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take me part 165  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
7/18/2021 12:52 pm
take me part 165

I was unsettled by the dream, dreams. The fact that Sara had almost the identical dream was unnerving, to say the least, and Joseph showing up inside Sara's house freaked , even though I didn't say anything. I was rattled but didn't want the girls to feel it, which was dumb, but a guy, and that is when I felt them. I looked back and told Chloe and Annie to go to Janey and Alison. They were in the car before the front door closed. They were fast when they needed to be. I wasn't sure why they couldn't jump fences very well, unless they were toying with , which I figured was the case. I called to Henry, which was a first. He was half asleep but there inside of three minutes, with a spatula. "Watch Sara, Henry, I need to take a walk.

"You woke of dead sleep because you wanted to take a walk?"

I stared outside because something wasn't right. Marnine was there, but there others I didn't know. I started to growl. "Talk to Sara, Henry, she'll fill you in, but don't let her go outside, even if you have to duct tape her to a chair. Understand?" He looked , and nodded. "I mean it Henry." I was concerned because I didn't know who else I felt, and I didn't want to worry about Sara. She was still out of kilter because on Janie and Alison.

I went outside but stopped to the screen door, and chuckled. I walked up to the fence, which was feet and jumped to the top post, grabbed it, put my foot on the fence, and jumped over. I knew Marnine was there, but wasn't sure where anyone else was, but there were several. They felt different than Marnine, or Joseph. I landed, and pushed outward but it was the same. I growled to myself.

"You're teasing me, sweets. Sadly, we had sex in a dream." She smiled, as I growled. She put her hands up. "Calm down love, it was a joke. I know that you can jump that fence anytime you want but your discipline to not embrace your ego is impressive."

"Who's here Marnine?" She looked at me, stunned and taken off guard.

"What makes you think anyone is here Daniel? Look around, and push."

"I already have Marnine," I wanted her off guard, like Gustav...which she was. She was surprised. "You and Joseph come, and go, as you wish, and I can see you when you want to. I am getting tired of that, but I am learning." She stared at , unsure. I was learning but my confidence was mostly bluster, however, I wasn't going to give that away. I was learning but quicker than she thought.

"Let's walk Daniel. This is my favorite time of . It's not quite night, but it's not quite dawn. I can take your arm and we walk like we use to many years ago.. I will tell you what I can."

I told her her, like I told Ella no, that she could tell what she knew. She howled. "You DON'T tell anything, Dani...." I jumped her, grabbed her throat before she finish, lifted her off her feet, and looked at her. I wanted her wondering, and off balance when we met. If Joseph was right, which I didn't doubt, then I could use every advantage I could get She kicked, squirmed, and clawed at me. She hated when I did this because it showed her she wasn't as powerful as she thought, at least not with me. I knew she was about ready to leave when I let her go, and walked away. I wanted to see if I could discern who else was there, watching. I ignored her.

"ASSHOLE!!!!" She glared at me as I walked up. She took two steps back, which didn't go unnoticed by me.

"Tell me about the dream Marnine?" She looked at me.

"What dream?" I growled and moved forward again. She jumped backward feet and that made wonder if something I felt in the dream was actually true.

"Stop playing games, Marnine."

"You talked with Joseph, did he tell you? We can't tell you Daniel, except that it's a warning, but you already know that.

"Who is watching me/us?" She looked at me, and then off to her left and was listening. "Let me take you arm, like before, and let me remember those times with you. I miss them and I'll tell what I can. I extended my arm to her. She smiled and took it as we walked, Marnine lost in another time. I didn't disturb her. We walked past the shop and headed East as dawn broke. Marnine had her head on my shoulder but didn't say a word.

The sun breaks early in Colorado's Front Range because the plain's are flat. The sun breached the horizon and she stopped, as we watched it. She looked at me, gently kissed me, and turned around as we walked back to Henry's.

I can't tell you about the dream, Daniel, mainly because it was your dream. Those you feel around us, watching, they are the Elders, and they are very interested in you. We are ALL very interested in you Daniel, as well as Chloe and Sara. Joseph is sticking his nose in and you have brought that bitch into this." I figured she was talking about Annie. I was glad Annie was there, but not for the obvious reason.

"Tell me about the Elders, please" She put her head back on my arm as we walked. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

"You have to understand that when our lines started, the world was a vastly different place. We were an offshoot of the Celts, based on the Druids, but also the women who worked with herbs, and magic. This was a VERY long time ago, when beliefs were different. When things were different. Our lines predated the Renaissance by a millenia. We evolved out of the dark ages, and adapted... survived... and then thrived. Stories were written about us, folklore passed down. They were mostly based on half truths, but not always. Everything was verbal and passed down to oldest . It wasn't the most efficient way of doing things, but we weren't alone in those traditions. There is still great reticence in sharing who we are, and what we know, even with you. Do you think we are vampires, Daniel?"

"No. I know you aren't."

She smiled, but I was 'grokking' her every time we interacted, and I could feel her. She
moved to bite me, but I touched her chest. not sure why, which stopped her, mouth open. I looked inside as she watched . I could feel Joseph watching, along with everyone else, which I was getting annoyed with.

"You don't have fangs, love." I closed her mouth and removed my hand. She fell into , but I caught her, and kissed her head. "You need to stop doing these things." Her eyes narrowed.

"I have been in my role for a long time Daniel, and I am not ready to let it go just yet. Things aren't the way they use to be love. Magic, and tradition, are relics. You should attention to that. We have the power now, Daniel, and we aim to keep it."

"You don't believe in magic?" I knew that would be her down fall and why she hated Annie so much. I wasn't sure but I had my suspicions. She looked at , but didn't say anything. Everyone was watching, including Jake. I leaned into her. "I told you, love, that if you touch my family, any of them, that I would end you. I know how to do it. If I have to go through an army to keep them safe, then I will. I'd rather not, but remember what I said"

I smiled, kissed her, and then bit a chunk off of her bottom lip before spitting it and handing it back to her. I then jumped onto of the fence, turned and smiled, before I climbed down and walked inside with my family. The one who didn't her back turned to Marnine was Annie. She just stared her. I knew that was going to be an interesting conversation.

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