take me part 198  

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8/2/2021 3:58 pm
take me part 198

I was concerned about Maggie but Annie said she couldn't say more. I wasn't sure if I believed that when Annie kissed me deep and long. She was getting ready to fuck me right there, but I could feel Chloe and Sara growling and feeling the same way. I pushed to them and they stopped. I felt like I was standing in ten feet of water, but I am only six three. I told Chloe and Sara that I loved them, kissed Annie and went in to help Sam. They all growled. I suspected I would get bitten, A LOT, in the next eight months.

Alison was walking out, as I was walking in. She passed me and walked to chairs. "We need to talk." Jesus Christ. I followed, sat down, and knew what was coming. "I talked with Janey and we'll go."

Annie and I looked at each stunned. "What?"

"Janey said it was important, and that if we stayed, we would put all of you at risk. I don't like it but Chloe and Sara stepped in front of me when Marnine showed herself, and you and Annie were ready to fight her..and all three of them are pregnant. I won't do that, Daniel." I could feel Chloe and Sara tearing up as Annie and I looked at each other.

"You are my family Daniel, and all you have done is try and keep me safe through all of this. All of you are more important than my ego. What do we do?" I was speechless when Annie got up and said,

"Love, you and Janes need to pack, which means we need to do laundry. We've got a few hours so lets go and sort." They both smiled, but especially Alison because she was an only as well, and she a huge family that adored her. I looked at Alison and smiled as she walked over, crawled into my lap, bit my neck, and closed her eyes. Annie smiled,
and walked away..... which was fucking great because she didn't say anything.

"You'll have a good time Alison. My family is a lot of fun and you can keep an eye on Jake and Emily." She nodded and laughed. "Thank you. It's a huge thing to not worry about you both, same with Jake and Em."

"We know Daniel, but we feel like we're abandoning all of you, especially Janey, but we both know that it's important." Annie came out and said,

'If you're finished biting my soon to be husband we should go, sweets. There's a lot to do and not a lot of time. Go grab your stuff. Janey is going to meet us there when the rush dies down. JAKE!!! I need you, now." He came trotting over.

"What's up mom?" Annie looked at me and smiled. "Janes and Ali are going with all of you on your trip, so we need you and Emily to watch them like hawks."


"Go say bye to Em for a few hours. You need to help out at Henry's. Are all of your clothes at Sara's?"

"Most of them, why?"

"You need to do laundry and will need to pack, so does Emily. If there is anything you want at Chloe's get it and we'll go to Sara's and get your laundry sorted before we go to Henry's. Sound like a plan?" He nodded and hugged her as she looked at me. I was in awe. 'Scoot, we're burning daylight. You too Missy." Alison went inside to get her stuff.

"That was pretty impressive, young lady. Are you practicing?" She smiled up at me as we hugged.

"Maybe, but it's going to be hard to watch them go, even though it's important, that's almost half our family Daniel." I felt the girls feeling the same way, especially Janes. "I'll wait with Ali until Janey gets there and make sure everything is locked tight. You keep checking on them just to be sure. I'll take Jake to Sara's and start his laundry, I'm guessing there will be a lot." I nodded. "I'll take him to Henry's and then finish at Sara's and stop at Chloe's. When they're done I'll bring them back. Don't worry sweets, we'll keep her safe until they're on the way."

I nodded as Jake, Emily and Alison walked out. Em kissed Jake and then hugged me as we watched them leave. "Sucks, doesn't." She nodded and kissed my cheek.


"Yeah babe."

"I need to do laundry too."

"I know, love, finish up with you work. I need to help Sam and we'll head to your house and start laundry and organizing. Sound good?" She nodded and went back inside. I held up a finger to Sam saying I'd be another minute and called Unc.

"Hey big boy, what's up? We're half way through your dad's stuff and you need to spend some time looking at it while we're gone. We've been talking and we don't want you to regret letting something go." I told him I would.

"There's been a change of plans," silence. "Janey and Alison are going with you too. Get a bigger RV and we'll chip in. We're in the process of starting laundry and packing."

Ellen spoke, "does this have to do with Marnine, Daniel?"

'Yeah Ellen, it does, and others. It's complicated but it would be better if they were away from here. Leaving earlier, rather than later, would be a good thing. They're all looking forward it."

'No worries, Danny, you know me and Ellen....the more the merrier and it'll give everyone a chance to hangout like when you and your brothers were young. It'll be fine and we'll watch over them.

"Thanks Unc and Ellen, we'll discuss cars this evening. Janey has a company credit card so we'll cover the four of them and then deal with the RV when you get back. I know it's not a huge a concern but Jane's and Ali will cover the ."

"You're right, it's not a problem. We're starting to get super excited because it'll be a blast but we need to do laundry, and pack, too. We'll lock up and look at the last three when we get back. See you soon."

I walked inside and luckily time was creeping along slowly , instead of racing. Sam and I got all the wood ready for the next couple of days. I was going to be working over the weekend but we had two orders we needed to do to tomorrow, and we needed to finish the Andersen's... and we needed to plant the tree tomorrow morning. OY!!! We vacuumed up the sawdust and checked casket. We were almost finished when Emily walked in.

"I'm done dad," and that is when Billy and Ellen pulled up. Billy was driving a Class A motor home. It looked like a castle on wheels. I was surprised there wasn't a helipad on the roof. The had a tow bar on the back. Ellen got out of the car shaking her head as Billy got out of the RV smiling. Ellen spoke first while Emily ran to them, and Sam and looked at each other.

"In all fairness, he did get a pretty amazing rate and we won't have to pay a delivery fee so it's not that much more, and there's a lot more room. The sides extend out and we'll take a car for excursions."

"Pretty awesome huh? We were talking after we spoke with you and Ellen started searching. We figured that maybe Jake and Emily hadn't seen South Dakota, and Mt. Rushmore, or Devil's Tower, or Yellowstone, and it's been a long time since we have. We haven't had a decent vacation for over a year and half, and the way things are going it's not looking good. We won't remember the money, but we will remember this. Come take a look.This is fricking awesome."

I could feel the girls smiling, and Sara racing over to look at it. Chloe and Janey were laughing. I didn't live far from Henry's so it didn't take long for her to get there, and she could barely contain herself. She was jumping up and down, clapping, like a little when the ice cream truck pulled up during the summer. She ran at me, pounced, and bit my neck muscle, hard, as I winced. She was so excited. Sara jump off of me, wiped her mouth on her arm, and ran to the RV. Sam and I went and got a beer and watched.

Sara and Emily walked up holding hands and laughing. "They are going to have such a good and we all need to do this mister, after the babies are born. It's amazing. Let's go look." I kissed her and said I couldn't until later because Em and I had to go and do laundry, and pack. She got serious, and nodded. "Right. We'll look later." I nodded. "I need to get back anyway. Pack sunscreen, young lady, and a big hat, and all the products you need. Right?" Emily nodded. "But no condoms, missy. I mean it. Do whatever else but not that." Sara was pointing her finger at Emily who was mortified because I was there, but she nodded. Sara smiled, hugged her, and me, and said she see us later..

Emily and I looked at each, and smiled, because Hurricane Sara had blown through. I told Billy and Ellen that we'd back and would look at it then. Billy was super excited...Ellen a little less so. We said goodbye to everyone and headed to Emily's home. She called Christine on the way.

"Are you good doing the laundry?"

"I think so mom, but Daniel will be there. How bad could it be?" Silence.

"Put the phone on speaker." I shook my head, smiling. "Can you do this?"

"Christine, it's laundry, not rocket science. I will separate and wash the whites in hot, and pre-treat. It'll be fine and I won't dry without talking with you. It'll be fine. She's either my , or she isn't. I think I can handle a few loads of laundry. If not, then I have huge problems." Silence.

"We're a house full of women, and we have our periods...."


"I'm sorry but it's true." Emily was mortified, again, by one of her moms.

"OK, then after I get through looking at all of your panties, I'll wash those in cold water." Emily was staring at me. I winked and she smiled. Silence. "That was joke goofball. Go back to work. We'll be fine." Silence.

"You're an asshole. Emily, I love you and call if you need me." We said hung up and laughed.

"Mom's kinda weird with me since I'm an only , and a girl.."

"Young woman."


"You're a young woman Emily." She was quiet. "We need to talk about what happened this morning, and this seems to be a good segue." She nodded and held my hand. "First of all, both you, and Jake, are going to have consequences but none of us felt it was fair to deny you this<b> trip....</font></b>so there's that." She nodded. "Second, don't ever just leave like that. Your moms were frantic. Annie knew where you were going but you have absolutely no idea what that does to a parent." She bowed her head.

"I think Annie summed up how most of feel, even though she had to prod us to get there. Sweets, we all know that you and Jake really like each other, maybe love each other, and you have raging hormones," she looked at me, "but it just takes one mistake and all of your goals, and plans, could be turned on their head, and none of us want that for either of you. Sweetie, you and Jake are good , young adults, but you aren't adults, yet. You haven't even finished high school."

"Annie was right. We'd all like you and Jake to be celibate until you're 30," Em laughed, "but that's not realistic. However, you both need to weigh the ramifications of what could happen, especially you, because you are the one who would be pregnant, and it's your life that would be severely altered." She squeezed my hand and looked at me as we pulled up to the house.


"Yeah sweets."

"Are you scared about the babies?" Now it was my turn to be silent.

"No, I'm not, and none of us are, especially Sara." We both laughed. "We're mindful. We have the means, and resources to deal with it, but it is definitely a 'gulp' moment times three. That wouldn't be the case with you and Jake because we're settled, mostly. You aren't. You'd have the support you needed but it would be exponentially harder than it needs to be." Emily was quiet and then scootched over and kissed my cheek.

"Good talk, dad. I think you'll be fine, maybe not with the diapers." We walked inside, hugging each other. "Come on, I'll show you were their panties are, as she ran to the door laughing.

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