take me part 204  

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8/5/2021 1:04 pm
take me part 204

Everyone was looking at us because we really didn't fit . I knew Peggy was fine with it, and probably Jason, and that's all that really matter. After the service, Peggy came up and asked the girls about the head bands. They all looked at Annie as Henry and took a step back.

Our family is Celtic, Daniel not as much but he's close enough." They all smiled. "We hope you and Jason weren't offended by us not wearing black or grey." Peggy said absolutely not,
that it was refreshing. "Our family believes that death, and funerals, should be reverent, but not mournful, that the person lost should be celebrated, and thanked, for the time that they were with us as it was their gift to us. We use these gowns for both weddings, and funerals. These is always suffering in life, but flowers never hide their colors. We choose muted colors, but we always choose color."

Peggy and Jason looked at her. "May I speak with about this more, Annie?"

"Of course, love, but it will need to be later in the week.... Daniel is in pain and needs to lie down. We're sorry." She said not at all and hugged us. Jason shook our hands and said thank you as they left to talk their friends and family.

"How did you know?" They looked at me, shaking their heads. Sara spoke for them.

"We all know goofball. We didn't think you should even come, but we also knew we couldn't stop you. It's a busy week and you need to help Sam, so you're resting today even if we have to duck tape you to the bed." Chloe and Annie said that they might do that anyway. Henry walked away shaking his because it was too much information. Sara hugged Henry as Chloe and Annie hugged me and we headed to the truck. We were heading to Henry's when Chloe got the .

was David, and Issa was in the hospital. She was in labor...change of plans. We walked in and headed reception, while people stared at us, and got directions. We headed upstairs and walked into the waiting room. David saw us and smiled. We could all tell he was upset.

"I'm glad you're here but you didn't need to get dressed up." Chloe and Sara and asked what was wrong. "I'm not sure, exactly, all they said were 'minor complications' and I needed to wait out here."

"Have you eaten, David?" 'Yeah, but I could a use a mocha." Annie and I nodded. She took everyone's order as Henry and Sara and Chloe put arms around him. 'I pray to God you're wearing underwear." I nodded and laughed as Annie and I headed back to the lobby. We both hated hospitals but family is family.

Annie was happy that we were alone because it was the first time since Marnine, which seemed like ages ago. "We all thought you were going to die Daniel." I knew the feeling. "Thank God for Gaia. We're going to have to talk about that, and I'm guessing Ella, Joseph, and Maggie will have something to say." I looked at her confused. "No one has ever been able to best Marnine, sweets. It's never been done but you did it multiple times...in ways that you shouldn't be able to do. It's beyond our understanding, Love. It's not concerning, just odd, but then again it is you." She kissed me and we both smiled as the drinks were ready.

We walked back in to the waiting room and everyone was seated, which is what I wanted to do. We handed out the drinks and did what family's always do in these situations..... chit chat, and try not to look worried. I'm sure coming from a funeral was in the back of all of our minds, and that is when the OB walked in. David stood as Chloe and Sara hugged him.

"First of of David, both Issa and the are fine, and not in any immediate danger. Both sets of vitals are strong and normal. You is a wanderer it seems and has gotten the umbilical cord loosely wrapped around her neck." He stared at her. "It's not serious, now, but all the attending physicians concur that if you proceed with a normal vaginal birth, that it could turn into a problem, quickly. We are recommending a C-section because it'll be less stressful for both of them. Issa is awake and comfortable but since you have a crowd, I'd two of you go in, but I can send someone out show everyone the images on a computer. I'll show you in the room."

David chose Sara. She looked at Chloe, nodded. Sara and Issa were closer in age and best friends, as well as being sisters, and Chloe would understand. Sara looked at all of before they walked away and stuck the tip of her tongue out as she held her brother's hand. The rest of us sat down and smiled. A physician assistant came out with a tablet and showed us the images and reiterated what the doctor had said. "Right now this is a minor complication, and while none of want a mother to have a C-section it's a precaution for both of them. Chloe and Henry nodded. Annie squeezed my hand. We'll keep you updated." We thanked her as she walked off.

No one said anything. Chloe sat next to Henry and held his hand as we waited. David and Sara walked down the hall, smiling. Sara skipped to Chloe and Henry because running wasn't allowed, but the sign didn't say no skipping, and hugged them both and then over to hug me and Annie and sat in our laps, holding our hands.

"Issa seems fine and is not worried about the C-section at all. She said she was totally fine with not trying to push a bowling ball out of her for 24 hours. Chloe and Henry laughed, while Sara and Annie pinched me, hard.. They're getting ready to prep her and they said, barring unforeseen complications, it wouldn't all that long so if you want to head home I'll be fine." We all said not a chance, in unison. It was about three hours until she got to recovery. The surgery went fine, thankfully because none of us wanted something else to deal with. Issa was still loopy but she was breastfeeding her . We all kissed Issa and waited in the hall for David.

"The doctor said she'd be out of it for at least several hours and that I should get something to eat." We all nodded because I was starving and need a rare burger, as I'm sure Annie did.
Henry said he'd fire up the grill, and we all said no. was a steak and burger place not far that was great and Henry said that he was paying, none of argued. Henry drove David's car along with Chloe and Sara, Annie and I took the truck. I could use the protein.

Sara looked at Annie as we walked in..."bowling ball?" Annie shrugged.

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