take me part 217  

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8/11/2021 2:25 pm
take me part 217

I pulled into the shop as Sam and Henry were talking with someone. It was Carl, from the funeral home. He's the guy that I asked to take care of Ari for the Andersen's, and that if he ever wanted a job we'd give him one. I was hoping that was why he was here. It was.

I reached out my hand, 'Hey Carl, it's good to see you. I hope you're for a job because these idiots are trying to kick me out of the shop." He smiled and said he was.

"We were just finishing up and he starts tomorrow, which is great since there's so much going on and Jake is gone. I nodded.

"I take it things went from bad to worse with your idiot boss?" He noded.

"He pushed me to far but I need a job, so I stopped here first. I'm on my way to file a complaint against them, and I have documentation, but I appreciate you bringing me on so quick. My wife's pregnant and I didn't want to stress her out, after talking with Sam and Henry, I know I'll like it, and fit in, here."

"I have no doubt Carl, and since you're an employee, follow me." I showed him the snack cupboard, and the drinks. Help yourself, especially since you'll be dealing the State. You'll need it." He smiled and nodded. "We'll see you tomorrow , Carl, and take your wife out for a nice dinner. I'm sure she will be happy you aren't working there any longer." He nodded.


"Well, that's great news. He'll fit in fine here, and he's a great worker." Sam and Henry nodded. "You guys want lunch before I get to work doing the grunt stuff." They smiled.

"Mags is coming by with lunch. She's given up on the biscuits as long as I have a bowl of All Bran." Henry and I laughed. "She's focusing on lunch and dinner instead."

"I don't know Sam, I think she has a crush on me and Henry. What do you think Henry?"

"I don't about you but she's always had a crush on me for as long as I've known her."

"Well, what woman wouldn't, Henry?" He nodded. Maggie pulled up, followed by Bet and Javier as Sam called us assholes, and we all started laughing. Things were starting to slide back into place. Maggie walked up with a basket and asked what so funny. We told her, and without skipping a beat Mags kissed me and Henry on the cheek and walked into the kitchen, which made us laugh even harder. Sam and Henry followed her as I grabbed three beers, and the opener, and met Bet and Javier at the chairs. We hugged each and sat down.

"You feeling OK, homes?" I nodded, and said just a little stiff. "It's not normal but it's a good ability to have."

"Aside from the obvious, how are Oscar's wife and coping, and if we can help in anyway let us know." They nodded and Bet said,

"They're still in shock, and devastated, we all are because it's never happened before. We're all taking care of them and Javier and I decided that Rothman was responsible, and not Oscar. They don't need that stigma and we don't need our crew second guessing each other. He was young, and we think scared."

"Sounds wise, Bet. Sometimes the truth can cause more harm than good. I'm not trying to step on your toes, and I haven't talked with the girls, but I know they'll agree. We want to give some of whatever ends coming through to them, or put it in a fund, or something. They shouldn't have to worry and it'd be right to use that money for good. Also, when Henry's re-open, if she wants to work then we'll find her a job."

They looked at each. "Thanks Jefe, that means a lot. We need to have a discussion with everyone about just that topic. What the guys got in Europe is still bouncing around, and likely will because Interpol and the FBI are all over these people. They're pretty sure it's clean, but we're all paranoid right now and taking extra precautions. We'll keep you updated but the bitcoin from Philip is clean. We need to have a meal and discuss it as a family." I nodded.

"I agree, guys. As a head's up, my friend at the FBI, Deat, will be here on Saturday. Rothman was flagged by them so the cops sent them the info, and he saw my name in the report. He wants to talk, I'm guessing because this guy was connected with Gustav. I figure he wants to know why he almost killed me. I'd kinda like to know that too, even though I think he was looking for Alison, or pissed because we made him shit in a bucket." They stared at me.

"Is this a problem, Daniel?"

"No, and I don't think it will be. I have no connection with Rothman, and the local cops looked into us and they found nothing. They figured it was a case of mistaken identity...wrong place, wrong time.... sort of thing, which makes sense. Alison doesn't know anything except she was Philip's girlfriend. He might be coming on Sunday, and he worked in the field office in Denver for a several years, so if any of your guys were involved in anything the Feds would have been involved with, they should probably sit it out." They nodded.

"I understand that you would rather not have this happening, I've known Deat for a long time, and we are friends, and I'm playing it like that. We haven't seen each other for a while, and he's worried about me, and curious. We all have bit's of the puzzle. I'm not sharing mine but I hope he share's some of his. I don't like to do it but I am a convincing liar when I need to be. I'm curious what he knows, and I don't have any connection and that's were this ends."

They looked at each other, and me. "We have the connection, homes." I nodded.

"Did you gut the house?" They nodded and said there was an electrical fire. "Did they cover their tracks with both Rothman and the other guy, who I assume is not a threat," they nodded, "then I don't think we should borrow trouble. Gustav seemed to be the lynch pin, or at least one of them, and I'm pretty sure it was deemed natural causes. Unless his name gets flagged, which I doubt because he didn't do any of the dirty work, except with the girls, then that's a dead end. Philip was a long time ago." They nodded.

"You want lunch, Mags made something." They smiled, and nodded, as they walked inside. I called Beth about the insurance.

"Please tell me me you aren't adding another person to the policy."

"Two, actually."


"I'm kidding Beth. We just wanted to stop by, hopefully tomorrow, later morning, and go over it."

"You are a royal pain in my ass, mister. Stop by whenever, I'll be here." I went in to see if there was any lunch left, as Unc called.

"Hey big boy, how's the shoulder? Hey Danny."

'Hi Ellen, and I'm fine. I heal quickly, it seems. How's the trip?"

"Fantastic, but hot, and smoky, but we're all having a great time and all the are getting along great. Is everyone OK staying?" I told them we'd make it work. "Here's you Uncle, we're getting ready to hike up some canyon that looks gorgeous. Jake and Emily are having a blast. We love you and we'll see you soon."

"Stephanie and Alison are coming in Saturday morning, your time. Can you pick them up?"

"Both of them?" He laughed. "I actually can't because I have a friend coming into town but the girls can. They'll love it. Henry's is closed and they're bored. I'll call Steph. and let her know. It'll be pretty hard to miss Sara when she's excited. Enjoy the hike and take plenty of water."

I walked into the kitchen as everyone was finishing up. Sam and Henry patted me on the back. 'That was a great lunch. Hurry up because you have a lot of sanding," as they both laughed. Assholes. Maggie smiled and gave me a container with half a chicken salad sandwich, and chips.

"I wasn't expecting Bet and Javier." I said thanks, and smiled, as she hugged me and looked into me eyes. 'How are you, Daniel?"

'I'm fine, Mags, just a lot to do, and it's not slowing down. Henry's closing down, and reshifting, is even more, but it's thrown us all of whack too. It'll balance out one of these years." She smiled. "Are you and Sam OK with what Bethany and Charles came up with for the partnership? I want you to be happy with it." She looked at me with tears welling and hugged me."

"Honestly, it's kinda over our head's, but we talked with Bethany and trust her. Neither of us like that we aren't paying you more upfront, but it's also huge not to deplete our savings, or go in debt. I have never seen Sam more proud, or more happy." I smiled.

I was quiet for a while Mags waited. "I'm not exactly sure why, yet, but Sam will be earning his keep, even more than normal, so I think it's a win-win." She looked me, nodded, and kissed me.

"I need to get the girls at the pool, but we'll talk, and you know Sam will always have your back, as will I." I nodded and told her I knew as I walked out back. Bet was sitting on Javier's lap as they watched Bob play with a rock.

I started taping it for the girls. "Bob is quite the character." I said yes he is."

"How's Beto and his family. Beto's getting stronger, and the family is hugely relieved. We're pretty sure he'll be taking you up on the job offer.. I'm pretty sure Nancy won't take no for an answer, and after Oscar, we're sure he's OK with that. He's still part of the crew, just less danger.'

"Yeah, well I did try and gouge my thumb off with a chisel."

Javier said, "yeah, but that's because you're a moron, homes." Bet laughed as she got up and kissed me.

"Don't listen to him, sweets, you're not a moron, just an idiot but you can't help yourself, just ask the girls. We gotta go pick up our munchkins. We still love you. Say hi to them. I want to thank Mags."

Javier smiled and hugged me, "you sure you got this Deat thing handled?" I nodded and told him I'd let him know. "Use a burner phone." I nodded. "That Bob is pretty awesome."

"He is." We walked out front and said goodbye as I started my grunt work, much to Sam and Henry's delight. I had everything sanded, and was shifting wood for the following day's orders when the Andersen's pulled in, followed by the girls. Sara was ecstatic and almost tackled Peggy, who laughed. Everyone said hi as I blew sawdust off of me, walked out and hugged them. Sam was pulling the mostly finished bench out to show them, and he took over, as I smiled.

"It's nearly finished. We have a little more shaping to do, and sanding, and then finishing. We had left over Pecan so we used that but we'll put a richer stain on it." He said he hated doing this, but he was a natural. Peggy and Jason were beaming, and running their hands over it. "We're working on how to anchor into the ground, but we have a few thoughts."

Jason said, "This is wonderful and we'll gladly pay you whatever it costs. It'll make our time with Ari some much better." I waited for Sam.

"There's no charge for this. It's a model for us because we are going to start making these as well, and we needed to see some designs. Besides, it's our pleasure. You can donate an amount, in Ari's name, to something she would like." Peggy hugged him, and then me, as the girls all gathered around looking at the bench. I walked into the kitchen to clean up from lunch when Sara walked in, smiling, and jumped on me.

"That's a pretty nice bench, mister," as she kissed me, "and Sam did GREAT!" I nodded.

"Given Henry's, I may have worked myself out of a job."

She jumped down, looked at me, and punched me in the<b> chest </font></b>as Chloe and Annie walked in. "You've got your notebooks for here, and for Henry, and someone has to focus on that since Henry is stealing your job here." We all laughed. "And then we all have to get married, which is kinda involved, and we have to figure out where....and we have babies coming, so you'll need to take care of us" Chloe and I both said that Annie already knows that because of Ella, but she won't say."

"You saw mom?"

"Yesterday. She said to tell you that she would she you soon. She was talking with Daniel as we walked out back. It was a surprise, sweets." Sara nodded as she grabbed my hand and pulled me in the bedroom, followed by Chloe, and Annie who were both confused. Sara locked the door and looked at me.

"I'm sorry, Daniel." She started taking her pants, and panties, off.

"Sara, what are you doing? There are people out there, and what about Melissa?"

"I'm not going to fuck him, he has to know because he was first with me."

"Really? First?" She nodded.

"I know you enjoy my hair, but Melissa is different. She lowered her panties and looked at me, with the tip of her tongue stuck out. She put one leg on the bed and I thought she was going to cry. "I'm sorry Daniel." I took her leg off the bed, grabbed her bum and lifted her toward me as she wrapped her legs around me, and bit my neck. She jumped and looked up at me, smiling, as she took my hand and placed it one her pussy, as she rubbed.


She smiled, and clapped. "Isn't it! But it's a lot more work, and it hurt. Do you think she'll like it? It's a surprise. I could feel Chloe and Annie cringe, but I was OK because she's Sara."

"I think she'll love it, sweets, and it's fine. I understand, love."

Sara looked at me with tears in her eyes, "Really?"

"Really." She clapped as she jumped down, smiling.

"Now put your clothes back on, and you are very smooth." She was pulling her panties up, 'I know, right. Don't worry, Chloe and Annie didn't do this."

"SARA!!!!!!!!!!" Jesus."

"Change of subject, as I unlocked the door and we walked into the kitchen, I talked with Unc, and everyone is having a great time, but my cousins, Stephanie, and Alison, are coming in Saturday morning to see everyone, and be here for the Fourth, but my friend Deat is also coming in, so you need to pick them up. I'll call Steph later and let her know." Sara clapped.

"Deat.... from the FBI?" Chloe and Annie were worried.

"Yeah, the guy at Henry's was flagged by them and he saw my name."

"Is this a problem, Daniel?"

"I don't think so because none of us know anything, and what I do know I'm not sharing. Alison knows even less. It was odd to him, and he's also worried about me. Bet and Javier are already mildly freaking out, so I don't need you to as well. We'll play it as it goes. I'm hoping he doesn't have any info on Philip so Alison stays out of it. It'll be fine." We walked out and said goodbye to Peggy and Jason as I hoped I was right about

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8/11/2021 4:17 pm

Things are slowing down, coming back to something of a normal life / routine.
Of course, the outlier is Deat. Could liven things up again. At least until the group marriage and the trip to Iceland. Great read.

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