He moved his arm out and I jumped on top of him and bounced on his shoulders. He grunted and I kept jumping with my full force until I heard the cracks and the moan. I him on the side of the head and knocked him and shifted. I rolled him over, grabbed his ties and bound his ankles. I pulled his arms behind him and tied his wrists. Good thing he was unconscious.

I dragged him of the indentation he had made, disarmed him and threw it in along with the long gun, grabbed his assault rifle and extra clips, stuck them in back pockets and slung the rifle over my shoulder. I dragged him about two hundred feet dropped the weapon and mags, shifted and smelled. He was about the same distance in front of me. I went wide and came up behind him and waited. He moved and I did the same. I grabbed the first and dragged him to the second. I took off his gloves, put them on, and grabbed two more ties. I attached them to their ankles to form a loop. I lifted them and started walking to the house. I needed to work out more. They could hear me coming. Three guys approached me all spread apart and shined lights at me. They stared at me. I asked them to put the gun and mags in the house for me. They nodded and started dragging them to the side of the house. I walked toward the back and when it was dark I shifted, waited, and did the same as the front. It didn't take long because they were antsy. They had no contact and they wouldn't get any. It took about 40 minutes before I dragged these two to the guards. They were all staring at me, again.

"I have skills. Can you put one more rifle inside and all the mags." They nodded. I'll take two handguns and all the mags, the holsters, the vests, and the NVG's if you don't mind." They nodded. "Thanks. I don't think there is anyone else but going to check, I shouldn't be more than thirty minutes." They nodded. I turned and headed up the small hill behind the house where the shooter was in my vision. I shifted and ran. No one had been there. I ran the circumference of the house, a mile and zigzagged back in. Nothing. I walked up and said don't shoot. They were all smiling.

"You guys want something to drink?" They all said please I walked in and everyone stared . I still hated that. I said as they all backed away from . Can someone get the guys outside something to drink. They're thirsty, and can someone find my sweat, and a shirt and socks please. taking a shower." They all clapped. I was almost undressed when Annie and Taiiko walked in. "I don't think the boots smell that bad, sorry, I forgot I had them on."

"I don't care about the boots, Love, are you OK?"

" fine, just tired. Those guys are going to have a bad months." I looked Annie. "I missed you sweets. I missed all of you and sorry I was so distant earlier." She walked up and kissed .

"We understand Love. You were doing your job." I looked down because I still felt bad.

"Did you fax Deat what was in the folder?" She nodded. "When I get there's a bag I need to grab because it has all of their ID and info in it among other things." They both sat on the counter holding hands. Taiiko spoke.

"Can you hear ?" I told her yeah, the enhanced senses hadn't warn off yet. "Yoshi said that two have talked. The one you threw into the tree is still unconscious. The doctor is taking care of him until they can get him to the hospital. The others are close to breaking. They know how to inflict excruciating pain and not leave a mark. He said they should talk soon and no pigs. He'd rather have Interpol pick them up because he agreed about the local police."

"Good. I wiped the water out of my eyes and they were both staring at , awkwardly. "What, the water was cold." The both laughed as Annie hopped down and handed a towel.

"Not that silly, it's just that this is the first time that Taiiko is with one of us while you're naked." Taiiko nodded. "It's fine, Love, it was just interesting." Taiiko spoke.

"Annie's right, Daniel, it's fine. I am not at all jealous of my sisters. I would be with someone else."

"Even Kana?" She stared at me and grunted as she shook her head.

"You're an...."

"The appropriate term is asshole, Taiiko. Come on, you can tell me about Kana and I'll pinch him too." I brushed and put my clean clothes on and smelled the boots they weren't too bad. I hoped it wore off. I went into the living room and Annie glared at me. "You can pinch me when I get back." I hugged Chloe, Janey and Alison and apologized. I'll talk with you when I get back I won't be long. Come on Chloe. She smiled and took my hand as we walked outside.

"Thanks for the drinks, it the spot."

"Good. Can I borrow one of them for about minutes."

"Yeah, the keys are in it." I told him thanks as we climbed in and I headed to get the pack and weapon.

"I'll be right back. Climb in the back and get naked lady." She smiled. I didn't have to ask her twice. I grabbed the gear, opened the back door and put it off to the side. I pushed when I walked up and there was nothing except the people I knew. I got undressed and lied down. It was uncomfortable but I didn't mind. Chloe need to be with . She lied on top of and we kissed. It didn't take long for to get hard. She reached between her legs, position the head of my penis against her lips and pushed on to . We made love slowly, gently, while we kissed. I came inside her and we kissed until I popped . She turned and started to clean , and I did the same with her. We got up and dressed and kissed each again, smiling. No words were needed. It's what we both needed. I pulled back up and grabbed the pack and the gun and headed inside.

"If you ever want a job, let me know." I smiled.

"Thanks, but you guys work too hard." They all howled. All the girls were smiling when we walked in.

Sara said, "Nice ride," and they all laughed. I shook my head and went up to say to Janey, Alison, Jake, and Emily. I was beat but I wanted to at least tell them that. They all understood. Annie had spoken with the . I grabbed the pack and walked into the kitchen. Ama was sitting the table.

"Hello Daniel, It's wonderful to meet you in person. Quite the ." I nodded. "Everything can wait until tomorrow, Love, even your friend Deat. He has plenty to keep him occupied. I'll take care of the weapons. The bonsai are safe, as are your gifts. I took the coverings of the trees because they needed attention. They are not use to flying and it was stressful for them. They are fine. I will take good care of them and I must say that I am impressed, especially by the Ash for all the clans, that was as impressive as it was thoughtful. I am also touched by the thoughtfulness of your gift to because I was here when birch trees covered a fair bit of this island. We can speak more in the morning. I want you to take this." She handed a pill and some water. "It will help you sleep without dreams, or visions. You are more tired than you realize." I took it and she grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. "I am glad you're back Daniel. I've missed you, now hurry because it doesn't take long and none of us want to lift you onto the bed."

I walked into the living room and I could feel it kicking in. It felt like I was drunk. I saw Taiiko and reach out for her to help me. She grabbed me. "Bed." She helped me into our room sat me on the bed as she took my boots and socks off. I fell onto the pillow as she lifted my legs and put the covers over me. I said thank you. She kissed me and I was out.

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excellent piece.

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Wow what a welcome to Iceland but Daniel is taking control and feeling his powers I think he will ruffle some feathers now and they will be rattled I hope Deat will manage to get enough information out to the right contacts and it scares enough people into dumping the Finns.

Well done another fine episode.

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