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take me part 210  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
8/7/2021 9:07 pm
take me part 210

I drifted into a peaceful sleep even though I hurt. I'd take it after watching that young woman avenge all of the women who suffered under Gustav's hand. I thought it was fitting and I hoped she made the best of it. I didn't know who the woman was who helped him but I figured the reckoning would come to her as well. I slept soundly, deeply, until 7:00 am, when I stirred and opened my eyes.

I couldn't remember sleeping this long. I looked around and listened. Melissa was talking with the girls, and they were all laughing. Sara had a new best friend, but everyone was Sara's best friend. I laid there smiling, and listening to them, when Melissa walked to check on me before leaving.

"How long have you awake?" I smiled. "No wonder they pinch you. Are you in any pain?'

"No, but I'm thirsty, and hungry, and I don't want hospital food. I also want the tubes taken out of me so I can pee by myself." She smiled. "And I want to go home."

"Don't hurt him. I need to the get doctor. I think his surgeon is here."

The girls hugged me, which didn't mind, as Melissa and the surgeon walked in. "When you ladies are finished, I would like to see my patient. They laughed, which was wonderful to hear, and they moved aside. "How do feel, Daniel?"

"I feel fine Doc, but I need to get out of this bed, soon. Melissa took the dressing off and they looked at each other.

"I've checked it twice a day. It's very rapid healing." Thankfully she never mentioned Joseph's goop. He took my left hand in his right and told me to squeeze.

"OK, you can stop. I'm scheduling you for an MRI so we can see how you're healing inside because this pretty advanced." I nodded. "You look good, but I want to see the results of the MR If it's close to this, then I'll cut you lose even though I don't understand it." I nodded.

"I want the tubes out, no more drugs, and I want real food." He looked at me, the girls, and Melissa, and said OK, but the food had to wait until after the MRI, which he was rushing. He shook my hand, and smiled.

"You're a lucky man, for several reasons, and you have quite the family. They impressed the entire floor. We were all amazed that Melissa was finally able to get two of them to go home.
Melissa will take the tubes out, and no more meds. Once you have the MRI you can eat whatever you want. You did dodge a bullet. You're lucky. I'll come back after I get the results. You look good, Daniel." He wrote things on the clipboard, and talked with Melissa.

"I'm not even going to try and get you to leave, but I am going to be taking tubes out him. It's not terrible but now would be a good time to get some coffee and get some fresh air." They nodded, kissed me on my lips, and went out hugging each other, and laughing. They were relieved. She took out the drips, and the other line I had in my forearm, which I hated. She gave me a bottle of water as she removed all of that and drew the curtain halfway to block me from the hall.

"OK, I need to take the catheter out. I'll be as gentle as I can, but it'll hurt to pee for a couple of days." I nodded. She pulled the tube out until she felt resistance and stopped.

"That wasn't bad."

"No, as she gently, but firmly, pulled the tip out of penis, and I groaned. She wiped me off and covered me as she opened the drape. The girls were all standing there, looking at me. Sara took it the worst, but not too bad. "It'll be a little painful to pee for a couple of days, but you need to drink lots of water so you pee an flush everything. He's all yours until the MRI, good luc Daniel, don't come back here." I nodded, smiling.

Sara had her tongue out, "did that hurt, mister?" I put my arms out and she climbed onto me, biting my neck as Chloe and Annie shielded her until she climbed off.

"I need to call Jake and Emily." Chloe handed me her phone as I raised the bed.

"Mom, how's dad?" I smiled at the sound of his voice.

"I'm fine, ." He started crying, as did Emily. "I'm about ready to get out of here. I need one more test and then I'm getting a burger." They both started laughing. "I'm fine kiddo's. I'm sorry I made you worry on your<b> trip. </font></b>Besides me, how has it been?" Emily spoke.

"Don't you EVER do that again, dad! The<b> trip </font></b>has been awesome. Chloe said we couldn't come back, none of us, and that you would be fine.... are are." I told her I was.

"Well, Sara could have told you that Chloe is a Super Genius in these things. I'm fine Em...truly. I actually feel better than when I went in, so don't worry, K?"

"OK, dad. Here's Jake but everyone else wants to talk with you. I love you." I told her I loved her too as Jake was getting on, off speaker.

"Don't you ever do that again, dad. I mean it!"

"I didn't plan it Jake, but I understand. Remember the talk we had about dandelion fluff."


"Well, this is like that even though it may take you longer to blow it away. I'm fine, Jake. Truly. Tell me about the trip, aside from me." He went on to tell me about meeting his cousins, and shooting guns with Billy, and his Bill, and Em. I swallowed, but I'd rather have them know about guns, than not. He said that they were leaving for Salt Lake City to pick up Ellen's girls and grand , and all manner of other stuff. I told him to hug Em for me as he put Uncle Billy and Ellen on.

"Forget to dodge?"

"No, Unc, pretty much the opposite. He was pointing the gun at the girls. Figured it was better me than them. He was silent when Ellen spoke.

"How are you, really? We all wanted to come home but Chloe forbade it, and NONE of us were crossing her. Janey and Alison are nodding."

"I really am fine, and I wouldn't want to go up against Chloe, except in play, but I wouldn't want to go up against any of them, especially not combined. They pretty much own this floor of the hospital." The girls smiled, and nodded.

"That is great to hear, and will make the rest of the<b> trip </font></b>even better. Jake and Emily had a blast with Bill, his , and his grand ...which is mind boggling. Grandkids. We're heading to SLC to pick up my girls, and their munchkins this in a couple of hours. We'll have a great time, assuming nothing else happens." I laughed. "Here's your Uncle and then Janes and Ali want to talk with you.

Uncle Billy was never good with emotion, period. "You sure you're OK?" I told him absolutely. "Is there anything we can do?" I was quiet for a few seconds.

"Actually there is Unc, go off speaker. This may not be easy but I want the rest of the<b> trip </font></b>to be just fun, like the trips we use to take when I was a . Enjoy Utah, and the Four Corners...enjoy being family. I really am fine." He was quiet.

"We can do that, . We'll see you soon. Here's Janey and Alison."


"It's not like I planned it Janes, but I'm fine."

"I'm still biting you, and I think Alison is too. She's nodding, so we're both definitely biting you when we see you, idiot! You scared the crap out of us, and Chloe wouldn't let us come home."

"I wasn't involved in that, But I'm glad because she did the right thing. So, from here on out how 'bout you goofballs enjoy the family, and the scenery. I'm fairly certain it's done, but I need to talk with Javier and check into things to make sure what I saw was accurate. I was on meds."

"We're still biting you, hard, but we love your family, and can't wait to meet Ellen's. We'll have a good time. Don't do this again, Daniel! We love you, but we need to go. We're going for ice cream." I told them I loved them to as I hung up and hand the phone back to Chloe, when Bet and Javier called

"How's you guy? I don't know his name but he was hurt bad." They were silent. "I saw you taking care of him, and Bet calling his wife, but it was choppy. Is he OK?" Bet spoke.

"You're kinda freaky Daniel. He's in this hospital. He has a concussion, and possible swelling on his brain. They said they should know more today. They put him in an induced coma."

"What happened?"

"We're piecing it together, Homes. They were suppose to be taking him to the desert and we figured they were. He was tied so it was just transport but we have no idea where Oscar is, and we found cut zip ties at the house, which is where we found Beto stuffed in a closet." I was thinking.

"Oscar is young. We think this guy turned him, at least enough to get him to at least untie his legs It's all it would have taken. We got the file too late. He's special op's and counter intel. We think he promised Oscar money. He's young, and having another . We haven't found him, but you found Rothman, or he found you. His name is, was, Alexander Rothman. Most of his file is redacted, but what we could read was enough for us. We figure Oscar is dead, or running. We think he's the one who hit Beto in the head, because he wouldn't expect it, but we don't know for sure. We've never dealt with this before." Silence.

"Jesus Christ. I'm sorry. We'll do whatever we can to help. Don't worry about the hospital. I have a good attorney to negotiate, and we'll use all of what we have to cover the costs for him and his family, and Oscar's family." Silence. 'What?"

Bet was angry.... "Puta! They are not our family any longer." I didn't need this now, but that seems to be my lot.

"O" I was calm. "Javier, send us her info and introduce us. They're welcome with us because they had nothing to do with it. Let me know if you find Oscar. I think Gustav is dead, in a most fitting way." I told them what I saw. "Bet, Javier, this had nothing to do with you. It was a random set of circumstances, something no one can plan for. I don't things work randomly, usually, but sometimes they do. This is not on you in ANY way. As far as Oscar's family goes, I'll welcome all of them into our clan, if they want." I could feel Bet seething, not at me, just in general. "I'm getting sprung today so stop by the shop tomorrow, if you can." Silence.

"You sure you're OK, Jefe?" Silence.

"I'm good. Bet! I'm fine."

"OK, homes. We'll see you tomorrow." Bet was silent.

The girls looked at me, sullen, because they felt her, as I did. She would come around. Sara said, "We'll gladly take them in Daniel, but that decision usually goes through Chloe now, because she is head of the clan." Silence. Chloe looked at me in a way that made me smile.

"It doesn't work that way any more, Love, because we are now multiple clans, and I suspect that is why Annie has held off on a ceremony." She smiled. Things are upside down, and backwards, Love's, but we'll deal with. I'm just glad I''m awake."

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
8/8/2021 4:57 am

Great read. Great every day family interactions, this is how it's supposed to be, Family First.

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