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take me part 292  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
9/13/2021 4:20 pm
take me part 292

We headed to the truck. "Is everything OK?" She nodded.

"I've known her my entire life and she's had her role but things are beginning to change because I am stepping into mine and it causes friction until we find balance. She wouldn't take no for an answer so I stopped it. It'll be fine. I'll talk with her when we return." She handed me the keys. "You drive." I was good with directions and always paid attention in case I ever had to drive back somewhere if something happened. The village wasn't too far. We went to the shoe store first. Taiiko went to the counter and I sat down to take off the boots I got the day before. She brought my old boots back, smiling and asked if I was happy. I smiled and nodded.

"Please tell them that the other boots are wonderful." She nodded while I put on my work boots. We waved and walked to the tea house. I opened the door, we walked in , and I stopped. Taiiko could feel the shift. The scent that I followed was there, strong. I lead us to the table in the corner and watched. It didn't take long before I knew who it belonged to. I pointed at the man, maybe mid to late thirties and pointed. "Do you know him?" He turned and saw us looking at him and hurried out of the shop. I was getting up to follow him when Taiiko stopped him.

"I know who he is, kinda. He's a cousin but we never see them except at the family gatherings. I don't know much about him, or that side except they are family. We can speak with Yoshi. Do you trust me to order?" I kissed her and said of course. She came back carrying a big box of cookies and we chatted until they brought breakfast. There was a big plate of scrambled eggs and vegetables and a friend potato and vegetable type pancake only it was thicker, both were amazing. We finished, had another cup of tea, and walked to the van and went to help work. I pulled into the driveway and parked to the side as we went to talk with Yoshi. Taiiko told him about the cousin.

"I know who you mean. I'll call his father later this evening." I asked.

"Can you check with the couple, later, and she if they are in any kinda of trouble, financial or otherwise, or if they have enemies?" He nodded. "This whole thing seems strange because it doesn't seem random. The house is too far out of town and too far down the drive." He noded and handed us gloves.

"I will. Take the charred wood and throw it into a pile. We'll take it the garden after lunch and then start sifting through the remains to see if we can find anything for them, even something." We nodded and got to work. We worked several hours as the farm truck pulled in and backed down to the charred wood. Two of the garden crew got out and waved as the lead took two baskets to Yoshi and he called for lunch. Taiiko and I weren't hungry so we helped with loading the wood figuring the sooner we were done, the sooner we could have tea and cookies. We both room had for that. It didn't take long. The workers ate but Taiiko and I just had tea cookies, which everyone loved it. We went back to sifting through ash and debris for several more hours. We put what we found in baskets. Yoshi called it a day and everyone started heading to their homes. We put the baskets in Yoshi's van and the tools in ours before we said goodbye and drove home. It was a decent days work. We were going to look through one more time and then put the rest of the debris in the truck and the ash in buckets. We probably could have been done all today if we hadn't slept in, and then had breakfast.

Taiiko and I walked to the house, holding hands, laughing about something as we took our boots off and went inside. She went into the kitchen and walked down the hall into the bedroom. I was in the bathroom undressing when she walked in and started to do the same. I finished folding my clothes and started with hers as she finished. "Everything OK?" She smiled and nodded. "Good, she's too good a cook to get her mad at us." We both laughed and got in the shower. We bathed each other, dried and got into comfortable clothes and then walked to the porch and sat down to wait for Yoshi. Yamaita brought lemonade out and set it down. We both bowed and said thank you. I pour us some and we rocked and held hands until Yoshi pulled up. He brought over a chair and poured a glass. It hit the spot because it was hot and muggy.

"They said they have no issues, and enemies that they know about. They were both inside when they started smelling smoke so they looked around and then went outside and the side of the house burning and it was on the roof, the hose wouldn't reach so they tried to salvage as much as they could until it became to dangerous and then waited for the fire department. The person that came up was driving down the road sped toward us. They said they knew know one who would do such a thing."

"Unless there was faulty wiring, and it only burned outward, which seems unbelievable, that means someone deliberately set it, which is risky with people inside, and dumb because arson is bad enough but murder is a whole lot worse. I'm curious why your cousin's scent was there, and he hurried out so quickly. He obviously recognized you, and could tell we were looking at him, that I was looking at him." Yoshi nodded and said he'd call after dinner but needed a shower. I called the girls and put it on speaker, they were ecstatic. I got to say hello and goodbye but it was a good call because they had all bonded.

Taiiko and I walked into the bedroom, got naked and climbed on the bed to make love since we couldn't later. We kissed, touched, licked, sucked and bit before she lied on top of me and made love. We weren't in a hurry. I came and we snuggled and kissed until I got hard again and did it again only this time, afterward we drifted to sleep in each other's arms for about an hour. It was seven and we got dressed and went to have dinner. Taiiko and I did the dishes as Yoshi sat on the porch thinking. We thanked Yamaita for dinner and went out to join Yoshi for a bit.

"I'm a little concerned to leave you to handle this by yourself, Yoshi. Taiiko says that you'll be fine but since we don't know what we're up against...." He interjected.

"It'll be fine Daniel, but thank you for your concern. I have skills you are unaware of. Taiiko smiled and nodded. It would be good for you to patrol again tonight, and maybe tomorrow night before you leave. I am going to post patrols around all the buildings. I'll keep people out of the woods until you're gone. It'll give the members of the dojo real world stealth training. We all smiled. It was almost dark when I stood up. I could feel Taiiko not wanting me to go but she knew it was smart so she just kissed me and told me to be careful. I nodded and walked to the edge of the woods, shift, turned to look at them and snorted before I ran into the trees. I headed to the ridge Yoshi took me to that overlooked the river. It's where I'd come up. I looked and smelled. Nothing. I shifted back and pushed, because I couldn't when I had shifted. Nothing. I shifted again and ran along the ridge for a mile and turned back to the house and circled it, making sure to avoid the guards. I zigzagged my way to the barn and did the same along with the dojo and wood shop.

I headed to the saw mill because I had good sense where it was. As I got closer I smelled that same scent and ran. The fire had just started but no one was around. I wanted to go after the car because I could have caught it and spun it out, instead I shifted and ran to the saw mill and yelled. I found a shovel and started throwing dirt at the base and on the wall but it was starting to gain speed. Three guys ran around the side and saw what was happening, two grabbed shovels, the third called Yoshi and ran to grab the hose and dosed the roof and the wall until the flames were out. Luckily, my timing was OK. They started walking to the other side to check on things so i shifted and ran down the road. I lost the scent at the main road, again, but it was the same one. I zigzagged back to the burned house and then did the same back to the main house. I checked around it, and the barn again. Nothing. I walked back home and lied down in the woods and watched, listened, and smelled until sometime after three. I shifted and pushed, still nothing. I tried holding the scent in my mind and pushing but I only got flashes. Shame I couldn't push when I was shifted. I'd have to talk with Ama about that. I walked up to the house, took my shoes off and walked in. Taiiko was waiting for me and smiled.

"I'll kiss you after I bathe you, Love." I told she could have gone to sleep. " I sleep when you sleep." She lead me into the laundry and I stripped as she threw my clothes in the wash and led me down hall to bathe me. "The bear is growing on me, but it still stinks." I nodded. After the bathed I got into bed, Taiiko took off her nightgown and climbed over me. She snuggled against my right side and put her head on my chest. I had my arm around her with my hand on her butt. I got the better deal. We were both tired and fell asleep quickly. I woke to her mouth licking and sucking me. I pulled her legs to me and she eagerly accommodated. We licked and sucked each other until we both came. Taiiko turned, smiling, and crawled up me and we kissed other deeply, sharing the last taste of each other. We got ready and went for breakfast.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
9/13/2021 7:32 pm

I'm thinking a jealous suitor of Taiiko's. is setting the fires. They should have this resolved in a day. Then off to Iceland. What will the new twist be?? We will have to wait and see.

Ole' Pete and Me, you know we are addicted to this story. Keep up the exquisite, enchanting , keeping us wondering , story writing.

dadigan 60M  
55 posts
9/14/2021 9:48 am

Thanks Claude. Hope your place didn't get to banged up by Ida.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
9/14/2021 2:33 pm

I am not sure about the jealous suitor Claude but the story is moving quickly and with lots of twists and turns to keep us addicted to reading and enjoying the story line.

I think Yoshi has a few secrets to come out too.

cjg045 70M  
92 posts
10/4/2021 4:32 pm

Another great short story , Daniel. i go to my computer several times a day to read more.

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