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take me part 193  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
8/1/2021 9:13 am
take me part 193

Christine and Bethany were pulling up as Alison and I were heading to
the shop and we stopped next to other. "How are thing's?" I was quiet
for too long.

"DANIEL!" I was beginning to see why monks abstained from sex. I
would never do that but I was beginning to see the appeal.

"They're fine and inside having breakfast. We need to get to the
shop...busy day. See you later. Talk with the girls." I drove away as
Alison said,

"You know that are they going to beat your ass, right?" I nodded but
better that than telling them what Annie had said. "Janey and I don't
see the problem with what Annie said. If you ask us, it was pretty
smart. They're going to do something because they can't help
themselves. They love each other, and are attracted to each other,
better they play with each other and not fuck each other." I looked at
her because she had a point, but I was still glad I wasn't telling

We pulled into the shop the same time Sam did. Alison unlocked the
door, turned off the alarm, and opened the overhead before going into
the kitchen for coffee and to say hi to Billy and Ellen. "You bring
biscuits?" I shook my head.

"I left, but you're welcome to go and get some?" He shook is head.

"Mags filled me and there is no way I am going there now, not even for
Henry's biscuits."

"I'll call Jake. Grab some coffee for us while I check messages. We
need to put the finish of the Andersen's casket, and I need to make
the brass rounds for them." He nodded. I was getting ready to listen
to voicemail when Peggy called.

"Hi Peggy."

"Hi Daniel. Jason and I are going to be in Denver in a few hours. Can
we stop by to see the progress."

"Of course, but you don't have to call Peggy. Someone will be here.
Today, we all should be here because we're putting the finish on.
There's also something I want to discuss, and you shouldn't have any
more problems with the mortuary."

"We got a call saying it was a huge mistake and how sorry they were.
We assumed it was your doing. Thank you. We'll be there by :00 am."
We said bye and hung up as Sam and Billy walked in. I took the cup
from Sam as Billy said,

"Would you be OK with me looking through the warehouses again? Ellen
and I have some<b> shopping </font></b>to do but I'd like to take another look, with
Ellen, before we head to Idaho." I grabbed the keys and handed them
to him.

"The one with yellow is the key for the first warehouse we went to.
It's easy from there, just follow the progression from that one." He
nodded. "Don't steal anything and lock up when you're done." He
smiled, and nodded. "You know that we're all going to miss you and
Ellen, right?" He hugged me.

"We know Daniel."

"Good. Go have breakfast. Janey is there so you can play domino's with
Henry. Try and lose." Billy laughed as Sam shook his head.

"Good luck with that. The man is terrible at games."

I went outside and called Jake. "Hey Dad."

"Hey kiddo, bring four sausage biscuits when you and Em head over."

"O" I didn't get into what happened but I called Chloe.

"Hey Sweets, what's up?"

"Jake is bringing biscuits but I wanted to check with you to see how
bad they're grounded before I talked with them.

"Oh, they are grounded. We all had to talk Christine and Bethany off
the ledge after Em just left without leaving a note, or anything. She
can still go to the shop but as of now, the camping trip is off." I
frowned. "Jake is not able to drive the truck either. Christine and I
thought six months was reasonable," I smiled, "but we got talked into
a week, and we'll probably cave after three days."

"It's a good thing neither of you make a living playing poker." She
laughed "I think we need to discuss the camping thing because they're
teenagers, and good . I know what Annie said to them is....
unorthodox, but it wasn't dumb since they are going to do something.
Personally, I give it two months, top, before they either start using
two condoms, or Emily gets on birth control. She will be eighteen
pretty soon." Silence.

"Thanks for that little gem of information, sweets."

"I know you see your baby, love, but he's close to becoming a man."
Annie interjected that in the old days they'd be married with at least
one . "I'll be sure to make the point to both of them. I miss all
of you.

"Did you and Annie enjoy your animal sex?" I could hear them all laughing.

"Hmmmm? I wonder if we could do that? I'll have to try next we run.
I need to go. See you soon."

"Daniel. DANIEL!!!" I couldn't help myself.

Sam went to get us another cup of coffee before we started. Today
hadn't started the way I had wanted. The girls shooed me away because
I had a lot to do, and that was before Jake and Emily, and me and
Annie. I needed to schedule a time to get the tree planted. We needed
to go over the info from Bethany, Charles, and Beth... which was
pressing. I needed to talk with Sabrina about someone who could deal
with the permit process, because I knew that was going to be a royal
pain in the ass, and wouldn't happen without a fight. I needed to do
what Unc was doing, and look through dad's stuff, and we had other
orders to deal with. OY!

I pushed toward Gustav. He had a shitload of problems but something in
the back of my mind said that he was still a concern, even though it
wasn't right now. I needed to talk with Bet and Javier about his place
in Boston. Sam gave me the coffee as we looked outside. So many things
were changing, and quickly, but my family was here. I dropped the cup,
and fell to both my knees, as I heard Annie yell. The headache was
worse than usual, and Marnine walked out of wherever.

Sam grabbed a crowbar and stood by me. I put my hand on his knee, and
shook my head, as he helped me up. I shook my head as I looked at her.

"Does that hurt?" I could feel Annie running toward me, as well as
Chloe, Jake, and Emily on the way. I motioned for Sam to move back, as
Billy and Ellen walked up next to him. 'Great.'
"I told you Daniel. I gave you a chance." Chloe had already turned
around and was heading back to Henry's, even though she hated it. I SO
didn't need this shit right now. I turned my back on her, walked to
the chairs, and sat down.

It surprised her. I was pulling energy up from Gaia as she walked over
and sat across from me. I was done with it. "Marnine, I don't want to
fight you. I have enough shit to deal with. I don't need yours on top
of it." I could feel the power surging into me. I had no idea what I
was doing but it was intense.

"I will give you a chance to walk away. Let bygones be bygones." I
could see Annie standing on top of the generator, watching us,
waiting. Marnine laughed.

"You're bitch is irrelevant, and you dare to tell me anything. I can
kill you anytime I want." She obviously couldn't because I was still
alive. I looked at her, smiled, and extended both my hands, palms up.
She smiled and reached for them.

"Finally, love, you have come to your senses." She took my hands, but
before she grasped them I pushed forward and locked my hands around
her wrists and dumped the energy that had built up. Marnine's eyes
fluttered as the asphalt under us cracked and opened. Roots wrapped
around her legs, moving up her body as she gasped, in shock at what
was happening. I could feel Billy and Ellen gasping too. I looked at
her, without emotion, and cocked my head. She howled, and disappeared.

I only bought us some time, but I'd take it because I really did have
too much to do. Annie jumped off the generator, and over the fence, as
she shifted. She walked up and kissed me. "You scare the crap out of
us, mister." I could hear Chloe, Sara, and Janey agreeing. "How did
you do that, sweets?"

"You're the Druid. You tell me."

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