take me part 298  

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9/17/2021 12:00 pm
take me part 298

The coffee had been sitting for too long so I just held it and hoped Tina and Taiiko slept, no sense waking them up. Besides, I needed to think but I wish I had my notebook here because it helped in that process. I figured would always be more questions than answers, I just wished the ratio would narrow. was something missing, shit was a ton missing, but why would someone want Alison dead before they even tried to find out what she knew. didn't make sense unless they wanted tie loose end, even potential ones after Gustav was found dead. Gustav was pissed off about the because we took all of , the person above him didn't care and just wanted things lay low along the front range until blew over. Deat did say the trail went cold, hopefully the info I had would heat things back up again and turn the focus Europe, primarily Finland, and Jaak's , and Jaak.

I might be making a leap, or using faulty logic, lord knows wouldn't be the first time. this wasn't what Ella meant when she said 'unpleasant' because are lots of unpleasant ways make , but my instincts said was something . Javier said the hackers had heard the thing that Gustav was doing was happening in the EU and I certainly wouldn't doubt that was. Depravity can run deep in some men, and apparently some women too. I needed to Bet and Javier as well. What I needed do, wanted do was take Taiiko meet my cousin and then Denver meet my family . If was true that Jake and Emily wanted stay then would be good for Em spend time with her moms, and a break with Jake would be healthy, albeit unpleasant. I wasn't going allow us be separated so we either all left, or we all stayed. It made sense me go back for a couple of weeks and figure things out because I had the sense that we wouldn't be back for a while. I needed talk with Lieve as well because I wanted her and Heather with us too. I sure walked into a briar patch.

The second thing that I just couldn't wrap my head around was how would anyone know about Taiiko. It happened to fast, yet four men from Finland, heavily armed, were waiting for us. It didn't jibe. Tina said that people were aware of me and Annie, and potentially me being part of the prophesy but they wouldn't know specifics, and how would Roan. I knew Annie wouldn't ever be speaking with her because she was under no illusions about her sister, even if she did loved her. I suppose the why was secondary at this point. I couldn't get the thought of those snipers in ghille suits watching the shop, armed with suppressed rifles, out of my mind. weren't a lot of trees in Iceland, was a whole lot of flat and open which is paradise for snipers. I wanted see if Ama had dogs, or could get dogs, set them loose see if they would find anyone, but I didn't want get the dogs killed in case they did. I'd rather do myself because if they were , they would regret and be in the hospital for a very long time. If we were in Denver, they'd be at the bottom of a mine shaft.

Tina walked out wrapped in the blanket, yawing and kissed my head as she sat down. "Thanks." I smiled and nodded. "You should have woken me up. I'll make a fresh pot. I'm glad you didn't drink that."

"I wouldn't have blamed you, sweets.'

"Why aren't sleeping? You have to be tired Daniel."

"I had a dream and now I have questions." She stared at me intently.

"I'll be back with coffee."

"And a pastry too, if you have any more. Good thing I don't fly very often." She chuckled. "Please find out how much longer until we land." She nodded. Tina walked out with two cups of coffee and my danish and sat down.

"The Captain said about eight hours. We can have dinner whenever you Taiiko like but I was going wait until we were 3-4 hours out since it's just the two of you." I nodded.

"How many people does the largest jet you fly hold?"

"Twelve. Why?"

"We might need it. I'm thinking of taking everyone back to Denver for a couple of weeks. Is a way that we could land in Denver as an unannounced stop with the final destination somewhere else? is a airport not far from were we live. We could be off and gone in minutes because we'll take carry-on's and you could be back in the air. I want make as confusing as I can for these assholes."

"I'll with the Captain but I'm sure is because the airports we fly into aren't that busy. Is that serious, Daniel?" I looked at her.

"I'll have a better sense when we land, and get Ama's, but I think so." Taiiko walked up bleary eyed.

"Are you flirting with other women again Daniel?" She sat on my lap, kissed me and stole my coffee as Tina was getting up to get her a cup.

"Don't bother, she'll finish mine." Taiiko smiled. "I never get to finish anything." Tina laughed as she sat back down.

"Why are you awake, mister?" I told them about the dream and my thoughts. It was beyond mere speculation in my mind but I was still not sure. It would take a more than eight hours for me be sure. I should have slept longer.

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9/17/2021 2:25 pm

And the beat goes on, the beat goes on. He will figure somethings out, but not all. He has to get Deat involved, so that Interpol will also get involved, and then the shit will hit the fan and fly in all directions. I think Deat will want to question the men in Japan, but Yoshi will have gotten all the info from them. Then, they will be pork food. But Deat will be given the info.

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9/17/2021 4:06 pm

I have not been so engrossed in a story since Game of Thrones this is epic it has love, sex, politics and intrigue just like life really where power and money leads.

I think Yoshi has already fed the pigs and any info will be passed on.

Deat will definitely want to get involved and the the cover ups will be attempted but then others may get involved a revolution is coming to the druid world the clans sense this and feel in a mode to see change you can only threaten people for so long.

A change of powerbase will happen.

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9/18/2021 1:58 am



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