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8/1/2021 10:38 am
take me part 194

I could feel EVERYONE, even people I had never met, from around the world. I looked at Annie, as she stared at me. "Do you know people in Norway?" She smiled.

"Of course, silly. Vikings and Celts intermingled for millennia." She looked down at the asphalt as Billy and Ellen walked out. Sam stayed put. "How did you do this, Daniel?" Billy was shocked, which was fine, but Ellen looked scared. I looked at her as she walked back inside with Billy..


"I was done with Marnine's<b> games. </font></b>I don't know any more than that. I pushed into Gaia, and she pushed bac I just waited. It's cat and mouse with Marnine, but next time won't be fun." Annie looked at me and nodded as we walked inside. Sam was holding up my phone. Jesus
Christ, every time we're suppose to do something, I have umpteenth number of other things to deal with, and I was getting sick of it.

"Hello?" It was the girls. "I'm fine, don't worry. Hold on, here's Annie. She saw all of it. I need to help Sam. I'm sorry. I love you, and know you are worried, but I'm fine. I'll see you soon." I handed the phone to Annie who walked back to the chairs and sat down.

"You OK?"


"That was...different."

"Yeah, and I broke my favorite mug. Someone actually made that for me. I bought it on Etsy when things were bad in early 2020. I liked that mug. The Andersen's are coming so we need to get busy, so you need to stop fucking around Sam." We looked at each other and started laughing. I did a final wipe for dust and Sam put the finish on. We tented it to limit anything falling on it.

Sam pulled the wood for the next order as Chloe, Jake and Emily pulled up. Jake and Emily bolted at me and didn't stop until they hit. Chloe walked but she was just as worried. "Are you OK dad?"

"Do I look OK, goofballs?"


"I'm fine sweets, truly. You, young lady, need to start studying, and you mister, need to help us. However, you need to spend some time with your Aunt and Uncle because they are leaving soon to go to Idaho to see our cousins." They both went running into the bac Chloe merged into me, and exhaled.

"Annie is right, mister. You scare the shit out of us sometimes." I kissed her but didn't say that things were about to get really bumpy. She hugged me as Annie walked up and hugged both of us.

"Everyone else is fine, even the family in Norway, who are quite keen about meeting you by the way. That was very impressive and very old school. We still have to discuss our ceremony. I know it's a complication but I kinda have to do it before I start to show Daniel." Chloe looked at her, and then at me.

"We'll be bac"

"O" I headed toward Sam like I was swimming in a riptide when Jake and Emily came out. Holy crap I was never going to get anything done.

"Dad?" I shook my head.


"Can we go with Uncle Billy and Aunt Ellen? They're getting an RV, and we have camping gear. We'll get to spend time with our cousins, who knows when we'll see them again." Man they were good. I looked up to see Billy and Ellen smiling. I shook my head, but it did make sense because I remembered the trips my brothers and me made during the summers as we
were growing up, and both Emily and Jake had missed out on that. Man they lucked out with timing for the almost fucking incident.

"I need to talk with your mom's..." They stared at me and were trying to will themselves into being Basset Hound puppies. It worked, not because they were getting away with anything, but because it was important. "However, we all need to have a talk later." They looked
at me, and gulped.

"Go study Em, and you go help Sam, mister." I started making the brass rounds for the Andersen's when the tree guys called.

"Hey, what's up?"

"We talked with the head groundskeeper about the Cherry tree and we'll be there tomorrow at 6:00 am. We could use help but we should be finished by 9:00 am."

"We'll be there. What else do you need?"

"Just bodies because we don't want to ask our guys."

"We'll be there. We'll meet you in the loading area and go from there." Sara was already in, as was Chloe. I walked out back as Jake and Em were saying goodbye to Billy and Ellen." You both are are getting up early tomorrow because we have to plant a tree, but I'll work it out with your moms so you can go to Idaho." They gang hugged me.

"Enough. You need to study, and you need to start earning your keep....AND, we're still talking about this morning. Understood?" They nodded. Jesus Christ, parenting was exhausting, and they were almost adults. I was in so much trouble.

I had finished pounding out the last of the rounds for Peggy and Jason when they pulled up. I went out to meet them. I could feel Sara. I hugged both of them and walked them inside as Sam and Jake stopped. I told them that we would need to wait a few minutes for the sawdust to settle before they could see the casket. They nodded as I showed them the rounds.

Peggy and Jason were like most people in that they grasped things quickly, even if they didn't process it for themselves very easily. Human's have adapted to deal effectively with the worst things, mostly. We blow a rod at stupid shit and wait for things to get bat shit crazy, then act. It's dumb, but it's us.

Sam and Jake showed them the finish, and told them it would finished by tonight. I walked outside with them to tell them about the tree. I didn't think it would be an issue, but I wanted to check, and that is when Sara pulled in, smiling. Sara walked up and hugged them both, and completely took over, which I was fine with.

"Sorry I'm late, but I wanted to be here. Do you have the sheets, Daniel?" I nodded, and handed her the file. "So, we've done something that we hope you'll approve of. There is still time to NOT do it." Sara opened the folder and put the photo's out on the table.

"That is a full grown cherry tree. It's the kind that is Washington, DC." They looked at us, confused. I let Sara go. "It's being planted tomorrow morning a the head of Ari's grave. It won't look like the photo for several years, but it's a nice tree. We thought that since
she loved cherry trees so much, and left so early, that she should have one watching over her, and one that you could look at. Daniel and Sam are going to make you bench as well so you'll have a place to sit."

We were all in awe. speechless. sort of numb. Peggy looked at me and I nodded as Peggy fell into Sara. Jason was stunned. I waited as Sam and Jake walked up. "The tree was donated, and we are covering the planting, and maintenance until it's established. We like trees, but this one is very important. Jason finally started crying as Sara walked to him, wrapped her arms around him, and rocked. Peggy and I, along with everyone else, watched in tears..

Sara kissed Jason as Peggy walked up. "We're planting it tomorrow morning, early, so it'll be ready for Sunday, unless you don't want us to." Peggy said to please plant it. Sara hugged both of them and went inside to talk with Emily and Jake. Peggy and Jason were looking at me.

"Sara is a force of nature, but we all wanted Ari to have a cherry tree, as did numerous people. We are planting tomorrow starting at 6:00 am, in case you'd like to be there." They nodded. Peggy looked at me.

"We'll pay for the added expense, and trouble, Daniel." Sara had walked out and heard that as she hugged me.

"Peggy, you can't pay for gifts." She walked up and kissed her. "A cherry tree is the best we can offer. She hugged them both, and said she was sorry but that she needed to get back to Henry's. Peggy looked at me.

"I live with her." She smiled as her, and Jason, hugged me. They asked us to attend the service Sunday morning. I accepted. It was a first. I helped Sam and Jake as we prepped all the wood for the next several orders. I was trying to get as much down as I could because I could feel something, looming. I called Bethany.

"Oral sex, Daniel. Really?" Jesus Christ.

"You don't like oral sex Bethany?" She snorted. "I didn't say it Bethany, but there is logic involved in it, especially since now they are thinking about the consequences of sex. Why did it take you and Christine so long to show up after you called, and last night?" Silence

"Point made....move along mister."

I adored Bethany. She is my sister even though we didn't grow up together. We can be crass, and vulgar, and sensitive, and loving...all in the span thirty minutes. "Can we stop by? I know it's short notice."

"OY!!!!! Get here in fifteen minutes. You're a pain in my ass. Chloe and Annie were on their way, as were Sam and We walked in together. Bethany looked at me.

"It's a long story, Bethany...."

"Jesus Christ, Daniel. You're going to put me into an early grave. God help Beth."

"HI Bethany, I'm Annie." They stared at each other, for a long time. Bethany extended her hand.

"Let's figure this out." She looked at me. "I assume this is it?" We nodded. Sara and Janey could hear everything. Bethany laid everything out. I looked at her. Is this what you would do if you were in our shoes?"

"Yes." I trusted that, without hesitation. "It makes the most sense. You won't get as much up front but it helps Maggie and Sam and you don't need the money now. It'll all balance out, just later rather than sooner, but I know you're OK with that" I nodded

"Is this what you would recommend for Maggie and Sam?"

Bethany looked at all of us.... "You are going to be the death of me. I need to factor Annie into things, but it won't change the overall dynamics, just percentages on your end. As far as Maggie and Sam go, yes. It is a sound strategy for them which won't deplete their savings, or put them in debt, like you asked. This protects all of you."

"Sam Chloe, and Annie, were looking at me...along with everyone else."

"It's a good plan.I made it work as best I could for everyone.... adding Annie to the everyone category isn't hard." I looked at my family, as they looked me because we could go round and round on this for weeks, and I didn't want to do that.

Chloe spoke first, with Annie, then said. "Do you trust her to have our family's best interest at stake. I nodded. "Can she balance us with Maggie and Sam, without playing favorites." Bethany and I laughed at the same time. There are no favorites as far as we were concerned. "Then we're all in." Sam said that he trusted me, and if I trusted Bethany then it was a done deal.

Bethany was quiet and said, looking straight at me, "You have to get legally married Daniel, to one of them. Charles and I can work out things for everyone else, but you need the protection for your entire family in case something happens. Get a marriage license and go to a judge, and have a ceremony later. I'm serious Daniel, stop fucking around. You know what I mean. " Everyone laughed but we all knew she was right, especially after this morning. It sure would be simpler if we could marry the people we wanted all at once.

Bethany hugged everyone leaving me last. She held my hands as she looked at me, shaking her head. "Don't smile at me, mister." She kissed me. "Get married, and see Beth." I hugged her and nodded. That was going to be an interesting conversation.

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