take me part 218  

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8/11/2021 6:50 pm
take me part 218

We said goodbye to Peggy and Jason, as we all smiled melancholy smiles. The bench was very nice, and almost finished, and we all knew it was going to be hugely popular, with family's, but also with cemetery's. I was glad that Carl, and Beto would be coming on board, and it reminded that I needed to call Sabrina about her work on the redesign of the shop, because it was no longer a top priority. I hadn't discussed it with the girls, and would get pinched, but it was the right call. Henry and Sam walked as the girls went out back to see Bob.


"We're going to help you, goofball. Are you losing the little sense that you had?" I smiled, and told them probably.

"You, are going home to your wife and adorable munchkins, and you, Henry, are going out back to watch Bob play with a rock with of your amazing . Enjoy the time Henry, and both of you leave me alone as I put my earbuds and listened to a mix starting with Cumberland Gap, by Jason Isbell. "I mean it...shoo!" They smiled and walked off.

I had been doing this work my entire life, whether in metal, or wood, it didn't matter which because it was the same to me. It was meditation. I hadn't realize how much time had passed as I blew more sawdust off my clothes, and out of my hair. I looked and both Christine, and Bethany, pulled . They were as lost as we were without Jake and Emily. I walked out front as Christine launched into me as she hugged me.

"Jesus Christine, I like you too, but Bethany is standing right there." She smiled and kissed me.

"Thank you Daniel, Bethany told me what you did. I've never had much, even though I have a good job, as stressful as it is, but this is huge because it takes such a burden out of my mind for Emily, and us.

"You're all family, and that is important to me...and it's not really my . It's mostly my parents and they wouldn't want me to squander it so I could pass it the grand they would never meet. That hug was worth way more than the blips in the computer, sweets. Grab a couple of beers and go watch Bob. He was playing with a rock. I need to close up and take a shower. Bethany hugged me, and looked at me without saying a word. She didn't have to, and she walked out back. I locked up and checked to see if I had clothes here. I no longer knew. I did. I grabbed shorts, underwear, a shirt and socks and went into the bathroom.

I could feel someone walk in because there was a change in the pressure. "Hello?"

"Hi love, it's just me. Chloe and Sara are enthralled with Henry, as I was, but you're in here and I miss you."

"That's sweet Janey, I miss you too." Silence.

"You really are an asshole, Daniel, but it was also great timing so I'll let it slide. How are you with Sara, Love? I'm guessing it had to be painful for you since she is so bonkers in love with Melissa." I was quiet and Annie thought she shouldn't have brought it up.

'Sorry, I had shampoo in my eyes," she exhaled. "Sara's, Sara, sweets. She was showing me because her heart was hurting, and she had to. It wouldn't have mattered what I felt, I would have said something similar because she was giving me a , in her Sara way."

"How so?"

"She was showing me before Melissa. It was totally innocent, she was just concerned about me and excited, and nervous, about Melissa and wanted validation from me." Annie was quiet and the door opened as she looked at me, and then looked down. We didn't shave. She started getting me hard. "Make love with me, Daniel," which we did.

We bathed, and rinsed each other and were drying off as Chloe walked in, smiling. "Am I disturbing anything?" Annie kissed her and said not now, and smiled as she kept getting dress.

"We were talking about Sara, and I couldn't contain myself because of the depth of love that he has for us." Chloe kissed her, and then me.

"I know, but there is the snoring." Annie nodded,

"And the farting."

"Yeah, there's that too, and he's pretty hairy."

'Well, yeah, but that part did save my life..."

"Are you finished?' They smiled as we all kissed each other. "I'd like to have a full beer and watch Bob." They laughed as they went out and I picked for the wash. Both Chloe and Annie adored Sara, and if we had stayed the of us, they would have been happy with that, but they were both different in our new dynamic...more free. We were all older than Sara, which really wasn't fair because Sara was a very old soul, like the rest of us, but she was innocent. She was Sarah, and she could take the oxygen out of the room in the blink of an eye.

Chloe and Annie could be themselves with me, and that was freeing for all of us. I was rinsing out the shower, when Chloe walked in, looked at me, smiled, and dropped her pants to show that her bush was still there. I put my hand against it, and pulled as she closed her eyes and moaned. "You attend to this later, mister, and if Annie wants to fuck you then I am OK with that. We're both glad you like hair, mister." She pulled her yoga pants and walked out smiling, leaving the door open. I put the laundry in, grabbed a small cooler and but beer in it, and went out back.

Our timeline was seriously fucked . I was guessing it was , if even that, and we needed to rethink...everything, including dinner. I sat down as Bob walked into his den for a pre-hunting nap. Figures. "Anyone think about dinner?"

"Bethany said they just called for pizza and would go and pick it ," as Bet, Javier, and the showed. It was followed 10 minutes later by Sam, Maggie and the girls. We called Gio, again. and I went to check on the Prosecco. There were bottles.

"It had been a long month, but a very hard week, or so, and we were divided, which was hard for a pack. let alone multiple packs, and then factor in new life, and<b> death. </font></b>We coalesced around our family. Henry went in to deal with the music before he left to go to the hospital, with Chloe and Sara, to see David and Issa for a visit. They were getting out tomorrow and we were using the food at Henry's to have a family gathering on Saturday, as a surprise because they couldn't go the fourth party. None of us really cared about that, and we'd all be at Sara's, as a family, double masked.

It was a cathartic experience, and we were letting go of the stress that had built . There were still concerns, but not like before. We were all doing our things as Melissa walked in with Henry, Chloe and Sara. Sara and Melissa were getting ready to leave as I pulled her aside. "I already changed the sheets, use the bathroom. She smiled, and bit my lip as she kissed me, and nodded.

Annie took our hands and jumped the fenced with me and Chloe, and we took a walk, holding hands.. "You going to tell us what my mom said to you about her suggestion where we are getting married together, as a family?"

'I know very little more than you about thing, but my mom is alive. Ella's suggestion was close to my mom." Chloe and I looked at each other, then Annie. "Of course, sweets. Where does your mom live?"

"Norway." she looked at me, because I had asked her if she knew anyone in Norway, and smiled.

"Norway?" She nodded as Chloe looked at me, both our brains whirling.

"My mom is Norwegian, but my Da' was from Scotland. I'm a double warrior, as are you Daniel." Chloe looked at us. "Ella suggested it because I have family there, and they could help with planning, and because my mom wouldn't travel. She would "experience" it, but not like in person." Chloe started crying, and we stopped.

"Norway it is, Love, because all we have to meet your Ma', and you're family....end of discussion. We just need to start planning." She looked at me. "Daniel, you check airfare, and hotels...and check with Sam. I'll deal with our family, and schedules, and...."

"What, Annie?" You don't need to focus on anything but your family. Daniel needs to focus on Ama, but she is my grandmother. I love her dearly, but she has always been kind of an odd bird, which is of course why she took a liking to Daniel." Chloe laughed, and nodded.

"Ama is your Grandmother?"

"Yes. Bjorn." Chloe looked at us completely confused.

"That his Old World name. It means bear. Mine is Annryd. It meant 'warrior princess' in the Old tongue because women fought beside men."

"What is mine?"

"I don't know, Love, because you clan comes from the Isles, and my Ma' came from Norway. You need to talk with Ella." Chloe nodded. "You need to know this because we are family now. My line is quite wealthy." We looked at her. "Old World wealthy. It's why you don't need to worry about the planning." Chloe and I still looked at her.

"We have private jets, and estates, and chefs. We own banks, and businesses, and a fair portion of northern Norway, as Ama does in Iceland as well. Arrangements won't be an issue, and I would like as many people to be there as possible." Chloe and I looked at her.

"I know, it's a lot, That's why I didn't say anything after Daniel bit me. Both my Ma' and Ama were displeased but as things played out with us, they were more open, and talking with the Elders. When Daniel bested Marnine, multiple times, everyone notice, and when he sacrificed himself to protect me, that sealed it. Killing Marnine was a bonus to the family...a HUGE bonus, love because that bad blood has lasted a very long time. They aren't pleased she is still around, but I'm willing to give her a chance."

Chloe and I stared at her, turned around and walked back to the shop as Annie laughed and pushed her way in between us. "I'm still me, idiots."

"Ok, I'll deal with my family, and you with yours Daniel, and we need to figure out how you're spending a month with Ama. You also need to talk with Sam, Maggie, Bet and Javier. Holy crap, my brain is overloading. Annie and I both hugged her as we comforted her.

"It's a shock, and I was going to wait but you and Daniel, especially, have welcomed me into the inner workings of your family's. Daniel did with his, and you did with yours. I called my Ma' and she said that I needed to tell you. We haven't changed, Loves. We'll just have more issues because once we are married, then they will become our issues." Chloe didn't hesitate.

"Someone fucks with you Annie, then they fuck with all of us, period." Annie kissed her, and me, and said she knew that, which was why we were getting married. We jumped the fence as the sun was starting to go down. Sara and Melissa were eating pizza and laughing as a young couple in love. Christine and Bethany were too. Maggie and Bet were playing with the . Henry, Javier, and Sam were discussing the nuances of music theory, as we all smiled and watched.

"Chloe looked at her and asked if she really wanted us watching her back. Annie looked at them, and her. She kissed Chloe and said,

"Love, I'd chose them over a hundred knights any day." Let's get some pizza. I'm .

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8/11/2021 9:00 pm

these last 2 blogs, some really good writing and thought. enjoyed them thoroughly

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8/12/2021 6:10 am

Who would have figured Annie is filthy rich, she is a Warrior Princess, Ama is her Grandmother, Whew. Daniel will be coming to a very rude awakening, soon.

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8/12/2021 1:34 pm

A really enjoyable read I think Daniel has a secret that will be out soon and the girls are the key to unlocking it all.

It should be interesting for all concerned.

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