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take me part 294  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
9/14/2021 7:24 pm
take me part 294

Most everyone having dinner were still in their work clothes, and considering this was a communal farm, among other things, no one minded, not even Yamaita, because we were all raving about the food, especially the chicken yakitori. I was glad I hadn't had lunch. She was spoiling us, at least she was spoiling me. I left the last of the food without reaching because my mom always told me and my brothers to never take the last of anything and there were many people who worked harder than I did so i pushed my plate a little and they pounced because it was that good. I seemed to have stumbled into this life with these four amazing women and it would be very easy to abuse that position. I wasn't going to do that. I was sure I would have to make tough decisions, and some would be disliked, but I figured if they knew that I cared for their well being then we could work through it. It was like it was in the military, or at least should be, you don't eat until you know your people are being fed. Power and prestige are seductive; i cared for neither. Taiiko put the last piece of her chicken on my plate and held her stomach and smiled at me, as did Yoshi. I kissed her cheek and ate it.

Everyone chatted about the day, but since I couldn't understand I thanked Yamaita, bowed, and started clearing the table, everyone stopped and Taiiko said something as she joined me. They smiled and enjoyed more tea and laughing as we started clearing and soaking plates. We had things soaking when Yamaita, and Yoshi brought in bowls of green tea ice cream...everyone cheered. Yoshi handed me andTaiiko one and picked up his as we leaned against the counter, smiling. It's always better to have happy workers. "This is amazing." They both nodded but they had it before, I never had.

"Yes, it's wonderfully refreshing. I am sorry you had to delay your<b> trip </font></b>but I am glad you did. Were you able to get all the posts set." I nodded and told him that was the easy part, putting up the wire was the hard work.

"I'm plan on being in Iceland, or Norway, when that happens." We all laughed, but I wasn't kidding. It's a pain in the ass. "What time do we need to leave for the airport?" Yoshi said six. I nodded and looked at Taiiko. "Love, you need to sleep without me tonight because you'll need to deal with the airport." She looked at me me and growled. "Please, if it makes you feel better, you can pack for me." She nodded as we finished washing the dishes and Yoshi rejoined the table.

Taiiko made us some tea and we went to sit on the porch. It was close to eight and twilight was beginning to turn all black. We held hands, rocking in silence, and sipped our tea. People came out and waved goodbye to us. Ren and Jiro walked up. Jiro said, "Ren said that you and excellent worker." I smiled.

"Please tell him thank you and I feel the exact same about both of you. I'm sorry I won't be able to help with the paddocks because I enjoy working with both of you. We make a good team." Jiro translated and Ren got a huge smile on his face. He bowed, as did I.

"Thank you Daniel-san."

"Thank you, Ren. It'll be a strong fence." He nodded and they left. I was going to miss this place. Taiiko squeezed my hand, and kissed it, seems you've made a friend, Daniel." I nodded. I liked Ren. I liked everyone I had met so far, except maybe the cousin, I just needed to learn one of the hardest languages in the world in short order. OY! and that was when I got the headache and Ella walked up.

"Daniel, who is that?" Yoshi walked out smiled, as did Ella.

"That's Ella, she's Chloe and Janey's mom, and sometimes a royal pain in my ass. Let's hope that's not the case now." Ella and Yoshi laughed.

"At least you didn't pass out and hit the ground," which was true. "You need to pay particular attention tonight, Daniel, because the danger is still present and it won't end unless you end it tonight. The threat will still be there going forward, but you must stop the present one tonight, if you are diligent you can." Ella reached out her hand to Taiiko, "It is lovely to meet you young lady. Congratulations. I knew your mother. I still know your mother. She is fine and sends her love and wanted me to tell you that she will communicate with you once Daniel is familiar with her energy. It is easier in the beginning to communicate with someone like Daniel who straddles both worlds. It won't be too long my dear." Taiiko was crying.

"Please tell I love her and miss her everyday."

"I will, Love, but she is keenly aware of that. It won't be long. You'll learn many things with Ama." She looked at me, and there was no mistaking her energy. "You have to end this tonight Daniel because it's important that you are on that plane tomorrow morning and in Iceland. Focus, dear one, and pay attention to your instincts." and she was gone. Taiiko gasped as she squeezed the crab out of my hand.

"It's OK sweets, they take a perverse pleasure in doing that, at least Ella walks up so I can see her." I knew she had questions. I'll try and answer what I can, and share what I know, which isn't a lot, on the plane tomorrow. We have so much to talk about that the flight will go quickly, but I need to go Love." She nodded and hugged me like she was desperate for me to stay, which I'm sure she was. I nodded to Yoshi walked down the steps and to the woods,turned, waved, shifted and ran. I headed to the saw mill. I didn't expect him to go back there but I wanted to check the because as far as I knew there were only two ways onto the property by car, the driveway, and the road to the saw mill. It was a long way to the house which was why I was a little surprised to see a car parked off the road. It was the same scent, and strong, but there were others, at least two, possibly three. I followed the strongest because it was heading to the barn, but also the house. I followed it on the opposite side of the saw mill and stayed well in the woods. I was getting closer. I ran to the barn and waited. I could smell him and was hoping I was close enough to see him. I wasn't. I wished either Annie, or Melissa were here, they were less.... cumbersome. He was heading directly for the house like he knew the way. I ran to the house and circled around it. I was hoping one of Yoshi's abilities was mind reading. I shifted in the woods on the other side of the house and pushed to Yoshi to stay inside and pay attention. He turned the front porch light out. I was hoping that was a sign to his people as well.

I pushed outward to find out who was there. I knew were the one I knew was. I was interested in the others. I moved toward them as quickly, but as quietly as I could. I went to the last one first. He was watching the driveway. I moved in behind him, and growled. He froze and turned as he pointed something at me. I clawed his hand, he dropped and I back handed him into a tree. I was fairly certain he had hurt his shoulder but I didn't care. I shifted and started to disarm him. My senses stayed heightened for up to thirty minutes after after I shifted back to me so I could see well enough as I went through his pockets and it was like he was on a special ops mission. I took everything he had and took off the night vision goggles and the ear piece off. We were keeping these. We were keeping all of it. I hid all of it, just in case and used some of his zip ties to tie him to the tree. I took a rag, stuffed it in his mouth and taped it. He was starting to come to and moaning. I punched him, hard, and he was out. I shifted and moved to the other two and did the same. I pushed but could only feel the one I already knew about.

I moved in behind him but stepped on a branch and snapped it. He froze and then turned. I growled, which scared him. He fired to soon and I ripped a large chunk of his hand off which sent the gun flying. I hit him in the chest. He hit the ground and was knocked out. I shifted and zip tied his arms and legs and dragged him out of the woods toward the house. Four people approached me, two men and two women. I said Yoshi. One nodded and said Hai, and ran to the door. Yoshi walked out by himself. Taiiko stayed inside. He said something to the person that walked back with him. He bowed, grabbed the man by the shirt and dragged him onto the porch. I wouldn't want to fight these people, even the women....especially not the women.

"There are three others down the driveway. They are tied to trees and in varying states of unconsciousness." He chuckled.

"Are you OK? We heard a shot."

"He missed."

"That's fortunate."

"I thought so. Can you call Taiiko? I need to talk with her." He did and handed me me the phone.

"Yoshi. Is D..."

"It's me sweets. I'm fine." She started crying. "It's OK, Love. I'm fine. We'll be in soon. There are some lose ends to clean out, and I need to go back out, but I'll come in before I do."

"You better mister, because I need to to punch you." I laughed and told her OK but to stay inside and away from windows. Call Annie and tell them what you know. There were four of them, armed. We'll be in soon. Two other people were running down the driveway as we started walking.

"One was watching the driveway and road. I've pushed but didn't feel anything else. I reached in my pocket and handed him the earbud and mic. "You might want to put this in. They each had one. One of them is in there and there is a pile of his things hidden in the trees about fifteen feet opposite him. One came dragging him, flipped him and zip tied him again. The other one came out carrying a bunch of stuff, and walked back in for the rest. Yoshi looked at me. "They had a lot of stuff. It's why it took me longer to get back to the house than I wanted." One person stayed with him playing with the goggles. Yoshi said something and he put them down. He both smiled. I was going to that when I could. We walked about a hundred and fifty feet. There's in there but a little deeper in the woods, same with his gear as the last one. I could still smell them.

We walked toward the road. "These guys were heavily armed. I'm not sure about the one closest to the house because I just dragged him out but there is a handgun in the trees, along with part of his hand. I'll find it when I shift again. This was planned out, Yoshi, and if he didn't set the fire it might have worked, whatever it is. There's a car on the dirt road off on the side. I'll go and check it out after I see Taiiko." He nodded. "The other one is in there. I walked in and grabbed the gear while Yoshi's student, one of the women, cut his hands lose and started to drag him out. I was impressed by these people. He reached for throat and she broke his wrist, effortlessly, and kept dragging him out. She put his hands behind his back and tied them. He cried out in pain but none of us had any sympathy. She took a bag out of her pocket and handed it me. I nodded and put the things in and handed it to Yoshi. "Tell her that was impressive. I'm going to check the road in both directions for a mile. I won't be long. Have her turn around." He nodded. She did and I shifted then ran toward the road.

I ran along the side of the road for a mile in both directions but couldn't sense anything. I listened to see if I could hear the high pitch sound of a drone, but couldn't. I zigzagged through the woods on both sides of the driveway and then behind the house and didn't feel anything. I stopped where he was and shifted and looked for the gun. It didn't take long I put it in the back out pants and walked to the house as I pushed. Nothing. Two people stepped out of the shadows. I could tell they were both wearing goggles, for which I was glad. I waved and they waved back as I walked onto the porch and knocked. Yoshi opened the door. Taiiko is right, you do smell. Taiiko ran at me and jumped and then bit my shoulder as she hugged me. She kissed me before getting down and then punched in the chest, at least she alternated. Sara didn't. "You scared me, mister."

"I know, Love, I'm sorry, but I have to go back out. I don't trust that they are alone."

"I know, Yoshi told me." I told her not to worry because I could see better than them even with the night vision goggles. "We know a doctor and he's on his way. He's trustworthy. We're still trying to figure out what to do but he won't be using that hand well ever again.

"Ask the doctor if he can get Pentothal, or something similar, maybe we can get the truth out of them without torture." She looked me. "We need to know what's going and there aren't many ways to do it. They had a lot of weapons, and zip ties." She nodded.

"I need to go Love, but I'll be fine." I walked outside and a ways down the driveway, walked into the woods, shifted and ran to the car. I checked the buildings as I went . It wasn't hard to avoid Yoshi's people because they were close to the buildings and not in the woods. I was very leery about the car I circled it by a hundred yards before approaching it from the woods. I shifted and pushed and felt nothing. I grabbed a large rock and broke the passenger window and unlocked the door I checked the glove box and grabbed the registration and put it in my pocket. I checked under the seats but there was nothing. I popped the trunk and looked, even where the spare was, but there was nothing. I walked into the woods shift and smelled and as I trotted toward the road listening, looking and smelling. There was nothing. I did the same as the driveway and checked in both directions but nothing. If someone had been here they were gone. I hoped there wasn't. I zigzagged through the woods to the driveway and back to the house. I checked the saw mill and barn one more time to be sure and went around behind for about a mile as I headed to the house. I sensed nothing. I shifted and pushed and it was the same. I shifted back and ran to the ridge. I couldn't see, hear, or smell anyone but I needed to talk to Yoshi about this. I headed back to the house, lied down and focused my senses as I waited. I guessed it was probably three and I could tell by their scents that people watching the house were different. I was glad. I waited until almost four to trot through the woods, I shifted and walked out and toward the house This was going to be interesting.

I got close to the house and two people stepped out, looked at me, and waved. I waved backed as they walked back into the shadows. If only I were younger. I knocked on the door and Taiiko opened it. I wasn't surprised. I knew she wouldn't be able to to sleep. "You smell mister. I've already showered you know the drill." I walked into the laundry room and stripped. I handed her the registration. She nodded as she put my boots aside and said we'd leave these clothes here since they were for work. Yamacita will dry and fold them tomorrow." I nodded. Let's get you in the bath before you stink up the entire house. We were walking down the hall when the young woman who broke the man's wrist walked out of the bathroom in front of us. All of us stopped as she stared at me, and smiled. I waved, which made her laugh. What else was I suppose to do, it wasn't like she could un-see me naked. We walked past as she watched me and Taiiko shook her head. She watched until we closed the door. I was tempted to turn around but I didn't want to get hit.

"What is it with you and women." I shrugged and she hit me in the arm before running a bath. I soaked as as Taiiko went to make me some tea. She came in chuckling. "She said I was a very lucky woman and asked if you had a brother." I shook my head and dunked myself. Taiiko put my tea on the counter and washed my hair and rinsed it before bathing me. She told me to stand so she could wash my penis, balls, and butt and my legs. I was starting to get hard. She smiled. "Me or her?" I said who do you think. She smiled and kissed my balls, and then squeezed. "That'll have to wait love because we're running out of time and Yoshi wants to leave earlier after last night in case there is something else. Kana, your newest admirer and someone else, I'm not sure who because I don't know all of them yet, are coming with us just in case. We're all packed. Get dressed and come to the kitchen and I'll introduce you to Kana. She's quite pretty and since she's seen you naked and liked it, it's only fair that she do the same I stared at her. She laughed and kissed me. "Get dressed and bring the bags." Jesus Christ, I was never going to live this down.

Taiiko and Kana were talking and smiling at the table but when I walked out they both stopped and started giggling. She introduced me to Kana and we bowed. "Kana says that you are very different from Japanese, that your...." I said that was enough as I walked onto the the porch to both of them laughing. Holy crap. Yoshi walked out smiling and sat down.

"Every woman here will know about this by the end of the week so you might as well resign yourself to that fact." I nodded. There are worse things, Daniel. The man whose hand you hurt was our cousin. I have calls out to people we trust to discuss what we should do. He's not talking but the doctor gave him pain meds. I have no idea who the other three are but we are thankful for the gifts they brought us, especially the goggles, earbuds, and mics. I nodded and said it leveled the field a bit.

"Those things aren't cheap Yoshi, and on top of all of this you need to listen for drones. It's a high pitch whine." He nodded and reached into his pocket and handed me copies of the id's and passports and I'm sure I turned white. The three men were Finnish.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
9/15/2021 1:53 am

3 Finnish assassins, Who are they working for?? Marnine, Annie's sister / boy friend, or , maybe, the Sex Ring organization . I'm sure Yoshi knows how to have them give up the info needed.

G000dbuddy 34M  
1676 posts
9/15/2021 7:10 am



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