take me part 202  

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8/3/2021 2:27 pm
take me part 202

The last thing I remember before I faded was Annie's head on my<b> chest. </font></b>It hurt, but I didn't mind because her, and the , were OK. I opened my eyes to darkness but I could see Ella standing the foot of the bed, nodding, before she vanished. I had no idea what time it was but I was alone. I could hear muffled voices coming from the kitchen. I got of bed, and while it still hurt, it was better. I was pretty unsteady, and light headed, which I thought was from pulling in so much energy from Gaia. I wasn't use to that so I figured it'd take time. I walked to Chloe, Sara, and Annie sitting the table, looking as I limped up. I sat down as Sara got some orange juice, which I inhaled because the helped. I smiled them. Thank God they were OK.

"Janey and Alison?" Chloe pulled her chair next to as I put my head on her shoulder. I was pretty weak still. I reached for Annie. She took my hand and said she was fine and the ointment Joseph left was helping.

"Janey and Alison are fine sweets. Everyone is fine, except you. You need to rest, Love." Annie and Sara nodded.

"What is it? They looked each other.

"It's Saturday."

"The tree...."

"We took care of it, sweets. Billy and Sam helped, and Peggy and Jason. It took a couple of hours because the guys from the cemetery brought their backhoe. It's fine, love, and looks amazing. Sara gave your sketch for the bench to Sam so he could think about it."

"Sam...we had a lot of work."

"You need to stop worrying, sweetie. Billy and Jake helped before they all left. Henry closed the restaurant for the weekend after seeing Ella. Do you remember that?" I nodded. Annie's OK and everything else got done. They all left around two yesterday afternoon. They didn't want to but Sara and I insisted. It's pretty quiet around here but everything was handled, and there was no sign of Gustav. They all spent the night in Custer, , which they all love." I nodded because I do too. "They're going to Mt. Rushmore today and then heading to Devil's Tower, in Wyoming after. They're going to spend a couple of days in Yellowstone before heading to Idaho. Everything is fine, but you need to rest. What you did we still don't understand, and Ella wouldn't say anything about it. We'll tell you about it later." I nodded.

"Don't fight it Daniel, just rest. We have the tomorrow. Sara found your kilt and brushed it. None of us can wait to see you in it. Rest sweets." I smiled, and nodded, as I stood up. They all gently hugged and helped back to the bed. I think I was asleep before I the pillow.

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