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take me part 295  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
9/15/2021 2:59 pm
take me part 295

I needed to call Deat. If these men were connected with the snipers in Denver then we had problems, but I was mostly concerned about the zip ties. Yoshi was staring at me. "What is it Daniel?

"I'm not sure yet but I know who to call to find out. Either way, Yoshi these guys are hardcore so tell you're people not to underestimate them. These are the kind of people who can kill you with their hands tied. They are very dangerous. He nodded and left as I asked if he trusted Kana. 'With my life Daniel-san." I asked how about Taiiko's. "Yes." I pushed and felt something but it wasn't close. Taiiko and Kana walked out laughing, looked at me and stopped.

"What Daniel?"

"I'm not sure but there is something. Tell Yoshi I'll be back. Ask Kana if she knows how to fire a handgun?" Kana nodded but looked concerned. "Have Yoshi grab guns and extra clips, just in case. Meet me halfway down the driveway. I shouldn't be long and tell Kana to prepare herself." I ran, shifted, and leapt off the porch and ran as fast as I could toward the road. I could hear Kana gasp and Taiiko and Yoshi speaking with her. There was no one in the woods. I suppose they figured it wasn't safe since it'd been twelve hours since anyone would have had contact with the three in the house, and someone was waiting for contact, that was a certainty. I still ran through the woods for cover. I got close to the road, shifted and pushed. They were about thirty yards up the road. There four of them. I shifted back and walked through the woods toward them. They were in a SUV waiting for us to leave. It was on the side of the road and close enough to the trees, which were dark, that I could be on them without warning. Doing what I planned would hurt me but I healed quickly and it was worth it. The two in the back weren't pay attention and the two in the front were looking for us.

I focused, breathed and pounced. I was at the back door in and instant. I shattered the window ripped the door off dug my claws into the closest guy and threw him high into the woods, hard, as I roared. He hit a large a tree and crumpled he wouldn't be walking for a long time. I roared again as I pushed inside. It wasn't easy. I swiped across the face of the other in the back seat breaking his jaw and sending the side of his head into the window before he could react. He was unconscious. I did the same with driver as he was going for his weapon. He was out cold before it cleared the holster. The man in the passenger seat was left handed and had just clear his weapon when I bit into his shoulder and shook as I beat him against the window. He went limp. I backed out and was getting ready to shift back to me as Kana walked out of the woods, gun ready. I shifted and looked at her, and started pulling them out.

She came up and helped. There was a bag on the floor that I grabbed as Kana pulled the driver out and dragged him in the the bushes. She tied their hands behind their backs and started to disarm them and grab their ID. They had weapons everywhere but Kana was thorough. We got everything. I pulled the last one out and she did the same with him and started throwing the gear into the bag and taking off the tactical vests. I grabbed the registration and popped the trunk. There was a larger duffel in it and I knew what that meant. I grabbed it, threw it on the ground and and checked the spare. There was an accordion file on it. I grabbed that and headed to the guy in the woods. I took everything, including the vest and walked of the woods and extended my hand. She smiled and took it as she held her thumb and forefinger to her nose and squinted, then laughed. I nodded and laughed. I took out my knife and sliced the stems off the two closest tires, put the vests in the duffel bag and hit all three of them with the back of my knife, hard. I picked up the file and we disappeared into the woods. I followed Kana too the SUV. She got in with the small bag and I threw the larger one in the back. I got in and rolled down my window as Yoshi drove off.

I turned and smiled at Taiiko. She shook her head and smiled back. "Please tell Kana thank you, that made it go much quicker." She spoke to Kana who smiled at me and nodded. Yoshi knew what he was doing in his training. "Can you also call someone at the house to grab the guys so no one finds them. There's one in the woods about twenty feet from the the back door of the car." She nodded. "They are just as dangerous, although probably not for awhile. They'll need to call the doctor again. There's a bag of weapons in the back, Yoshi, FYI." He called someone and said we needed to make a quick stop in a bit.

"Daniel." I turned.

"Yeah Love. Taiiko and Kana were holding handfuls of cash....US cash. Fuck. It was just like Denver. "Please call Annie and tell her. It doesn't matter what time it is. Tell her what happened here looks like Denver and to be on guard. Have bring armed security, if she can because the airport will be the easiest place for something to happen." She nodded. Also have see if she can change the planes' manifest and flight plan to show Nova Scotia as the destination. We can land in Iceland because of a warning light." She stared at me. "They know too much." She nodded and called as Yoshi pulled next to a van and got out. Kana and I did the same. She walked over carrying the smaller bag as I grabbed the duffel. Yoshi and Kana spoke to him as I threw the bag in the back. He looked at me and nodded, got in and drove off. We did the same.

"She said to call her when we get to the airport. I told her we would but only after you take a shower and change clothes." She translated and the backseat laughed. The<b> trip </font></b>to the airport was uneventful. We left the weapons in the van, including my knife. Kana, and the other woman, were on alert as they guarded Taiiko. Someone from Annie's company came up with a cart and took the suitcases, after I grabbed clothes and my new boots and handed them to Taiiko so I didn't stink those up too, and the bonsai, and headed inside. I told Yoshi to hold onto the sword and knives as they might need them. He nodded. They walked inside with us to wait until I showered because once we were through security we should be fine. Kana hugged me and kissed my cheek and then hugged Taiiko. They said something and smiled as Yoshi took me aside.

"This was unexpected, and intense." I nodded. "I'll be making calls all day to see if I can get information and then we'll figure out what to do with the men." I told him he needed more pigs. He smiled and nodded. "Keep her safe. Keep all of them safe."

"I will. You need to pay attention to the ridge overlooking the river. If I wanted to access your place I'd come from there or from behind the house since we are aware of the vulnerability of the saw mill. It might also be wise to install a gate there and motion detector's on the dirt road, and along the driveway. Your students are going to get a crash course in working in trees." He laughed as Taiiko came up and hugged him.

"We'll be fine grandfather, but wait until we board, just in case." Taiiko bought two garbage bags from the agent and I took a shower. I threw my clothes in the bags and tied them shut and handed it to Yoshi. They're securing the bonsai in the cabin and finishing up. We have fifteen minutes, call the girls."

They started talking at once. "I'm fine and as much as I adore all of you I can't understand you if you don't take turns." Sara grabbed the phone everyone yelled, "SARA!"

"Are you ever going to stop scaring us mister?"

"I'm sorry Love, but I'm fine and we'll be there in under twelve hours and you can punch me."

"You got that right.... Stop Chloe! I'm not finished

"Sara, stop it. They have to get on the plane. We can't talk long. It's serious I take it. It is and I would prefer if all of you stayed there and have Ama send a driver to pick us up. It's not the way I intended it but it would be safer.'

"We'll discuss it. Pay attention Love. Annie and I talked and we'll have private time later. We all sleep together for the foreseeable future. Here's Annie. We love you."

"I love you to. Tell everyone even though they know."

"I spoke with Ama and she is upping the patrols and sending them farther out." I told her good. "We're going to have a lot to talk about, it seems.

"Yeah we are. I told Chloe that I'd feel better if all of you stay there and reserve a car for us."

"Won't happen Daniel, I can tell you that right now. Sara is way too excited, as are Jake and Emily. We will have security and you, me, Melissa and Janes. We'll pay attention and I know it goes against you instincts but we're stubborn."

"When did Janey and Alison get there?"

"Couple of days ago. They love it here like the rest of us." I asked how things were in Denver. "Fine. I'll fill you in tomorrow after you and Taiiko sleep. I'm guessing you didn't get much over the last couple of days, and not for that reason." I laughed. "Enjoy the flight. I'll call about the manifest and flight plan when I hang up because it's a good idea. We love you. I love you. Quite the life that chose you Daniel. We'll see you soon. Give Taiiko our love. We all like her, even Jake and Em."

"I love you to Annie, and I will. Thanks." I walked back to the gate and we said goodbye.

"Pay attention Yoshi. I don't want any of your family getting hurt. I'm growing quite fond of them." He hugged me and nodded. Kana hugged both Taiiko and I again. Taiiko hugged the other woman and her and I bowed. We headed to the plane holding hands and climbed the stairs. Tina was waiting for us. She looked at us holding hands and looked me and smiled.

"Taiiko this is Tina....Tina, Taiiko." They nodded. "It's a long story."

"I bet," she said chuckling. "Would you like coffee and a pastry? It'll be a bit before I can serve breakfast." We both said please.

"Same rule applies for you and the crew, so make sure they eat." Taiiko looked at me confused. Tina smiled.

"No need Daniel, that rule was changed. We eat what the guests eat. Did you have anything to do with?" I shrugged as she kissed my cheek. "Pardon me, Taiiko, but he is a very nice man. You are a lucky woman. I'll bring your coffee." Taiiko smiled.

"Large cup, please. It's been quite the morning." She nodded as we walk in and sat down. I kissed her. "Are you OK Love?" She looked at me with misty eyes.

"Tired, and stressed, but better. I told Yoshi to be careful....all of them to be careful. I am beginning to see why you were hesitant to leave but he does have abilities that will keep them safe. It is important for us to be in Iceland. I knew that before Ella told us." I nodded as Tina brought us coffee.

"We're closing things up and we have the bonsai secure in the back. We should be taking off in about five minutes so you'll need to put your seat belts on." We did. "May I sit?" We nodded. "May I be impertinent?" I laughed.

"This is only my second flight Tina, but when haven't you been. You'll need to ask her."

"Tina, feel free to speak your mind. I prefer that."

"Are you pregnant?" Neither of was expecting that, but I'm sure Annie would get a kick out it.

"Why do you ask?"

"There are only several large clans left, Marnine saw to that. She undid how our people lived for thousands of years and forced us to shift. There were many benefits of that such as this. Most of us are either from smaller clans, or alone. There are many such people. The thing we all share is that we are all connected through Gaia." Taiiko nodded. "We are all aware of Daniel and what he did to Marnine. We don't know the whole story but we know about the wedding, and we know about the prophesy of uniting us into one clan. The one thing Marnine did well was was to shift us away from physical violence and focus us on business and learning, but there are those who want to take us back to that in the search of power." I thought about Marnine's final words.

"The reason I'm asking is because the prophesy says there will be four who will be joined with a man who is not of our world but who stands firmly in both. They will lead during the changes. It's not the first time that a prophesy from Gaia has come to be." She looked at us.

"Prophesy is vague for a reason Tina, so it can have multiple paths to unfold." She nodded."I want your word that this remains with us."

"Of course, Taiiko. I want to know because I want you to know that you have my support in anyway I can, that's all. I'm not a gossip."

"I think so. It's too early to be sure but I share your sense of anticipation if what the prophesy says is true. How it'll work, I have no idea. There is something you can do for us, if you can. We need to keep us landing in Iceland off the radar of people. You are correct that there are those who want this wedding stopped." She nodded.

"Thank you for trusting me. I'll see what I can do. I need to sit. Enjoy your coffee." Taiiko looked at me sheepishly and squeezed my hand."

"I already sensed it Love, and Ella all but confirmed it last night when she said congratulations." She asked how. "When I shifted the first time in front of you and had my head against your belly. Your scent is changing. I figured that was the reason." She stared at me as I sipped my coffee, thankfully it was still hot.

"You can smell that?"

"Shifted. I know your scent, love." She smiled. "I can't tell the difference like this, but I can when I shift. My sense are getting more acute, more subtle. I'm very happy about and I'll trust Ella on this one. I'm glad I'm joining large clans because we're going to need sitters." She laughed as we took off. I wasn't going to be relieved until we cleared Japanese airspace, and then only until we descended into Reykjavik. Taiiko held my coffee as I opened the pastries. We were both hungry but hadn't noticed.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
9/15/2021 3:57 pm

Well, I guess those 7 Finnish hit men and maybe the cousin, will be pig food. Pigs eat every thing, even the bones. But Yoshi will get what info he can from them first. Unless Deat really gets involved and comes to Japan.

AS thought of many Parts back, Daniel to unite the clans, with his wives ruling with him. 4 wives , but I still say Sara will sit on throne with Daniel, the others will sit at either side

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