take me part 249  

dadigan 60M  
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8/25/2021 5:21 pm
take me part 249

Melissa and I walked to the back fence as the fireworks were starting and everyone was there, waiting. Apparently, our connections were amping up. Lieve stood at the fence, along with Janey, and I handed Sara to them. Chloe and Annie stared at me as Melissa and I hopped over.

"You growled at my mom, and Sara's?!" Melissa stepped in front of me and took the slap as I walked away, at least it was a slap because that woman could hit. Annie followed me as I walked in to check on Sara. I was sure she was fine but understood the intensity of unfamiliar energy. I was impressed that she sustained it as long as had. I walked up to her. There was no longer a pretense between me and Gaia. I touched her head and the energy flowed into her.

Sara opened her eyes and smiled at me. "You're getting better that, mister. Did you stop Marnine from hurting our Melissa?" I nodded. She sat up and looked at me. "What does your gut tell you about Marnine?"

"Nothing, and it's very frustrating, but what she did would have injured Melissa. It pissed me off though, and took me six steps back on the trust scale. She nodded as Chloe came in and bit me. No one said anything because it was a pretty weird day all around.

"I'm sorry, Daniel." I told her she hadn't hit me, that time." She stuck her tongue out and then turned to Sara. "What happened?" Chloe was Sara's oldest sister. She adored both of them but Chloe was "mom-like to Sara."

"I'm not sure but I think I shifted somehow. I still feel like me, but I'm also different. It's strange." I understood. "Don't be mad at Daniel because he was protecting me and Melissa and doesn't know who to trust, so it's safe to trust no one but us."

"They're family."

"Are they, love? Annie thought the same thing." Chloe stared at her, aghast. "I'm not saying they aren't, just that he did the right thing. I want to watch the fireworks." She hopped off and walked out front with Lieve. We were all speechless, and looking at each other, but at least no one had hit me, even though I thought Chloe still wanted to.

"WHAT HAPPENED DANIEL?" I didn't answer because I was looking at Janey as I walked out back and jumped the fence. I walked away as Janey followed. No one knew what to say, or do, except to watch. It was dark, and no one was around, or they shouldn't be. I shifted and ran at Janey as Chloe and Alison screamed at me. Janey grunted as I approached, and shifted into an Irish Elk and flung me 50 yards over head before walking up to me, and she shifted back as Sara walked out back.

"Happy?" I shifted, and nodded, as she helped me up. "I'm not sure if I should love you, or be annoyed by you." We jumped the fence and walked out front as everyone was staring at Janey.

"I'd say both, love, but don't get mad at me."

Sara, Chloe, and Annie walked up as we stopped. I was SO getting annoyed at this. "Who said you could do that?" I told them Sara, because she wasn't sure, and now you're sure. She's a beast, but still cute." Janey smiled as I kept walking.

"We aren't finished, yet, Daniel. That is not how things work." I looked at both Chloe and Annie, turned around, and headed out front when Annie grabbed my neck and everything went white, and I dropped to my knees, groaning. I didn't fight it because it was energy. I embraced it and made it my own. I stood and looked at Annie, who was shocked, through white eyes until they shifted. Chloe and Annie looked at each other, and me, and I kept walking. Sara simply watched me approach her.

Chloe grabbed me by the back of the neck, and squeezed as she whispered something to me. I tried to stand as she whispered again. I stopped before I put my my hand floor, and stood back up. I shook off her hand, and what she was trying to do, and I moved toward Sara. She only smiled. I stopped in front of her as her sisters were going crazy, and she kissed me. She looked at me, closed her eyes, and I could feel the energy she was summoning. I couldn't do that, and that was when she put both her hands on my chest and pushed all of it into me.

Chloe and Annie stopped my fall, but I was dead. I saw Marnine walk up and smile, and Ella, and Claire both looking concerned. I saw my mom and dad, and they smiled before vanishing. Joseph walked up and said that I was pretty damn stubborn. If this was death, then it wasn't terrible, and that is when Ama walked up and slapped me.

"Stop playing games. I need wood chopped, and you are going to be chopping a lot of wood." She put her hand on my chest and I felt as if I was being pushed into the Earth. "Get up, and breathe." I gasped, and looked around as I sat up. Everyone took two steps back, except Sara, who walked up to me, and extended her hand. I took it as I stood.

"Let's go watch the fireworks, shall we."

Claw51478 75M
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8/25/2021 7:09 pm

Sara is beginning to come into her own. More power, ability coming forth. Janey, an Irish Elk. I think She is passing her powers to Daniel. As I have said earlier, Sara will be the High Priestess of all the clans , and Daniel will be the High Priest and will be the Kind or what ever name for the top uniter, leader , of the clans. That Chloe & Annie will sit next to Daniel, that Melissa & Janey will sit next to Sara, on the thrown. These 6 will guide the clan into the future.
These are just my thoughts ( Would be nice to happen this way in the end )

The enemies of these 6 do not know about Sara's powers or her actual standing in the clans, She will be exerting more power / influence over the extended family and passing power / energy, to Daniel.

OlderPete58 64M  
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8/26/2021 1:18 pm

Wow Sara is going to be a force to be reckoned with and Janey an Irsih Elk hey that is some beast .

What is Daniel going to evolve into there must be more power he is yet to get to master and he will find that out as he goes to Iceland.

What di Chloe whisper to Daniel and what is it with Ella Claire and Marnine what are they playing at and who to trust there are a lots of questions and still not many answers.

I think think things are being lined up for them all to find their place and their true powers.

Is there druid magic afoot?

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