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take me part 239  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
8/21/2021 11:43 am
take me part 239

Sam and Maggie's family was a big help because was they were why I wanted shift things at Henry's, and buy the rest of the<b> shopping </font></b>center. The situation we were in as a family, and as a country, wouldn't last. It wasn't static and those were the most advantageous times make plans for the future, and our family was growing....assuming I could keep us from getting killed before that happened. As with most summer events, it was as much about the food, music...AND beer, as it was about gathering.

We were lucky in that a large percentage of people in Denver Metro were vaccinated, and we were mostly all wearing masks, which made it suck for me. I was focusing on just a half mile perimeter and leaving it Bet and Javier's crew focus on anything unusual outside of that, and Lieve focus on over watch. Jake and Emily were gladly helping Sam and Henry, and Mags' family, and got even better for them when Billy and Ellen's family showed up. Lieve was locked in the bedroom with the drone monitor and was equally content. She gave me earbuds that I connected to my phone. It was a terrible set up but Amazon didn't have one hour delivery yet, except with Whole Foods. I was hoping that Lieve was unnecessary in her role but she end up being the person that very likely saved Chloe's life.

Chloe, Alison and Sara weren't oblivious to what we were doing, especially not Chloe, but they were all focused on the day, and getting things ready to have a good time. The DJ showed and both Unc, and Henry went inside and grabbed albums for him to , which he did....then, which I didn't need. I tried focus and block that out as well. I was starting feel that I was woefully under prepared for the task at hand. My saving grace was that I was highly intuitive, and good at reading energy well. I figured whoever was coming after Alison would be obvious me; the other one was a crap shoot, which scared the shit out of me.

People started showing up around noon because it a was beautiful day, and people wanted be out after 18 months of being cooped up. They were mostly masked, and staying as apart as possible, and we were outside. We told David and Issa to stay home even though we all wanted them . 's the reason that none of us had held Ishla yet. was terribly hard on the girls, but was tough for me and Henry too. As the party went on, was coming together exceedingly well, mainly due to all the help from our family, but also because of Chloe and Sabrina. I shook my head and smiled as I watched them deal with numerous snafu's, and problems, as they worked to make things as seamless as possible. Annie walked up and hugged me as we watched.

"They are pretty impressive, aren't they." I nodded.

"Yeah, and to think Chloe wanted to to kill me yesterday because of Sabrina."

"She didn't want to kill you love, just maim you, but you do heal pretty quickly." I laughed as she nipped my neck. I relied on Annie more than I should, especially now because she was a potential target, but I knew she would keep Chloe safe, and whoever else she had to. It still weighed on me.

"Did y'all do as I asked?" She nodded and kissed me.

"We may chafe at some of the things you say, Daniel, but we almost always do what you ask, unless it's completely bat shit crazy, which this isn't. attention, Love. 's starting get crazy." Annie went be with Chloe. Sara and Melissa were connected at the hip, per usual, and Janey was doing the with Alison. The fact they were all madly in love helped, enormously, and that is when Joseph walked up.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
8/21/2021 2:47 pm

What happened that Lieve just about saved Chloe's life???? And Joseph walking up, I'm sure with more information for Daniel, but, what is this info??? Dadagin, you sure are keeping all of us on our toes , wondering what comes next, we thinking about what is coming next. Are we correct or wrong in our thoughts as to what is next? Sometimes Yes and sometimes NO. Whew, keep up the fabulous work.

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