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take me part 297  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
9/16/2021 5:15 pm
take me part 297

I greeted them but they were somber. "What is ?"

"'s physics, Daniel," Ella said. Claire still didn't speak with words. "For every action, is an equal, or greater, reaction. Was yours the action, or the reaction?"

"I've lost count Ella. How 'bout you just tell me what is going on. I feel like I am three moves behind and I'm getting quite tired of it, and what I saw today didn't ease my mind.

"You've actually been holding your own nicely. We are all quite impressed." Jesus Christ! "What happened at Yoshi's and Taiiko's was unexpected. Your instinct was right about that, in a manner of speaking. Their cousin saw an opportunity, or so he thought because he is not very bright, and very easily manipulated. He thought that if Taiiko was out of the way that he could step in..."

"And Yoshi, or any of them including Yamaita?"

"I said he wasn't very bright. He barely thinks and certainly doesn't at options. He's a useful pawn, a diversion. The problem was they didn't expect you. The men in the SUV was the primary mission, was being the operative word. Roan is a pawn too, even though she is unaware of but she is smart, cunning, and devious, as is her fiance."

"How did they know about Taiiko? They were waiting follow us the airport, Ella. I'd been a few days and Taiiko and I happened in those few days. So they are either coming after me, which begs the question why, or someone close her isn't loyal, or someone working at the charter company isn't because Taiiko made the calls change the flight after the first fire. The other options I can think of are that one of the girls set this up for some reason which I totally don't , or someone is going after every clan. Can you see why I am confused?" They both laughed.

"You really are doing quite well, Love." Claire smiled, and nodded. "You are the wild card they didn't expect, and while you may think you are three moves behind, they think you are two always two moves ahead. You have inflicted significant pain their operations. You've taken and property. You put quite a of men out of commission, and you've complicated things for them with law enforcement, and if aren't a target already, you likely will be soon which is why you need wrap this up sooner rather than later." Claire nodded.

"Unbelievable, and how do you suggest I do that when I don't have a fucking clue what is going on?" I waited, nothing. "Tell me about how, and why, Finland is involved."

"Convenience and opportunity mainly, and they are very good, well usually. Jaak's family is very well connected in the government, and very wealthy, but the way they amazed their fortune is... unpleasant say the least. They respect nothing except and the sad part of this, for Roan, is that if she truly knew Jaak she would see that he is not far removed from his . Sadly, Roan embraced darkness because of greed and will have atone for her actions. Gaia is harsh but forgiving. will not be easy for her. They think the clans are businesses designed make and that they can<b> control </font></b>, and profit from it.

They have no idea what the clans are about, or what the leaders role is. Do you Daniel?" I was quiet, thinking, not about the clans, I understood the clans. I was thinking about Jaak's and what Ella had intimated about him. I assumed the snipers in Denver were after one, or all, of the girls, which they probably are, now, especially since Taiiko is involved, but now I wasn't so sure because of the date, July Fourth, now I was starting think they were waiting for Alison. I needed talk with Deat.

"Daniel? Are you OK, Love?"

"Sorry, I was thinking and remembering. Ella and Caire smiled. answer your question Ella in my mind the purpose of the leader is the as the clan, , the businesses just help facilitate that. I think that is the change the prophecy speaks of and that was what Marnine was trying destroy, or prevent, because she knew that all of us share that view. Taiiko said when we were talking about what we would do after the wedding, were we would live. She said us being together is part of our power. Anyway, 's just a thought and I've been wrong before." Both Ella and Claire were silent for quite awhile before Ella spoke.

"You are an intriguing man, Daniel," and they were gone without a word as I woke up. I was no longer tired. I gently got up and went the galley. Tina was sound asleep. I put my blanket over her, poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down think. If I was right then leave me get involved in two separate cluster fucks, that weren't separate at all. didn't matter because right now was an existential threat my family and I was done being nice.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
9/16/2021 7:16 pm

Yep, I think it is Annie's sister and her boyfriend. Ella said Daniel has hurt their businesses , That can only be one, the Sex Ring, is behind all of this, the secondary reasoning, is how Daniel will use the Clans, business to help the clans and surrounding peoples, through the world. All 5 of them will live in one location, question is where.

I think Daniel will share the recon data with Deat. So that the heat will be turned up a notch. ( back to the sex ring )

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
9/17/2021 3:57 pm

I agree with Claw it all goes back to the sex ring and their other illicit enterprises I think Daniel will bring the clans together and there will be a show down.

What powers will come to Daniel when everything is in place I think it will surprise everyone as they said he can move between worlds and the girls have powers too still to be revealed.

The story is an epic.

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